Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [7th February – 13th February]

jQuery plugins have become the important part of the designing and development so is it with ThePixelBeard. We here at our blog try out level best to put our best foot forward and work hard in the quest to help all our readers with the best and useful stuff that they can make optimum use of.

Plugins as you all know help ease different tasks and reduces the amount of time that and efforts that otherwise could be invested in something else which needs to be done manually without any help in the form of resources.

Coming to the list of today, we have some best jQuery plugins to talk about. From Confirm to Magnify and scrollEasing, there are some of the really helpful jQuery plugins that we have selected and listed here for you all for this week. Take a look and decide for yourself as to which one would be your pick depending upon the need of the hour.

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1. jQuery Confirm

Wish to add the confirm dialogs in your website, here is a plugin that will help you do so in simple manner. This is a jQuery confirm dialogs plugin for buttons and links using jQuery and Bootstrap.

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Demo | Download

2. jfMagnify

Its a plugin that helps create a magnify glass effect. What it does is that it magnifies html content not just images by cloning an identified element and its children, scaling it to the specification and appending to an identified container element.

Demo | Download

3. Wheel

Wheel is a circular slider jQuery plugin that is compact and touch-friendly much more than a regular horizontal slider.


4. timeslider

As the name says, this is TimeSlider plugin for jQuery.

Demo | Download

5. O-ppear

Named O-ppear, this is animator detecting window scroll plugin that is easy to use.


6. bsValidate

Developed by Matthew Jmink, bsValidate is a lightweight jQuery Plugin that helps provide basic validation of Twitter Bootstrap (v3) forms. Its gfeaatures include required fields, email formatting, character limit, compare two fields, regular expression.


7. Monthly

Monthly is a jQuery based responsive calendar plugin that comes loaded with cool features to ease the job of the user.

Demo | Download

8. jQuery.print

jQuery.print is a plugin that helps in printing specific parts of a page.

Demo | Download

9. Zoom3d

Zoom3d is a jQuery plugin that is for native-like momentum panning and zooming in mobile browsers.


10. scrollEasing.js

scrollEasing is a simple smooth scrolling jQuery plugin that enables smooth scrolling without binding it to mouse wheel or any keyboard buttons. Sounds amazing. Surely, it is will enable easy scrolling.

Demo | Download

If you have recently work on the jQuery plugin that you believe will be of great help to the suers and wish to share, why not drop in the comment below. We will help you spread the word around.

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