Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [21st February – 27th February]

jQuery plugins that have become the part and parcel of the world of designing and development have since long been serving since long and will continue to do so. We here at ThePixelPedia promise to keep you all updated with the same.

Each week we hand-pick some of the cool plugins for you all and prepare a list of the same so that you all don’t have to spare hours sitting in front of your computers looking for the same all over the web.

This week’s list of best jQuery plugins includes some nice small weight plugins that are sure to be of great help in different projects. These include dynamicColorPage, magnify.js, viewbox and many more useful plugins like these.

Take a look and let us know if you liked them and found them useful.

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1. dynamicColorPage

dynamicColorPage is a tiny jQuery plugin that let’s users easily adapt the page’s styling.

Demo | Download

2. snapGallery

SnapGallery is a simple jQuery plugin that lets users turn an ugly list of differently sized images into a beautiful, customizable gallery at the snap of your fingers. All you got to do is simply dump the images onto the page, write one line of javascript and bam.

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Demo | Download

3. Magnify JS

Magnify JS is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that adds a magnifying glass style zoom functionality to images. This is the apt tool that e-commerce websites feature product images in magnified form.

Demo | Download

4. Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard using jQuery UI. It is a jQuery on-screen keyboard plugin that works in the browser.

Demo | Download

5. ViewBox

Viewbox is a jQuery plugin that helps in displaying images and other HTML content easily.

Demo | Download

6. Cazary

Cazary is a simple jQuery plugin of WYSIWYG editor that targets fast, lightweight, stylish, customizable, cross-browser and multi-language.

Demo | Download

7. freezeframe.js

freezeframe.js is a script that enables pausing animated .gifs thereby animating them automatically on mouse hover/mouse click/touch event, or manually with trigger/release functions.

Demo | Download

8. jQuery Anchorify

Anchorify is a plugin that helps creates anchors for headings in any website. There is no demo for this plugin. However, you can click on the link to better understand this plugin.


Have more to add to the list of best jQuery plugins. Do so, by leaving your comments below. We would love to include the plugins suggested by you in our upcoming lists of best jQuery plugins of the week.

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