8 Tools for Generating Material Design Colors

When it comes to designing, material designing is the one that has gained importance for that fact that we human beings tend to easily understand it. For the designers while working on material design, it becomes mandatory to follow certain rules and learn the simplest way in which the hierarchy of elements would be conveyed using the absolute minimum of design tools like shadows, shades and more.

Material design is one topic that we here at ThePixelBeard like talking about for the fact that it is fun and interesting discussion topic. Remember our post on 8 Important Things to Understand About Material Design where we had discussed in detail about what exactly is material design, should you go for it, its elements/principles.

Also, in the past we have compiled a list of 15 Best Material Design Frameworks for Designers. With the hope that our efforts are paying off and proving to be useful and you got to understand about material designs through the above mentioned articles, here we are with the yet another list of something that is directly related to material design.

Today, we plan to list down some of the really helpful and best Material Design color generator tools that claim to help designers in creating material design color palettes with ease. So, if you are working on material design, here is a reason for you to heave a sigh of relief for the fact that the below listed Material Design color generator tools will genuinely prove to be of great help. Check them out.

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1. Random Material Generator

As the name hints, this is a material generator that randomly picks the color palette. You can use the tool to randomly choose your material design colors.

2. Material UI

Material UI’s material deign color is a nifty cheatsheet that makes sure all of the material design colors is displayed on one page for you all to check them out without any fuss. .

3. Material Up

Material Up is a tool that helps users visualize material design colors. The best part is that it shows the primary colors side-by-side. When users click on a color bar, it shows all of the color swatches associated with that color.

4. Material Mixer

Material Mixer is a tool that shows all material design colors right there in front of you in a conveniently compact grid layout. You got to simply click on a primary color and accent color to preview and generate your color palette.

5. Material Design Palette Generator

Material Design Palette generator is a tool that helps you get the material-design-like color palette. You got to specify a color which is different from official material design colors and using a color picker dialog window you ill get the color swatches based on your chosen color.

6. Material Palette

Material Palatte is a simple to use tool that asks users to pick their primary color and accent color. One you have made your pick, it will show you a live preview of the generated color palette and offer you a variety of ways to download it.

7. Tint UI Material Design

Tint UI is a simple tool that displays the material design 500 colors.

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8. Material Colors

Material Colors is a simple and easy to use tool that displays just the 500 and A200 colors of material design color swatches to help you make your pick.

That’s all folks! How about sharing the best Material Design color generator tools if you have been using any of the ones that you believe I have missed out and deserves a special mention? Leave your comments below.

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