25 Best Web Designs of November 2015

Designing now a days is not limited to a particular genre or style infact lots an lots are being added on everyday basis in the quest to stand out and make the user get the best experience. From apps to websites, designing has come a long way and is witnessing great changes.

What designers do is they keep in mind the current web design trends and follow the same to come up with the best designs. The trend that is in today might not be the thing of tomorrow. Designers at one point or the other too get that creative block where they wish someone to help them come out of the situation, motivating and inspiring them to make optimum use of their creative skills and come up with superb designs.

Here, inspiration designs come into play that are so creatively crafted that one need not make extra efforts to come out of the creative block situation. Last month we decided to start a chain of coming up- with best of the rest web designs to help you get a dose of inspiration incase you need some. It was a list of 25+ Best Web Designs of October 2015.

Continuing the trend, we have once again come up with the list of best web designs introduced in the month of November. Take a look at some of the best web designs that we have picked for you all with the aim to help you get the dose of inspiration.

1. Salt Films

2. Epicuurence

3. Beacon ClubHouse

4. Rainforest

5. Circles Conference

6. Join Drift

7. World of Mcintosh

8. Camper

9. Send Thank To

10. Rock The Road

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11. Follow-Your-Intuition

12. V76

13. HooverMason

14. UVE

15. Sons Of Gallipoli

16. The Project

17. RosewaterMV

18. SiLeSoleil

19. Original Terriroty

20. Technics

21. Drxlr

22. Admir Hazdic

23. ReadyMag

24. Bartaile

25. Sam Skinner

The above listed 25 best web designs of November 2015 have been creatively crafted so much so that these blend visual appeal and smart functionality pretty smartly. What do yo think of these? DO let us know. Also, we would love to hear your suggestions and viewpoints. Leave your comments in the section provided below to have your say.

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