How to Design a Successful E-commerce Mobile App

How many of you are addicted to online shopping. Helping you save a lot of time which you would otherwise have to spend to go to the market and buy things, online stores are proving to be a great success. Frankly, I am one of those you who loves shopping online.

E-commerce industry is seeing a boom now a days and it is anticipated to grow a lot in days to come. Designers these days are struggling hard to provide you all with the best user-experience. You can check these awesome free e-commerce WordPress themes for your next web design project. E-commerce websites seeing the growth in the number of people shopping through their mobile phones are designing their websites in a responsive manner. Besides, making the websites responsive designers now a days are focusing on making the mobile applications for the ease of users to buy stuff they want to buy.

From a designer’s perspective, it is important to design the mobile app the best way to ensure an enhanced user-experience. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a few tips and tricks that we believe will help all you designers in making successful e-commerce mobile applications to ensure that users get the best experience. Read on to know what exactly works in favor while designing e-commerce applications.

1. Use Key Colors

If you use key colors, letting users know which actions should be taken next and which information is important it will enhance the overall user experience.

2. Focus on Images

Images play a major role in the success of any mobile application and e-commerce apps is no exception. E-commerce is all about presenting the product in a visually cool way, why else would anyone want to buy the products your online store includes. Shopping from the smartphone can be one daunting task, but if the images you use are of high resolution and clear ones then the whole purpose gets solved easily.

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3. Create a Community

Creating a community and letting people share their favourites with others does the trick, you can add tab make it simpler for the users to check what’s popular and most liked by the other users.

4. Include Just Important Things

The best way you can put it that you need to eliminate clutter. Overdose of everything is wrong. If there are miscellaneous unnecessary things included, then the customers are sure to get distracted making it hard for them to focus which is definitely not a good sign. Eliminate extra stuff and focus on presenting just the necessary stuff. You can add the pull down menus to reduce clutter.

5. Including Product Carousels

With Carousels you can show off the collection of items, ensuring users don’t have to leave the current screen they are on. Carousels of special offers, collections and similar products are of great use.

6. Presenting the Product Information

The way you present product information to users matter a lot. The information provided should be clear, well put in about the size and color options available. Include every information you believe customers would want to know without making it appear cluttered.

7. Easy Search & Browsing

The best part to make the users enjoy being on your application to shop is making browsing easy. Make it easy for users to search for products they are looking for and easy browsing. Inclusion of auto-complete can make the search easier for the users. Also, you can use the popular searches which may remind and persuade users to go for products that they might not have thought of initially.

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8. Reviews

I being a big time shopping freak and not a decisive person as to which out of all the options to pick from always go for reviews first to know how others found the particular product to be. Reviews are superb remedy to the uncertainty of the customers to go through review purchased items.Also, you can ask your consumers/buyers to review the items they have bought.

9. Easy Checkout Process

E-commerce is an industry where checkout plays and important role and is also the important component of a mobile app. Make shopping cart accessible from anywhere, saving important information enabling users to enjoy the ease of shopping. Everyone wants to checkout in the minimum number of clicks and purchasing made simple. We have discussed some tips to design awesome checkout page some time before, so do not forget to check.

To sum up, it is not difficult to design an e-commerce mobile application the only thing needed is that designers need to keep the targeted audience in mind thereby ensuring best user-experience. Make shopping enjoyment for the consumers and not burdensome to ensure success. We hope the above listed tips and tricks will help you in designing best e-commerce mobile applications.

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