Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [14th December – 19th December]

JavaScript frameworks have always proved to be of great help to designers and developers while handling various kinds of projects as these offer the ease thereby ensuring ease of workflow. The pace at which their number and popularity is increasing, plugins are being created on day to day basis.

Each week we select the best of the rest functionally smart plugins that are created lately and added to the list of the existing ones to offer the best possible help. Its not been long that the we have started this venture, but the immense response and feedbacks are simply superb. This genuinely is the motivation for us.

Once again we are here with the list of best jQuery plugins of the week (mid week of December) for you all to check and enjoy the ease of workflow. Have a look and let us know which one(s) you found useful for your current or upcoming projects.

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1. ResponsifyJS

This is a jquery plugin that makes images truly responsive, without sacrificing anyone’s face.

Demo | Download

2. JumboShare

JumboShare is an easily customizable jQuery Social Share Counter and sharing plugin. This plugin can be used to showcase how many shares your content has received through the jumbo sized counter buttons and encourage your other visitors to share your content as well.

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Demo | Download

3. jR3DCarousel

jR3DCarousel by Vinayak Rangnathrao Jadhav is a jQuery plugin for responsive 3D carousel with modern effects and multiple options.

Demo | Download

4. jQuery Sequency.js

jQuery plugin that lets you compare the differences between a set of images in sequence as you scroll down and up.

Demo | Download

5. jQuery Nice Select

Nice Select is a lightweight jQuery plugin that replaces native select elements with customizable dropdowns.

Demo | Download

6. jQuery Simple and Accessible Modal Window

This jQuery plugin provides you a shiny and accessible modal window with the help of ARIA.

Demo | Download

7. jQuery Input Mask plugin

Inputmask is a jquery plugin which create an input mask that promises to help users with the input by ensuring a predefined format like for dates, numerics, phone numbers and much more.

Demo | Download

8. WebUI-Popover

WebUI-Popover is an extremely light eight popover plugin with jquery that helps enhance the popover plugin of bootstrap with some awesome new features.

Demo | Download

9. Trip.js

This is a plugin that can help users in customizing a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities.

Demo | Download

That’s all for this week. Soon we will be coming up with more cool plugins that will add to our category. Stay connected.

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