9 Important Tips to Design an Awesome Checkout Page

The e-commerce industry is seeing a boom like never before. More and more number of people are opting for online shopping as it provides the ease. One doesn’t have to go out to different stores and get into the hassle of buying things. Personally, I too, as a consumer would any day prefer online shopping over going to the store and buy things for myself and family.

With more and more online stores joining the queue of already existing ones, the competition has increased infact is increasing with a fast pace, therefore the team should ensure best user-experience is provided to the customer. One bugging thing can make the entire effort of your team go down the drain. From designing to finally offer the products/services to delivery; every step involved needs to be cautiously handled.

Today, we picked up the topic that would be of great help for you all to ensure best user-experience for your customers. Besides others design proper checkout page is one element that contributes to success of ay online store. Wish to know the tips and tricks that will help all you designers in coming up with awesome checkout pages to provide the ease to the customers? Here they are, read on!

1. Don’t Leave Customers Wondering

Once the customers have placed their order and clicked on the last button to ensure they get a prompt like thank you for ordering, you will get the confirmation mail regarding shipping and likewise. The reason for this is that this will not leave the customers wondering what next. Instead ensure that you keep telling them what next. This is one good strategy of designing the checkout page.

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2. Real Time Support Does the Trick

Now this one is easily understood as a layman too. The checkout process requires user’s input so there are chances that users might experience problems so ensure users get professional, personal assistance instead of making them land on large help- or FAQ-pages. Provide the real time support to the users.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Progress Indicator

We all know that checking out is a multi-step process asking users to navigate several pages before the order is complete. Add a progress indicator will tell the users exactly at what stage of the checkout process the customer is right now and how long there is left to go. So, don’t miss out the progress indicator while designing the checkout page.

4. Expected Delivery Date/Time

While shopping online, one is excited to know when they will get the item/product delivered at their address. It is of vital importance to let the consumers know as to when they can expect the goods to be delivered. Don’t leave them guessing as to when they will get the goods they ordered delivered. I am being a big time Shopaholic like it when I get a message as to when the item will be delivered, so I don’t keep assuming the number of days when I can expect the product to be delivered.

5. Inform Customers About the Availability of the Product

While shopping online if I get to know about the non availability of the product when I have selected it and ready to place the order, believe me, its one of the most bugging thing. Be clear about the availability of the items and inform your customers about the stock levels. If an item isn’t available, make it clear and prominent else it will leave them bugged up to select an item to later find that its unavailable.

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6. Interface: Keep it Simple

There is one simple rule in designing or content generation. If you keep it simple and easy to understand, you attract more and more viewers/customers. Even in the case of checkout page designing, ensure you keep the interface as simple as possible to provide the best user-experience for the consumer.

7. Don’t Make Registration Compulsory

Don’t ask your customers to fill the long registration forms. Ensure the registration is done during the checkout process and not before that. Sign-up forms are genuinely bugging and people want to avoid them as possible as they could.

8. Easy Modification of the Order

Why not after-all, its their money, their choice! While designing the checkout page make sure you are making it simple and easy for the consumer to easily modify their order just in case they change their mind in between.

9. Send out a Confirmation Email

The confirmation email about the order being placed and expected delivery time/date will give the customer the clear information about the order and the other details.

With this we come to an end with the list of tips and tricks of designing the checkout page while coming up with the online store if you are working on it. Also, if you are the already existing e-commerce site owner I am sure these tips will help you make amendments in the positive direction (Just in case if you have missed out any) to provide the best user-experience to the consumers thereby improving on your sales.

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