25 Best Movie Apps for The Movie Buffs

Movies are the best companions for killing boredom. And it has been over a century that the movies have caught our attention. The internet and all capable smartphones have brought the movies to your doorstep. Nothing can beat watching a refreshing movie after a tiring day. Movie apps help you achieve the goal of a “On The Go” entertainment.They also help you stay entertained while on the move. Apart from watching the movies, the movie apps also help you go through the reviews, trailers and other trivia in addition to providing information on the movies playing near you. We have listed the top Movie apps for your benefit in this article. We would hope to see the apps featured herein would appeal to most of our readers.

#1. Netflix

We are discussing movie streaming and how can we forget NetFlix? It is undoubtedly the leader in movie streaming globally.
The app lets you watch thousands of movies and TV shows with a subscription plan that you have chosen. If you are not a member already, you can enjoy a month of free viewing. We are sure you will definitely love the experience and opt for the paid service eventually.

Netflix has its services spread across multiple devices and platforms. You can access the service on your smart TVs, smartphones, computers, and even on PS4. The multi platform compatibility makes it one of the prime choices.

Netflix boasts of over 75 million subscribers globally. You have access to an enviable collection of titles on the service. You can watch the popular TV series – an entire series without any break.

You can get more information from the official site. If you are in India, you can visit their Indian Site.

#2. Showbox

Showbox is a simple movie app that would offer you a completely free movie streaming experience. Launched for Android devices in the beginning, Showbox App is now available on other platforms as well.

The best feature that would lure you to Showbox is the fact that it is an entirely free service. You do not need to sign in with your account either. The library is quite impressive. Updates are available every week. The service works round the clock, thus offering you an uninterrupted service wherever you go.

And yes, we should stress the point that the app does not spam you with ads. That would indeed be a great feature for a free app. You can have access to HD quality of content provided that your smartphone and internet connection is capable of handling it.

The simple interface and trouble free functionality are the two factors that we would consider to be the most unique points to be considered as long as Showbox app is concerned.

#3. CinemaBox

Previously known as PlayBox, CinemaBox has grown up to be one of the top apps in recent times. It offers some of the unique features you may not see in other free movie apps.

As we said before, Cinema box comes with some additional features like offline support, subtitles and a parent friendly kids mode. CinemaBox also supports Chromecast. The content library is regularly updated on a daily basis. A great collection of HD videos is one of the features that you will fall in love with the app. The free app is safe to use with high standard implementation structure.

We would consider the Kids Mode to be one of the thoughtful features that has been added by the developers. This will help your kids stay away from the harmful content that would otherwise be available on the movie streaming services, especially the free offerings. Meanwhile, it should also be mentioned that the app comes with multiple sources for its content. Thus, if a link is broken, you can have access to an alternate link for an uninterrupted viewing. We would consider it to be one of the points that would make the app worth attempting.

Another feature that sets it apart from most of the competitors is the subtitle support for the titles. You can disable it if you want, or add new subtitles.

The app is, however, is not available on App Stores. You can access it from third party sources.

#4. BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies
BigStar Movies is the most downloaded movie app currently available. The free movie app has over one million downloads.
The service has a good collection of movie titles in documentaries and foreign films. The app has a simple and easy to use interface. The movie library is quite rich. It offers a good deal of movies ranging across award winning movies and documentaries. The best part for the Indians is it offers Bollywood Movies and other regional Indian cinema.

However, if you are a Hollywood film buff – you may not be happy with the BigStar Movies app. You may need to look for any other alternate option in that case. The quality of the movies on the app is quite outstanding. You can have access to a few HD videos, but the number is quite less compared to the standard definition movie collection.

However, there is something that annoyed us much. The app serves too many ads. It may make you frustrated as it disturbs your comfortable viewing experience. You can have access to BigStar Movies through this link.

#5. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box
Bobby Movie Box was earlier available only on iOS, however it has now been made available for the other platforms including Windows. The app is not available on App Stores, but you can download it from third party sources or from the official site.

The app features an impeccable collection of movie titles and other TV shows. The library is frequently and regularly updated. One of the features that grabbed our attention is the clean and user friendly interface. The app supports multiple languages. Some of the worthy mentions can be French, Spanish, Chinese, English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Swedish, Hebrew, and Norwegian. In addition, you can have subtitles in over 200 languages. There is also an option for finding curated content. You can also search for a content of your choice.

Bobby Movie Box lets you bookmark your favourite content so that you can view it at leisure. The full screen mode helps you enjoy the content in High Definition. The app also supports Chromecast and AirPlay. Yes, there is a downside too. And it is something common with all free apps – the ads are just too many.
You can check this link for downloads.

#6. BoxTV

Yet another free movie streaming app, BoxTV offers you a good collection of movies and TV shows. It can be a good source of entertainment for the Indian movie buffs with its collection of Indian shows.

BoxTV lets you download movies and watch the movies offline. The user interface is quite clean and free of any unneeded gimmicks. It provides you filters so that you can search for movies that appeal to your taste. Multi device functionality is another feature that makes it one of the most downloaded movie apps. You can pause and resume your movies from any of your devices.

BoxTV lets you choose the quality of streaming. This can be helpful when you have slow internet connection. You can choose a quality that your connectivity can handle so that you can watch your movies without any interruption due to buffering. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can also use the app to go through the movie trailers, celebrity tidbits and other varied content related to moviedom.

The service is run by the Times of India group. An app coming from India, it can be your best source for all Bollywood and other Indian regional movies and other shows. You can get more information on BoxTV Website.

#7. Crackle

Crackle is one of the popular movie apps available on Google Play Store. A strong competitor to Showbox, the app has quite a huge collection of movies and TV shows under its belt.

What makes it one of the best options is its free nature. And what makes it even more awesome is its easy to use interface. However, unlike Showbox app, it does not allow you download movies. Even then, the impressive movie library is what compensates for it. The app is available across multiple platforms and that would make it another feature you would want to go with it. You can also bookmark your favourite videos, movies and TV shows so that you can watch them later.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. If you want to get more information, visit Crackle Website.

#8. Flipps HD

Flipps HD
Flipps HD is one of the apps that has a unique combination of several functionalities together. It is not only a movie app, but brings a lot more.

The app comes with a lot more than just movies. You will have access to TV Shows, Music videos and all types of files quite easily. It brings you music files as well as news. If you are fond of viral videos and news videos, Flipps HD is a perfect choice. The app is quite excellent when it comes to the user interface and functionality.

The unique selling point of the Flipps HD app is the content that it has on offer. It provides you more content than a regular movie streaming app. The presence of viral news clips, music, and other fun clips makes it a great collection.

Flipps HD supports Chromecast. And yes, as the name itself indicates, the app is capable of streaming HD videos. If you are a sports fan, this can be one of the best options you can go for. The app is available for Android and iOS. It can be used on multiple devices like XBox, Apple TV and smartphones at ease.

You can get in touch with the official site.

#9. Free Movies

Free Movies
This can be a smaller app compared to the other movie streaming apps featured in this list. Even then, Free Movies offers you a comfortable collection of movies and other shows.

The app has over 5000 movies in its database. And the collection of movies and shows is quite excellent and enviable to some extent. The collection consists of movies across different genres like sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery and what not.

One of the best features that make the app less resource hungry is the fact that it uses your browser rather than being a separate app. The user interface may not be the best in its class, but it still offers you a good functionality. The app boasts of over 10 million downloads.

If you are using an older phone, Free Movies should be the first choice you should go with. First and foremost, it uses less memory on your phone. And then, it does not need you install a flash player on your phone. It does work with your HTML5 browser.
You can get more information and download it on Google Play Store.

#10. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies
The list of good movie apps cannot be complete without mentioning a Google product. Especially when it is specially meant for movie streaming and downloads.

Google Play Movies has a special feature that only a few apps in this list of featured movie apps offer you. It lets you download movies and save them to watch later. The movie library too is quite impressive enough. It has a huge list of supported platforms should make it a great movie app. The content available on the service is too impressive. Moreover, Google Play Services offers you several filters so that you can find the content you want quite easily.

The service is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and other devices. The experience would be excellent on Chrome browser and Android devices. However, we are not stating that the experience would not be good on other platforms. But, if you are on an Apple device, you may not get HD quality of streaming.

You can get it on Android and iOS. We are sure you will definitely give it a try.

#11. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital
Hoopla Digital is a revolutionary service in the streaming arena. It supports not only movies, but a whole lot of content for your media consumption.

What makes it a great addition to your apps collection is the huge catalogue it has on offer – ranging across thousands of audiobooks, movies, music albums, comics, e-books, and TV shows. And interestingly enough, all this is available for free!You just need to have your library card and you can borrow the books and other content for free.

The movie library is quite good. However, the service does not offer you any HD content. The feature can come come soon though. the titles can be hired for 72 hours with some of them expiring in 48 hours. The performance is up to the mark with no buffering. Music albums are available for a period of seven days. The quality would be good. The app does support Chromecast. What makes it even more better replacement for your digital library is the fact that it is 100 percent free, and still does not come with any ads.
You can access the service on the official site.

#12. Hotstar

A free movie and TV streaming service from Star India, Hotstar has gained popularity in a shorter span of time. Apart from free content it has on offer, Hotstar also has a paid model for premium content.

It can aptly be called a unique combo of Movie and TV streaming app. The app has plenty of Indian content on offer. It also offers you international shows. The content is limited for the free plan, but the app has much more than just that.

The user interface is quite intuitive and user friendly. Coming from Star TV network, you can be sure of the quality of the content on offer and functionality of the service. One of the added advantages with Hotstar is its ability to automatically adjust the quality of the video streaming to the internet connection speed that it has work on. You can disable the automatic adjustment if you wish though. The performance and quality of service matches the international standards. The library is updated on a weekly basis.

Hotstar is in a way a digital platform for the Star India TV channels. It also offers some exclusive shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2. It also supports downloading the content that Star has rights to. Only glitch, however, is that the app does not work outside India.
You can gather more information on Hotstar which has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

#13. Hubi

Hubi Movie App
If downloading movies for offline viewing is what you like the most, Hubi is yet another movie app that will not leave you disappointed. It lets you download any video that you are watching.

You can use the app for streaming movies and TV shows in any genre. The unique selling point of the Hubi app is its ability to extract download links of any video over the web. It incorporates a tool that does the work for you. The process of downloading the video is quite easy compared to other apps in the same league.

Hubi has multiple hosters for the content that they have on their service. As things stand now, Hubi has around 39 different service providers. That would mean you have multiple streaming links for any movie you choose. The app has a few ads that can annoy you. However, you can get rid of the ads on payment of a small fee.

Cross platform functionlity is one of the plus points for the app. You can check it out on the official link.

#14. JustWatch

JustWatch App
Justwatch has a tie up with several streaming providers. You can find if your favourite video is available at the click of a button.
It can be your one stop solution across multiple streaming services. Some of the streaming providers that JustWatch has been associated with include Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX, Playstation, realeyz, Mubi and Fandor. You only need to search for your movie or TV show and the app will let you know if it is listed on the supported streming service providers.

However, it cannot be your complete solution for watching or downloading movies. It works as a search engine for the supported streaming networks. You can only look for the content and find on which streaming service is it available on. The app contains YouTube links to the shows being searched by you, but for actaul streaming purposes, you will need to have access to the corresponding streaming service.

If you want to try it out, just logon to JustWatch.

#15. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD
MegaBox HD is a movie streaming app available for Android users. One of the lightweight apps among the competitors, the service does not hog your resources and thus can be a good option on older devices.

The functionality of the app remains similar to Showbox. Thus, if you are the one looking for a Showbox alternative, this can be your perfect option. Though one may think of it as just another app round the corner, the looks will sure make you change your mind. It does not look cheap from any angle. The organisation and presentation of the titles is at its best. It offers you easy filtering options.
MegaBox HD lets you downlaod your favourite titles. The content is available in 360p,0720p and 1080p. You can also use it with Chromecast supported devices. The movie library is updated at regular intervals.

The app is not available on the Play Store though. Just like Showbox, you will need to grab an APK file and install it on your Android. If you are interested, you can check this link. Incidentally, you can also downlaod the app for your iOS devices and Windows PC as well from the above link.

#16. MovieHD

Here is yet another worthy app for HD streaming. The app is a joint collaboration between HD Cinema & Sky HD.
The movie library that the app has on offer is quite interesting and enviable. Apart from movies, it also has popular TV series in its collection. It does support Chromecast. This would be helpful for those who want to stream the shows to their TVs supporting Chromecast. You can download unlimited movies and TV shows in high quality for free.

The interface and functionality of the app is quite impressive. The home screen has featured movies and shows. You have access to filters so that it would be easy to zero in on your kind of movie. Streaming quality is again marvellous for a free app. It provides you streaming in three varying qualities -360p, 720p, and 1080p. Slow internet connection can cause buffering when watching at 1080p.

The media collection is quite good. However, some popular shows take a little time to get added. Nevertheless, you can expect some great movies and popular TV shows on the service. Sadly enough, the app is not available on Google Play Store. You may need to download the APK file from third party sources. One of the links we found can be accessed here.

#17. PopcornFlix

Popcorn Flix is an app that offers you newest movies free of cost. You can watch the movies without any restrictions on the app.
The service has over 700 movies in its library as of now. The movie library is updated on a daily basis. PopcornFlix offers latest episodes of popular TV series free of cost. The interface is quite refreshing and thoughtfully arranged. The menu items are located in such way that they will not hinder the movies you are watching. The movie library is quite impressive. You can filter through different genres like Comedy, Troma, Action, Thriller, Drama, Rockstars, Before They Were Famous, Family/Kids, TV Series, Horror, Wild West, and Documentaries.
The video quality of the movies being shown leaves a little to be desired. The service does not give any information about the video quality or resolution, but there is a room for improvement nevertheless. There are a few ads, but you will not be annoyed much – because they are quite shorter in length.

Popcorn Flix is a great app for all your needs in movie and TV shows. You can visit PopcornFlix for further details.

#18. Snag films

Snag films
Snag Films can be one of the best video streaming services for Movies and TV shows. It boasts of over 5000 movies in its collection.
The app has good international titles in its collection. You have access to Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and African movies. The genres supported include Award Winning, Korean Drama, Crime, African Movies, Documentary, Foreign, Biography, Faith & Spirituality, Celebrity, Sci-Fi, Drama, Kids & Family, Politics, Romance, and Thrillers.

Snag Films offers you high definition movies. Most of the movies can be watched in 720p and 1080p.

Just like Popcorn Flix, Snag Films too comes with ads – but with lesser duration. The interface is quite simple and impressive. You can sign in to the app through social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook. You can gather more information on streaming service from Snag Films official site.

#19. TerrariumTv App

TerrariumTv App
One of the latest movie streaming apps to enter the arena, Terrarium is a strong competitor to Showbox. It is not exactly a movie streaming app as we would find a little later.

The app presents your movies on Google Drive and other cloud services. It can also find your movies from third party sites. The service offers multiple languages and subtitles. What’s more, you can mark your favourite videos for offline viewing.
You have access to HD quality of resolution. It also uses faster servers for HD movies. There is a good quality of reality and documentary shows. You can also use the bookmark feature for checking the movies you are interested later on.

Terrarium app lets you watch movies in high definition. The extremely rich movie library is what makes it the prime choice for your movie requirements. The perfect app for your movies and TV shows. Just log on to the official site to know more.

#20. Tubi TV

Tubi TV
One of the apps that have managed to garner 4 and 5-star ratings on app stores, Tubi TV lives up to its expectations. The service offers you apps across multiple platforms. It does have an able movie streaming site as well.

The service has over 40,000 titles to choose from. Tubi TV has a few content from Lionsgate and MGM. The interface is in tune with the most of the movie streaming apps. The simple scrollable view and the home screen that consists of featured shows is what you would see on Tubi TV interface. The categories are quite cleverly indicated.

The library as of now is a little behind in comparison to other services. However, recently they have been adding more content. Some of the worthy mentions about the content would be documentaries, foreign films, and indie films.

The service has a presence across multiple platforms. The list includes iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. You can gather more information on Tubi TV site.

#21. ViewSter

ViewSter Movie App
One of the popular apps in the Europe, it offers a combination of movies, TV shows, Animation shows and other videos right on your smartphone. Viewster is indeed the best choice for the animation lovers.

Yes, you heard it right. If you love animations, you should definitely give Viewster a thought. Another strong point of the service is the high level of Hollywood movies that it has on offer. Moreover, it does support Chromecast and thus you can watch your favourite shows on your TV if it supports Chromecast.

The app offers you a simple and easy to follow navigation. There isn’t any need to sign in to any account, or even create a new one. There are a few crashing or freezing issues which can make you frustrated, but believe us the issue comes up only once in a while.
For downloads and other information, you can visit Viewster site.

#22. Viu

Viu Movie App
Viu is the best entertainment service for the Asian region. The app lets you watch and share your movies and other shows.
The streaming service is the best in class source for all your needs in Korean entertainment. And yes, the service is available with Chinese and English subtitles. You get the latest episodes of the shows just within a few hours of the release.

Viu works on the freemium model wherein it provides free content along with the premium content that can be available for paid users. The service is available across multiple devices and platforms. You can use it on Android devices, tablets, iOS devices and PC. You can download the shows if you want to watch it offline later. That is, in fact, one of the most in demand feature.

You can be assured of high-quality content across different genres. You have access to music in multiple genres like rock, jazz, classical, romantic, metal, dance, hip-hop, pop, and folk.

You can get more information on the service by visiting Viu. If you are in love with Korean shows and movies, grab the app and give it a try.

#23. WatchDocumentary


If you a fan of documentaries, here is the perfect choice for you. The app is available on Android alone and offers documentaries in their vivid colors.

The service offers you a wide range of documentaries. You have over 30 different categories you can choose from. Some of the genres covered include Psychology and Science movies to Drugs, Crime, History, Comedy, and Mystery. Video quality offered to you by the app is quite awesome. However, the exact quality will be dependent on the show you have chosen to watch. There isn’t much advertising involved in the shows. We just assume that you will be ready to accommodate a few ads given the fact that the app is free.

There are a few negative tints in the app. There are some serious buffering issues. We would hope to see the improvements quite soon.
You can get it on Android as a free app.

#24. Yidio

Yidio Movie App
It is yet another search engine for your movies. It will help you search for your favourite movies. You can also compare the pricing of different movies on different platforms. You can also look for free movies as well.

And yes, one of the major advantages of the app is you can let the developers know about your favourite movie and they will let you know when it is available. It does have its own shows as well apart from being a search engine for the purpose. Yidio basically gathers its content from other sites and as such all the content on it is not free. In any case, there is a free section that would help you watch a few free movies.
The content library is quite interesting enough. Some of the categories available include Romance, Classics, Horror, Animation, Documentary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Cult Movies, Western, Action, Adventure, and Drama. You also have access to a host of TV shows. Some of the services available include Syfy, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, NBC, Disney, Comedy Central, Lifetime, USA, A&E, HBO, AMC, TLC, or History Channel.

There is no need for an account to use the service and that is exactly waht we consider to be a big plus point. Even with its shortcomings, the appis good as a collection of movies and shows from different sources.

You can gather more information on the service and other download links from the official link.

#25. YouTube


And finally, how can we forget YouTube? It is undoubtedly the major video streaming site. If you are fond of checking out the tidbits of a movie and single episodes of TV shows, YouTube can be the best option.

If you are a die hard movie buff and want to watch the full length movies on your app, it may not a right choice. However, one of the plus points that goes in favour of YouTube would be the best streaming technology it adopts. Coming from Google, you can be assured of its functionality and quality standards. It can adjust the video quality according to the speed of the network you are connected to. If you are on Android, you should get YouTube reinstalled on your device.

YouTube has been able to stay at its place for years together. And aptly so. It does have a wide range of videos in its kitty. Whatever be your taste, YouTube has a video for your liking. It is not only a movie app, but the best option for all your video requirements. The app is available for almost all platforms and you would definitely like the interface and the rich content it has on offer.

You can get it on your Android(on which it must have come preinstalled) or iOS. You also have a web client on www.YouTube.com for an endless collection of movies and videos.

The Final Thoughts

If you think you have a good internet connection available to you while you are travelling, it is indeed worth to launch any of those movie streaming apps on your phone and set out to enjoy your favourite movies. We assume that the apps contained in this top 25 list have at least a few good options for you. If we could impress you with a couple of the apps in this list, we would feel our efforts have paid off well. There is a huge collection of apps and it was not an easy task to pin point just 25 from them.

Do you have any of your favourite movie and TV apps? If you do we would welcome you to share your views with us. Your feedback will definitely go a long way in enriching our site further. We would also welcome you to share your experiences with the movie streaming apps if you have used any of the apps in this list.

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