25+ Best Web Designs of January 2016

Web designing is one creative field that makes people drool over for the fact that it allows users to let their creative juices flow in whichever direction possible which leads to unique results. No matter how professionally able one is in the field of designing, there should be a catalyst that promises to keep them motivated and inspired for coming up with superb designs.

Designers since long have been doing a wonderful job in coming up making best use of their creative skills and the tools available to present before us some really amazing designs. Designs are not to be just visually appealing but functionally smart too for the fact that these are created with the aim to provide the ease to the user.

It is for this very reason that designers work hard at their end to present before us all the best designs. When they get stuck, what do they do? Well, they look for the inspiring stuff here and there to get ignited and start working on their designs. What we do here at our blog is that we come up with the monthly compilation of the best web designs around the web for you all to check them all at one place and get motivated to come up with superb designs of your own. To stay updated, you should also check our article featuring best web design trends of year 2016.

Today, we are here with a similar list of web designs that have been created lately and prepared the compilation of best web designs of January 2016. Take a look!

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1. OT24

2. TatiExpress

3. WorldEasiestDecision

4. Bartaile

5. Epicurrence

6. A State of War

7. Details

8. YourPrimer

9. ConceptStudio

10. DoudouBlues

11. TheGreyTales

12. 12Dishes

13. Fornasetti

14. GivingGeorgeJensen

15. SailingWithGreenpeace

16. SFCD

17. CriticalHitArcade

18. Publicis90

19. Apollo

20. KeepEarthquakesWierd

21. Le28Lille

22. Greenberry

23. CodeSchool 2015

24. Blid

25. CondeNast

26. PhoneGap

27. OrangeYouGold

26. Fleximize

27. Johos

28. GTEesti

Now, while we are all set to wrap up for the day after compiling best web designs of January 2016, you know what we ask you all to do if you have to share your opinion, views, suggestions or anything. Yes, you can leave your comments below in the section provided below to share what you have in mind. Also, if you have been working on any web design recently, how about sharing the same with us all and helping other web designers inspired with your creative genius. Stay connected for more updates on the same.

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