38 Best Free Photoshop Plugins to Use in 2016

Photoshop, designers’ most loved tool to test their creativity and give shape to the creative ideas comes endowed with not one or two cool features. Infact, there is so much in store for us all that if we start exploring, we will be amazed as to how something that as a layman would appear tricky to design, would become an easy task if we have a good hold on it. As in beginners might get baffled in the initial stage, but exploring more and more of it, makes one drool over. The only matter of fact is that one should have a keen interest in designing along with the creative bent of mind.

Talk about the plugins and tutorials, just recently we came up with a vast list of 75+ Best Free Sketch App Plugins and 50+ Best Photoshop Tutorials of Year 2015 respectively. Today, we have picked up the topic that revolves around the Photoshop plugins. Yes, plugins, I am sure you all are not bewildered hearing about the plugins for Photoshop. There are some really cool free Photoshop plugins for all users to make optimum use of and enhance their creative skills giving their best shot and coming up with desired results.

So, what’s the wait for? Here is the list of best free Photoshop plugins that are suggested for you all to make use of in the year 2016.

1. Web Font Plugin

This plugin will allow designers to create a website with same fonts that will appear on live website using web fonts.

2. Velosity V2

This is one of the most popular Photoshop plugin in 2015 and now with version 2, it becomes more useful to designers. This is a absolutely free plugin for Photoshop that will help designers to prototype the website design in seconds.

3. Layrs Control 2

One of the best free Photoshop plugin available right not that comes with 7 scripts which makes designer’s life easier. Using this plugin, you have great control over renaming files, you can easily remove unused effects, delete empty layers or flatten all layers, find similar files or objects, etc.

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4. Cut & Slice Me

This free plugin will help you cut and slice your layouts very easily and you can do it according to various device sizes.

5. FlatIcon

Using this free Photoshop plugin, you can easily find icons without leaving your work window. While the free version, only allows 10 searches per page and you have to give the credit when using the icons, paid version is for both commercial and personal use.


Want to create CSS3 gradients from your Photoshop layers? This Photoshop plugin is a cloud based plugin that will help you do so that too in few steps.

7. Ink

Ink is a very useful Photoshop plugin that will help you to provide specific information while documenting your layers so that your mockup with become more informative.

8. skeuomorphism

Flat design is still in trend and if you want to make your design a flat treatment, you should download this plugin.

9. Pictura

Available as a free download at MadeBySource.com, this plugin will allow you to search images on Flickr directly in Photoshop.

10. Social Kit

A free Photoshop plugin that has customizable templates for Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc that will help you help you to create cover or profile images on major social networking sites.

11. Bounce

Bounce from UIParade.com is a free Photoshop plugin that will help you to integrate and connect Dribbble community into Photoshop while creating designs.

12. Composer

Using this plugin, you can update multiple layer easily with just one click so that you can focus more on design rather than organizing layers.

13. Random User Generator

This plugin will help designers to drag and drop random users in their designs.

14. Hexy

Pick the Hex values from any image using this easy to use Photoshop plugin from MissingPixels.io.

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15. Swatchy

Time to organize your color swatches into folders with the help of Swatchy – a free plugin for Photoshop designed by Igor Volkov and developed by Konstantin Gorodinskiy.

16. Free Lorem Ipsum Generator

From LayerHero.com, this is one of the best lorem ipsum generator plugin for not only Photoshop but also for Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver.

17. LoremPicsum

While the above one will help you to fill the text spaces, this one is particularly for those who want to fill the space with cartoon images.

18. Dupllicator

Using this plugin, you can easily clone any layer/group and move it horizontally or vertically.

19. QuickGuide

This plugin will make drawing guides in Photoshop easy.

20. Render.ly

This plugin is fast and easy to use that will help you create screens with alternate versions, webfonts with just one click.

21. Long Shadow Generator 2

Now you can easily give long shadow to any icon or graphic element with the help of this free Photoshop plugin.

22. Plugin Master

Plugin master is a free Windows Photoshop plugins that is an image editor and also works as a plugin manager for all the Photoshop plugins. This plugin once installed check the computer and organize all these plugins in organized way so that you don’t find problem looking for them.

23. NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop

A collection of various texture tools comes in one Photoshop plugin that will help you generate normal maps, texture compression, cube map formatting and mip map generation.

24. Breezy

Using this Photoshop plugin, you can export multiple layers at one time without too much of a fuss.

25. Ximagic Denoiser Toolbox

If you want any Photoshop plugin that is free and useful, you should download Denoiser for image noise reduction.

26. Ximagic Quantizer Toolbox

Another one from Ximagic that will help photographers for image color reduction and dithering.

27. Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction

Another plugin just like above which will help you to remove noise from your DSLR images or film scans.

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28. virtualPhotographer

Using this plugin, you can give professional photographic effects to your images with just one click.

29. Harry’s Filters

A freeware plugin that has a comprehensive list of 69 image effects divided into 9 groups.

30. HD View & Deep Zoom Photoshop Plugin

HD View is a technology from Microsoft also called as a camera of the web that will help you to create the best images using techniques available in it. To use the same technology in Photoshop, you can use this plugin that is easy.

31. Photoshop VTF Plugin

This Photoshop plugin will allow you to open and save single face 2D textures without converting into TGA file.

32. Absolute Color

This plugin is basically allowing you to choose a particular sector of the image to restrict the tints.

33. Color Cube

A free plugin from MV’sPlugins that will help you to get 3D visualization of all colors in an image.

34. Wire Worm

Another useful plugin from MV’sPlugins that will help you remove wires and other unwanted objects from your images.

35. Contrast Mask

One more useful Photoshop plugin from MV’sPlugins that will help you to enhance images by applying a technique called contrast masking, which will give too much contrast to your image.

36. Gradient Blur

Another Photoshop plugin that will help photographers to add gradient blur to image so that the focus will remain on the main subject.

37. Blots

This plugin will generate blots that come in great use while creating seamless textures.

38. Pano Wrap

This Photoshop plugin will help you stitch images to create panorama even if you haven’t taken the images perfectly.

Found these free Photoshop plugins useful? Have you tried any of the above listed plugin? If yes, let us know how you find it and would you suggest the same to your designer friends and our readers. Share your views with us by leaving your comments.

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