Awesome 45+ Creative & Cool Wallpapers For iPhone 6S

After the wait of long years, Apple has actually persuaded me to shell out the big amount out of my hard earned money and I recently ordered the iPhone 6S. Once the order was delivered and I opened it up, the first glimpse of the lovely gadget made me drool over. The amazing features of the super techie gadget from Apple makes one feel like the $$$ spent are indeed worth it.

What next? I started with customization of settings. I was actually looking for the amazing iPhone 6S wallpapers to deck-up my new phone so I spent hours checking them all and finally making my pick. It was then the idea of sharing the same with all you iPhone 6S users and our designer friends struck me. Here are some of my choice of creative, visually stunning and amazingly designed iPhone 6S wallpapers that I believe you al would fall in love with.

Hit a jump to sneak a peek at an awesome collection of 45+ creative iPhone 6S wallpapers and show us picture of your phone using these wallpapers.

1. 30+ Apple Watch and iPhone 6S Wallpapers

2. Runway iPhone 6S Wallpaper

3. New iPhone 6S Wallpaper

4. Dancing in September iPhone 6S Wallpaper

5. Happy to See you Summer iPhone 6S Wallpaper

6. Graphic Happens

7. Retro Apple Wallpapers

8. Polar Bear

9. Funny Single vs Married Face

10. iOS Asphalt iPhone 6S Wallpaper

11. Blue Black Flower

12. Cuben Simon CPage

13. Bokeh Red Nature Lights

14. Pirates

15. OM

16. Sea Monster

17. Ancient Ocean Water

18. Dark Blue Streets with Lamps

19. Dusk New York Skyline City

20. Dusk Night New York Skyline City

21. Amergedon Mountain Green

22. September Leaf

23. Harry Potter Quote

24. Neon Mountains

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25. Super Idea

26. Hey Siri

27. Retro Abstract

28. Colorful Life

29. Wheat Field

30. Desert

31. Geometric iPhone 6S Wallpaper

32. Geometric Abstraction 9

33. Colorful Leaves

34. Cool Typography

35. Hide

36. Color iPhone 6S Wallpaper

37. Seamless Color Pattern

38. Handprint Black

39. Rhino Skin

40. Fire & Ice

41. Flamingos Black Peace

42. Cute Candy iPhone 6S Wallpaper

43. Abstract iPhone 6S Wallpaper

44. Little Neon Dinosaur

45. Vector iPhone 6S Wallpaper

46. Simple Cartoon

47. Skulls

48. Funny Wallpaper

49. Green Loops

Aren’t the creative iPhone 6S wallpapers pinned above superb. The visual appeal and the goody goody feeling that these wallpapers send across is so persuading that one would want to download them all and use the same to deck-up their iPhone 6S. Also, I believe our designer friends loved them all as these serve as a good dose of inspiration. Isn’t it?

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