Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [3rd January – 8th January]

Development and designing is the field that asks for immense hard work and time investment to get the outcome. At one point or the other people handling designing and development projects seek help in one form or the other. It is where the resourceful data like jQuery plugins come into play.

jQuery plugins that have long been serving as the helping hand in the development process. Designers and developers make use of plugins that they believe will prove to be of help in solving the purpose for which they have selected the same to ease the task.

As all our readers know, each week we list down some of the really helpful hand-picked jQuery plugins which we firmly believe proves to be of great help in handling various kinds of projects.

Here we are once again with the list of best jQuery plugins that we have selected for this week. Check them out.

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1. JStageDateBox

DateBox is a jQueryMobile / Bootstrap / jQueryUI plugin that helps users in interacting with dates and times making it simple and intuitive.

Demo | Download

2. Validator

Validator is one simple and user-friendly form validator plugin for the Bootstrap 3 to be used.

Demo | Download

3. MonthPicker

Pick month and year with this jQuery plugin that helps users in their projects.

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Demo | Download

4. tinyNotice

This is a jQuery notification plugin that can be used for tiny notifications with simple configuration.

5. jQuery MessageBox

MessageBox is a jQuery Plugin that can be used to replace Javascript’s window.alert(), window.confirm() and window.prompt() functions.

Demo | Download

6. TypeIt

TypeIt is a lightweight plugin with multiple ways to initiate, handles HTML tags, and offers tons of settings for easy customisation.

Demo | Download

7. pBar

pBar is a simple jQuery plugin that helps in showing inline progress bar. It is less than 800B, is tested in IE8, FireFox, Chrome, Touch enabled for mobiles.

Demo | Download

8. Stockquotes

Here is a jQuery plugin that helps in adding stock quote.

Demo | Download

9. Monthly

A jQuery based responsive calendar plugin. Use it as a date picker or a full fledged calendar. It is fully responsive design with intuitive event labels, handles multiple instances on the same page and much more.

Demo | Download

Have more to add to the list? Do let us know! We would love to update our list of the best jQuery plugins or add them in our upcoming lists.

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