Top 50 Free Movie Websites

Watching movies was never so easy. You do not need to book tickets at multiplexes, nor do you need to buy DVDs at exorbitant prices. Well, most of us love watching movies as soon as they are released. But, how about watching new movies for free either by downloading them or streaming them on your PC or laptop? That is precisely what we are up to today. We will list out Best Free Movie Sites in 2017.

Best Free Movie Sites in 2017

There are several sites that help you download movies, but most of them work on a subscription basis. How about a few sites that let you watch movies for free? Let us list out the sites here and check out their features.

#1. 123MoviesHub

This is one of the latest entrants in the movie streaming arena. It is indeed one of the best sources of Hollywood movies.

The best part of this site is it does not need you to register on it to be able to access it. The site is ad-free in spite of being a free service and that should be one of the prime reasons you should go for it. The movie library is quite extensive and you can expect new movies being added as soon they are released.

The site lets you watch movies online or download them as per your preferences. The service also comes with its own video player.

#2. Boxtv

The App comes from Times of India group. It is a free movies site that offers you an excellent collection of movies and TV shows.

You can use it to watch or download your favorite shows. The app comes with a clear interface that should be easy to handle for the newbies. The service offers you multiplatform functionality. There are clearly designed filters to help you out in choosing your movies effectively.

The multi-platform functionality will mean you can pause your video on one device and resume it on another. One of the features we loved with Box TV is the fact that it lets you choose the quality of streaming. If you have a slow internet connection, you can opt for low quality so that your movies do not buffer.

#3. Putlocker

You can watch movies for free anywhere with PutLocker. One-click functionality is one of the features that would set it apart from most of the competitors.

You can get all your favorite movies at one place with ease. The service also lets you download movies as well. There is no need for any third party client to download or stream movies. Just like 123MoviesHub, Putlocker too does not need you to sign up for the service to use it.


The service is quite similar to Putlocker in more ways than one. This again lets you enjoy your movies in just one single click.

You can search for the movies based on your preferences. The service offers you several filtering options. The movie library on C123Movies consists of latest movies. If you fail to find your favorite movies, you can also place a request for the movie of your choice. The service fetches the content from other sites and thus does not have any collection of its own.

There isn’t any need for signup. You can use the service without even registering for the same. And yes, we should mention that the service does not annoy you with ads.

#5. Cafemovie

CafeMovie is the new app of the block. The service is available both as a web portal and an Android app. The service comes with different categories to choose from. Some of the categories listed include Movies, TV Series, Documentaries and Kids Shows.

A point to note here – you will not find the app listed on Play Store. If you want it on your Android, you can look for an APK file. Or better still use the web portal for better usability. We are sure you will like the movie streaming service for its simplicity and ease of use.

#6. CartoonHD

Cartoon HD is a popular movie streaming service that boasts of minimalistic interface and looks. It employs a grid format for showing its content and thus offers you an easy to use interface.

You have several filtering options as well. Some of the filter options that the service provides include new releases, year of release, name, genre, and popularity. You can add your favourite movies to your watch list so that there is no need to search for them each time you feel like watching them. Thew titles are updated on a regular basis.

Cartoon HD lets you choose the quality of downloading or streaming depending upon the speed of your internet connectivity. It has a simple signup process. It also lets you check out the IMDB ratings for each of the movies you check out. Ads may be a little annoying.

#7. CmoviesHD

Here is yet another site that offers you free movie viewing experience. Like a couple of services listed here, CMoviesHD will let you watch movies on it without any need to register.

The movie library is impressive enough. Launched in 2016, the service has a quite interesting interface. One of the features – though a minor one – is quite thoughtful. When you choose a movie, you will get a brief synopsis, genre and other trivial information on the chosen movie.

The embedded video player comes with several high-end features. There are settings for video quality and subtitles. And yes, it should be noted that there are no ads to annoy you.


The site can be best suited for Indian movie lovers. It offers a host of Bollywood movies to enjoy. There sre a few regional languages supported as well.

You can watch movies without any need to download them. The service lets you stream movies seamlessly across your device. The movie library is regularly updated. The large database of movies is one of the unique points of the service as compared to the competing sites.

The design and interface of the service may not look contemporary, but the service and the movie collection is indeed quite noteworthy.

#9. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best movie streaming apps available for Android. It does boast of a huge list of movies and TV shows.

The easy to use interface and an enviable library are a couple of features that make it an ultimate choice. However, if you are looking to download movies, this may not be a good choice for you. There isn;t any option to download movies. The app is available across multiple platforms. There is also a bookmark feature for your favourite videos so that you can watch them later.


FMovies is one of the great online movie portals that have gone popular. The movies can be ordered based on filters that would suit your needs.

The service does not come with any unnecessary pop-up or annoying ads. If you are looking for new age design coupled with best in class user experience, FMovies should be your best option. You can search for your favorite movies and TV shows through multiple filters some of which include region, date of release and genre. If you find any of your movies missing on the catalog, you can request for its inclusion.

And yes, if you want to watch the movies offline, you can downlaod them as well. The videos are available in HD.

#11. GOMovies

Go Movies is yet another free movie download site you should never miss. Like 123Movies, this is yet another service that should make it a great service.

GoMovies has quite a good collection of movies and TV shows. You can be assured of most popular shows and latest releases in different genres. A good news there – you do not need to register on the site. The movie collection is quite interesting enough. You can find many similarities between 123Movies and GoMovies. There are some indications that 123Movies has rebranded itself as GoMovies.

#12. MyHDMoviesPoint

If you want to download latest Hollywood movies, MyHDMoviesPoint is your best bet. And, not to forget the fact that the movies available on the service are in HD quality.

There are no ads served and that is the most welcome feature in any free movie streaming service. We would definitely rate it as one of the prominent choices for the latest Hollywood movies. The movie library is quite up to date with the inclusion of the latest movies. You can also download the movies if you do not want to stream them.

#13. Hotstar Movies

Hotstar is the popular streaming app from Star TV Network. Apart from TV shows from the Star Network, the service also offers you watch your favourite movies.

The service is free and yes, it also comes with a premium model as well. It is the best combo for all your needs in movies and TV shows. It also brings up international content to your doorstep. The interface will definitely impress you with its simplicity. One of the features we liked with it is its ability to auto adjust the video quality based on your internet speed.

#14. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a recommendation service that offers you suggestion on the movies to choose. You can go for a good range of High-end high-quality Hollywood movies.

There are no pop-up ads to annoy you. It offers you suggestions on the best free to download movies. You may need to register yourself for the service before beginning to use the service. The site provides third party mirrors for accessing the content you love.

#15. Huge Movies DB

As the name itself should gibe you a hint, the service is known for its huge database. You should be able to find any of your favorite movies in practically no time.

The movie library is quite enviable. You will be able to find both classic movies as well as the latest releases. The service also comes with an effective filter mechanism. You can find your chosen movie quite easily using several filter options. If you do not find your favorite movie ( we think there is a rare chance of such occurrence), you can look for an alternative link.

#16. Hulu

It is one of the best sites that you can use to stream movies without many hassles. Please note that the service is not available for free, but has been included in this list just because of the versatility and popularity that it enjoys. However, Hulu offers you a free trial service.

What makes it a good addition to our listing of good free movies sites is the fact that the free trial can be activated over and again. If you are happy with the limited content available on a free trial, you can continue using the free trial again and again.

There are several categories you can filter out through so that it would be an easy task to look for your favorite movie. There are no pop-ups or ads and that would mean you can watch your shows without any interruption.

#17. Letterboxd

It may not be a tool meant for streaming or downloading movies, but can be a storehouse of information for the film buffs.

More than a streaming app, it is a social network of sorts. If you are a film connoisseur and would want to gel with other like-minded film buffs, letterboxd can be a great option. The service is quite excellent. It was available only as a web service till quite recently. However, it has recently launched an iOS app.

The free account offers you almost all the major functional areas of the service. However, a couple of High-end features may need you to go for the Pro account.


Los Movies is known for a better connectivity and a great quality of movies. It is one of the personal favorites for most movie buffs.

The service is well known for a great design and a good quality of streaming links. The movie library is constantly updated. You can be sure of witnessing a good copy of any new movie quite sooner than it is released. And yes, one of the best services does not need you to go for any kind of payment. Do opt for Los Movies and you can check out latest releases.

#19. Movie4K

It has movie collection worth its salt. It offers you several mirror links for a single movie or TV show.

Having more than one link for a single movie or TV show is one of the features that makes it one of the best options to watch your favorite movies. Even if one of the links is broken, you can be sure of getting a working link. The service is completely free and easy to use.

And yes, the service has been changing domain names and has been able to carry on over the years.

#20. MoviesPlanet

MoviesPlanet is yet another movies site that stays away from legal issues, yet offers you the option of watching movies for free. It works with a host of third party sites.

The service does not work on a P2P model. Actually, it works on the peer to peer style. In fact, the service works on the basis of video sharing websites. That way, it steers itself away from the legal issues.

#21. Moviesub

The free movie site is best known for its international collection of movies. This can be one of the best services that you can opt for if you want to watch the latest international titles.

One of the unique features that make it stand apart from the other competing services is the fact that it offers you English subtitles for the titles available on it. Isn’t it the best way to watch acclaimed movies and understand them even when you are not aware of the language?

#22. Moviexk

The site is best suited for niche movies. You can definitely give it a try if you are looking for a movie in the specific genre.

The site offers you several video quality options as per the target device you are using the service on. The service has regular updates so that you can always have the latest movies at your fingertips. As we stated before, the service is best for the niche audience. It has a good collection of horror movies. And yes, the service offers you adult content as well.

#23. Mydownloadtube

The service is best suited to be future of the new generation. It can rightly be considered to be the best source online for all your needs in quality movies and TV shows.

It lets you watch latest Hollywood movies and TV shows with ease. It boasts of over 500 movies and even more than 1000 TV shows. If you are a documentary fan, MyDownloadTube is your best choice. There are no ads to annoy you. The movie library is constantly updated.

The movie library is divided into over 20 different genres. Some of them can be listed as action, horror, drama or romantic shows. You can be assured of the high-end quality of movies in HD.

#24. Netflix

The discussion on Movie streaming apps cannot be complete without mentioning NetFlix. However, the service is not free. It works on a subscription model.

The service has multi platform functionality. Once you have enrolled your membership, you can get a month of free subscription. We are sure you will end up going pay. Netflix boasts of over 75 million members globally. The movie library of the site is quite enviable. The service also offers you popular TV series.

Though not essentially a paid service option, we would definitely recommend it to our members.

#25. Online Movies Cinema

Here goes another popular site for watching movies for free. It boasts of monthly visits of 6.2 million.

The service offers you popular Hollywood movies free of cost. And yes, the site comes with HD movies and TV series. The service works both on mobile phones and PC seamlessly. The movie site has a good collection of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can be assured of latest movies soon after they are released.

#26. Ozoomic Movies

Ozoomic Movies is a great site for watching the latest movies online. You need not download the movies to watch them.

It offers you an easy to use interface. The movies are arranged in the order of the year they are released. The quality is quite excellent and you can be assured of HD quality video at your disposal. Streaming is quite faster. The best part with Ozoomic is that it does not come with any pop-up ads.

The site is quite robust in terms of build and quality. The service just excels with its best ever interface.

#27. Popcornflix

PopcornFlix comes from the family of ScreenMedia apps. It offers you over 1000 movie titles as of now. It also lets you watch popular TV series.

If you are fond of newest releases, it should be your prime choice. One of the features you will fall in love with would be the refreshing interface. The movie library is excellent enough. The library is updated on a daily basis. You have access to a wide range of genres including Horror, Comedy, Drama, Thrillers and even Documentaries.

However, the video quality has not much to write about. Though one can term it as satisfactory enough, still there is a need for an improvement. And yes, there are ads to annoy you, but they aren’t much longer and that could be a saving grace.

#28. Prime wire

This is the best site for online movies. The service claims that the movie library is updated on a regular basis, in fact, on a daily basis.

Each movie and TV show link on the site has multiple mirrors. That would mean you have a working link for all the shows available on the service. It has over 20,000 movie titles under its database. There aren’t any hidden fees. However, the service asks you for your credit card information. The company says they do it to verify your mailing address and you will never be charged a single penny.

There is no proper moderation in the comments section. It gives rise to some awkward moments. There is no HTTPS secure connection feature.


Putlocker2 is similar to Putlocker we discussed above. The service is synonymous with the online movies and TV shows.

There is some pop-up ads that may annoy you. Barring that, the rest of the service is quite excellent.
However, there have been reports of the service being shut down. It could be because of the restrictions on piracy sites. The service offers you latest movie titles at absolutely unbelievable quality and performance.

#30. SeeHD

The service does not host the movies on its own server. Thus, it claims to be one of the legal services out there.

The service has links to several video sharing sites. Some of the sites include Putlocker, MovShare, Vidbull and MegaVideo among others. SEE HD has a good collection of movies and TV shows. You can check out the movies based on the relese dates.

#31. Shoutfactory

It is one of the premiere digital entertainment platform that meets the needs of all those cult fans out there. If you love classic vintage shows and movies, this should be the perfect choicde for your needs.

It offers you free to use service with ads. The service supports  a wide range of devices including laptop, PC, tablets and other OTT devices. However, some videos may not be available on a mobile device. It comes with a great deal of filter options. You can even choose a TV show by episode name.

The content is regularly updated on a monthly basis. Please note that this is a streaming only service and you will not be able to download any content.

#32. SnagFilms

SnagFilms boasts of over 5000 titles in its kitty. If you love international movies, this can be your chosen destination.

As we said before, the international collection on the service is quite enviable. You can enjoy Korean, Spanish and African movies with SnagFilms. Some of the enres supported by the service include Award Winning, Korean Drama, Crime, African Movies, Documentary, Foreign, Biography, Faith & Spirituality, Celebrity, Sci-Fi, Drama, Kids & Family, Politics, Romance, and Thrillers.

SnagFilms caters to your needs in HD entertainment. There are ads though, which may ruin your viewing pleasure. However, they are of shorter duration and that would be something you need to bear with given the fact that it is a free service.

#33. Spacemov

This is yet another service that works on the basis of mirrors. They do not have any of the movies saved on their own servers.

The service has a dedicated page for Indian users as well. SpaceMov offers you a wider range of choices in terms of genres. Apart from popular categories like Action, drama, horror, comedy, and romance, the service also has niche genres like Documentaries, history, and biography. The service pulls its collection from sites like 123movies, Fmovies, Putlocker and GoMovies.


Here is another coolest streaming service that you will definitely fall in love with. You do not need to download movies but can easily stream them.

Before you begin watching a movie, you can check out the rating for the movies. The genres supported are quite excellent. You should be able to search for your favorite movie, or your favorite genre much easily. There are simple filters to help you out.

#35. Tmoviesnow

If Hollywood movies are what you are looking for, TMoviesNow can definitely fulfill your requirements. You can either stream or download any movie of your choice.

The movies are categorized across different genres, This can be much helpful in searching for your movie in just a few steps and clicks. Some of the genres worth mentioning could be action, romance, comedy, and horror.

The interface is quite easy to use and simple to understand. It should be quite easy to look for the movie you are interested in. The section for the TV shows has been managed separately.

#36. Tube Plus

This can be one more good choice to stream or download your favourite movies. Like some of the services we mentioned above, this too offers you multiple links for a single show.

The simple and cleaner interface is one of the features you will fall in love with. Filtering option is what sets it apart from the most of the competition. You can look for a movie either based on the genre or the year of release. You can also check out the movies based on user ratings. This can be helpful in choosing the popular movies much easily.

The service offers you several links for a single show. This would help you get a working link if anyone of them does not work. You can submit a link if you know one.

#37. TubiTV

This has been one of the most popular apps on app stores. It has apps across all major platforms and a web portal as well.

The interface is in tune with the most of the premium services. The categories are clearly marked out. The movie library is quite impressive enough. It claims to have over 40,000 titles. You will also be able to find content from the likes of Lionsgate and MGM on TubiTV.

You can access the service across iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. That would make it one of the prime reasons to opt for it.

#38. Twomovies

The service is quite well known for its huge database. One of the best parts is it does not need registrations.

The service boasts of over 50,000 movies and 7000 TV shows on its database. The social profile of the service too claims to have over 200,000 registered users. The service claims to be absolutely legal. You can get the latest updates through RSS feeds.

#39. Veiwster

The service is much popular in Europe. It is indeed a great option for the anime lovers.

The service offers you shows across multiple genres. Some of the popular genres include Movies, Anime shows, and Documentaries. Apart from the animations, the service also offers you best choice of Hollywood movies. Viewster also supports Chromecast. You can watch the shows on your TV if your TV has support for Chromecast.

The interface and navigation are best of its kind. You need not create an account or sign in. You may be frustrated with occasional crash issues, but they happen only at times.

#40. Viooz Movies

If you are looking for a site that has a complete Hollywood collection, then Viooz should be your ultimate option. Faster downloads and an enviable collection.

You can be assured of all the top movies you ever wanted to watch here on the service. The filters within the service should make it easy for zeroing on your favorite movie in few clicks. You can search for the movies across genres, cast, ratings, year of release and the categories.

And yes, Viooz also offers you to search for the movies based on the languages that the movie is dubbed into.

#41. Vumoo

Looking for high end HD movies? Vumoo is your first choice. You can be sure of high quality downloads and streaming.

What sets it apart from the other services in the same genre is the fact that it is structured professionally. You can get all the information about the movie you have chosen. The interface and menu structure leaves nothing to be desired. The ratings, cast and crew, plot and the producer – you name it and the service has it.

By the way, you can also share the movie in your social circles through the link provided from within the site.

#42. WolowTube

If you love HD quality videos from your streaming service, Wolow Tube will not disappoint you. It promises you latest movie updates.

It is one of the latest entrants in the movie streaming arena. WolowTube offers you over 15000 titles in high quality. The design may not seem to be any extraordinary, but the functionality will indeed leave you to spell bound.

There are no ads in spite of the fact that the service is free. Wolow Tube brings in some sort of newness into the service and you assure you that the service will not disappoint you.

#43. Streaming Movies

This can be a perfect place for all your needs in streaming. It has been improving its database at a constant pace.

The service has been adding over 50 titles on a daily basis. Isn’t that something awesome? You can search for your favourite movies by using several filters. Some options for filtering include the year of production and categories. As long as you have a flash player on your browser, you can definitely go for the service effortlessly.

#44. xMovies8

The service offers you latest movies at absolutely no cost. XMovies8 brings up regualr updates on a daily basis.

You can watch your favourite movies without any hassles on XMovies8. You do not need to worry about unnecessary ads. If new releases are what you are looking for, this is your ultimate choice.

#45. Yesmovies

It is more than just a movie streaming site. It offers you several other functionalities that make it a one stop solution for all your requirements in movie streaming.

Apart from streaming movies onto your device, it also helps you know more about movies and allied trivia. You can enrich your knowledge base about everything about movies. There are news and articles about the anything that has to do with moviedom is available on YesMovies.

Whats more, you can also check the IMDB ratings of all the shows you are interested in. Boasting of over 9000 titles you can choose, it can be your best online streaming partner.

#46. Yidio

This works more like a search engine for the movie database across multiple platforms and services. You can compare the pricing as well.

Please note that it does not let you watch any movies on its own platform. Rather than that, it will help you find where you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows. It will search through a host of movie streaming services – both free and paid – and present you a list of services that you can get the movie. It will also compare the pricing across different platforms.

The content is quite interesting. You can choose your movie among a host of genres like Romance, Classics, Horror, Animation, Documentary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Cult Movies, Western, Action, Adventure, and Drama. You do not need an account to be able to make use of it.

#47. Youtube Movies

The official YouTube Channel for latest movies, this can be your ultimate and most legal source for the latest movies. You can enjoy latest blockbusters on the service.

Normally used to watch movie trailers and promos, YouTube can also be used for full-length movies and TV shows.What sets it apart is it does not annoy you with the ads. There isn’t an option to segregate the genre of the movie wise though.

Finding the free movies can be a little tricky though. You need to search through a huge catalog of movies. But, given the fact that the product comes from Google, there can’t be any compromise in the quality in terms of content or streaming.


This is yet another site that offers you multiple download links for each of the movies or TV shows. It boasts of a good movie collection.

It has a good collection of free movies. It works in tandem with the video sharing sites like or The service can be accessed through several other links than the one indicated above.


Movie fans around the globe swear by it. The service has been quite popular with its worthy service.

They offer you a greater movie quality, however, there are some features you would love to see improved. Even then, we would consider it to be one of the worthy additions to your baggage. The movie library is quite up to the mark, yet not at par with the popular streaming services.

The interface is easy to use and simple to understand. You may come across a few fake links at times, it would be advisable to ignore them.

#50. WatchMoviesFree

The site has a considerably good number of movies and TV shows. The impressive collection of movies makes it your perfect companion.

You can search your movies across different genres. The service also offers you several options for filtering your movies. genre, year of release, country, popular series, and popular movies are some of the filters you apply so as to reach your favourite movies. The service offers your movies at different resolutions. You can choose the quality you want depending upon the connection speed you have at your disposal.

You will need to create an account to be able to use the service though. However, you can create the account for free.

In Conclusion

Well, that would conclude our top 50 list of best free movie streaming apps and services. Please note that some of these services may or may not work in your region. Please check with your regional availability. However, you may use VPN services to get rid of the geological restrictions. We assume the services featured above have been able to meet your expectations.

Do you find any of the services missing from the list? We would definitely look for your suggestions. Do share your viws and opinions about the services featured in our top 50 list.

Enjoy Streaming and do let us know of your experiences through the comments here.

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