15 Best Material Design Frameworks for Designers

Designers are well acquainted with the material frameworks that we are here today with. Blessed are we to be the part of this technologically advanced era where we have oodles of resources available to do even the most difficult jobs easily and in a comparatively lesser period of time; the results too are genuinely worth and simply extraordinary.

Material design frameworks to talk about are the not something that you would underestimate as in performance. Over the course of few years material design has attained a position where people are well versed with it therefore the availability of resources too is increasing day by day.

Here, we have collected some of the really useful and best material design frameworks that you all would love for the fact that each of them are functionally smart. Take a look at these and make your pick.

1. Materialize Meteor

Materialize Meteor is a framework that is based solely on material design packaged for meteor. The best part is that it is fully responsive and works on all platforms.

2. Material Framework

This is a simple, responsive CSS framework created Tim Nguyen. The framework enables users to integrate material design in any web page or web application.

3. Materialize

Materialize is one responsive front end framework based on material design.

4. Material Design for Bootstrap

Material Design for Bootstrap is a theme for the Bootstrap 3 that enables users to use the new Google Material Design in their favorite front-end framework.

5. MUI

This is a lightweight HTML, CSS and JS framework for sites that follow Google’s Material Design guidelines.

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This is one reliable and testable styling methodology for component-based UI development. Basially, its a collection of CSS packages and build tools that are available as modules.

7. Daemonite

Daemonite is the HTML5 UI design based on Google Material for you all to make your pick.

8. Framaterial

This is an open-source framework that enables users to create projects with the material design elements and rules. It includes components and javascript functions that make it easy for the users to make use of it directly without any fuss.

9. Inuitcss

Inuitcss framework is built with scalability in mind. Its a collection of pre-alpha modules. To cut the long story short, its a small package which you can scale the way you want.

10. Pattern Lab

This as the name hints is a collection of tools that help users in creating atomic design systems.

11. LumX

LumX is one totally responsive front-end framework based on Angular JS and material design particulars.

12. Material Foundation

Material Foundation is a framework founded my ZURB. The framework comes endowed with simple features, but works superbly and does its job quite well.

13. Paper Bootswatch for Bootstrap

This is a bootswatch theme for the Bootstrap framework that includes all the components that Bootstrap provides.

14. Leaf Beta

Leaf BETA is a CSS framework that is based on Google’s material design.

15. Polymer Project

Polymer is a material design framework that makes it easier and speedier for creating anything from a button to a complete application across desktop, mobile, and beyond.

So, which one of these functionally best material design frameworks would you want to make use of? If you have been using any of these already how about dropping in your comments and having your say as to how these are to make optimum use of.

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