20 Creative Websites Featuring Beautiful Blurred Images

Consumers these days are looking for latest cool stuff that appeals to them on the first go. Anything that is outdated, doesn’t get the best response. Designers to talk about need to follow the latest web design trends to create visually appealing designs and to ensure that the viewers get the best stuff created. Website designing, for example, is not as easy as it sounds to be. If a designer does what all he wishes to create a design and doesn’t follow the latest trend. It is sure to make the efforts put in go down the drain.

The current trend if you all are aware of in web designing is using blurred images in websites. With more and more designers coming up with websites with blur images in the background, it seems like everywhere you look.

Of course, it takes a lot of practice of using distinct techniques and attention to detail to get the right results. Getting help from professional designers who are already following the trend, checking out inspirational stuff is the key that will surely help you work on similar kind of project making optimum use of your creative skills.

Time for you all to hit a jump and go about checking the website examples we have pinned here for your reference. We are pretty sure you all are going to love the websites of which we have taken the screenshot to give you the clearest idea as to how effectively the websites are designed. You can click on the name or image to open up the complete website. Check them out!

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1. ForestApp

2. VisualHigh

3. WeLovePixels

4. TrellisFarm

5. AlleyKatBeer

6. Eksakte

7. TypesetDesign

8. BakkenBaeck

9. GetStoryBook

10. HarvestCap

11. Contrast

12. Versaudio

13. KwokYinMak

14. KittiesCakes

15. Earls

16. Obvious

17. MarcoIngraiti

18. Vulking

19. ThinkAppart

20. Comovee

What’s your take on the using blurred images in the background while designing a website. Of course, the websites with blur images are super cool, but then it is you who has to decide if it is required or if you should go by the trend for your current project.

While taking the charge of the web designing project for your client you can have your say and suggest for the website design with blur background which is surely going to be visually stunning and of course user-friendly too. Its up to you to decide if it is right for you and how you can make the best use of this technique in your projects.

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