Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [31st January – 6th Feburary]

Javascript frameworks that go by the name jQuery plugins, are developed with the aim to help all the designers and developers undertake various time consuming and daunting tasks with ease without having to invest much of time and effort.

Understanding the popularity and demand on the designers’ and developers’ end, developers out there put in their best to come up with cool plugins that genuinely prove to be of great help.

Each week we look for some cool plugins and handpick them to ensure our readers don’t have to look here and there for useful plugins instead you get them all at one place. While handling certain task, if you get stuck or someone asks you for the suggestion, you know where to go. ThePixelBeard.

Take a look at this week’s list of the best jQuery plugins that we have selected for you all.

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1. characterCounter

characterCounter is the first line of defense for spamming. It lets users know limitation about message characters. Developed by Kalpesh Singh, this is a featherweight, easy to use jQuery plugin that gives you the power to customize few things.

Demo | Download

2. jQuery Progress Bar

jQuery Progress Bar is a simple jQuery progress bar plugin for Bootstrap forms.

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3. fSlider

As the name says, this is the simple light jQuery slider plugin for you all to make optimum use of.

Demo | Download

4. jQuery Flyout

jQuery Flyout is a plugin that provides Bootstrap Popover-like flyout without pulling all the Bootstrap things in. It can either be used as popover or tooltip depending on the situation.


5. Color Rotator

ColorRotator.js is a jQuery plugin that using CSS3 transitions smoothly animates various CSS color properties that are subject to a delay. Given a list of colors, the plugin transits between the colors once or infinitely many times, depending on the settings. The image below shows how it works.

Demo | Download

6. Trip.js

Trip.js is a plugin that helps users in customizing a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities.

Demo | Download

7. jQuery Date Range Picker Plugin

Query Date Range Picker is a jQuery plugin that allows the user to select a date range in a fuss-free manner.

Demo | Download

8. jQuery Scroll Lock Plugin

Scroll Lock is a jQuery plugin that addresses the issue of locking mouse wheel scroll inside a given container, preventing it from propagating to parent element.

Demo | Download

Let us know if you have recently developed or if you know someone who has developed the plugins that claim to help designers and developers a great deal.

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