Human Faces in Web Design : 24 Creative Examples

Designing is one field that asks people involved to not copy others’ designs instead take inspiration from the people in the field of designing. There are indeed oodles of designs that promise to leave other people so much inspired that one wishes to begin jotting down the creative ideas preparing rough sketches and finally coming up with superb creative designs.

Talk about web design, this is one topic that in the form of variety of posts finds a special place on our blog. I remember writing about the best web design trends of year 2016. Today, we have something really different in terms of idea, creativity, visual appeal and more. Here we have prepared a list of creative web designs with human faces.

Now this post is the one which, amongst many others I loved preparing. We at ThePixelBeard have this urge to come up with the best visually stunning designs for inspirations, various kinds of resourceful stuff and much more for our designer and developer friends.

Trust me, by the end of it when you have checked all of these below pinned designs you would have already made up your mind to show your creative skills and come up with such cool designs that promise to leave the spectators dazed. So, what’s the wait for? Hit a jump and sneak a peek at these creative web design with human faces as main element.

1. DesignLazy

2. Apres

3. Peter&Paul

4. Triner

5. KarbonBlack

6. GreenwoodCampbell

7. Convoy

8. The-Project

9. Qasimi

10. BeoPlay

11. EllionDesign

12. TMEDed

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13. FU2016

14. VanSchneider

15. TrumpDonald

16. BenLukasBoysen

17. SugarPie

18. Ditto

19. JustActions

20. Natan

21. BBDakota

22. PlasticSurgery

23. DrawABetter2016

24. ChechovWithGoogle

Hats off to the creative geniuses! There are 24 of them that we have listed here, but each web design is simply awe-inspiring. Correct me if I am wrong.

Ask me which one of the above listed creative web designs with human face I liked the most and I won’t be able to point out one. So, I won’t be asking you guys too. But then I would like to know if these left you stunned and inspired?

Leave your comments below to let us know what you think of the above listed creatively designed examples of creative ideas well put in to get the desired superb results that are right here in front of you.

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