13 Best Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners

In this article, we are with the topic that revolves around Ruby on Rails that is a web application framework written in Ruby. Ruby as you all know, is an open-source web framework that’s optimized and lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

If you are the one who has recently made up the mind to learn Ruby on Rails or already doing it, but seek some help, here are some of the best Ruby on Rails tutorials that promise to help the best way possible. Ensure you check all the tutorials that we have listed here as each one is quite helpful in making you learn Ruby on Rails in easy step wise manner.

The guys who have prepared these best Ruby on Rails tutorials have done a really great job for beginners who want to learn this programming language. Take a look.

1. An Introduction to Ruby on Rails

This tutorial on Slideshare will help you learn all the basics of Ruby on Rails and a perfect tutorial for beginners.

2. Getting Started with Rails

This tutorial is a must one to follow if you are starting to learn this new language. Created by Rail team, you can learn how to install Rails, create a new Rails application and how to connect application to a database.

3. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Spotted at TutorialsPoint.com, this is a one stop resource for those learning Ruby on Rails from scratch.

4. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This tutorial by Michael Hartl is must have for all the learners who want to learn web development with Ruby on Rails.

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5. Ruby on Rails

Spotted at BogotoBogo, this guide will help you learn the basics and advance techniques of Ruby on Rails. Click on the link and you will find links in the sidebar to proceed further and learn other than the basics of Ruby on Rails.

6. A Rails 4 Tutorial Application for Beginners

Written by Andrea Pavoni, this tutorial is perfect for beginners that will help them understand from the basics of how to work with Ruby on Rails.

7. Writing a Web Application with Ruby on Rails

This tutorial from 12Devs.co.uk that will help you create a simple web application using Ruby on Rails.

8. Building a Web App with Ruby on Rails

Another useful tutorial that we found at CreativeBloq.com which help programmers to create web applications with ease.

9. Working with JavaScript in Rails

Using this tutorial, programmers will learn to use inbuilt JavaScript/Ajax on Rails and how to create a dynamic Ajax applications easily.

10. Build a Custom API to Connect WordPress With Ruby on Rails

If you want to build a custom API to connect WordPress with Ruby on Rails, this tutorial by Jarkko Laine will help you to do so.

11. Full Text Search in Rails

There are many instances when you need to search small data from large apps, this tutorial will help you to do so in Rails apps.

12. Tutorial: How to Debug AJAX in Rails

This tutorial from Tom Caflisch will explain the approach of debugging Ajax in Rails app.

13. How to Create a Blog from Scratch Using Ruby on Rails

One of the best Ruby on Rails tutorials we found while researching for this post, this tutorial will use Rails features to create a blog from scratch.

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Have any of your friend made such helpful tutorial or if you have one worth sharing, do let us know and we will feature your best Ruby on Rails tutorials here.

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