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How to Access Twitter Desktop View on Mobile?

Smartphones have become quite ubiquitous. We tend to perform almost all of our daily tasks on smartphones. Thus, it should go true for social network sites as well.  Have you tried accessing Twitter on your mobile? If yes, you might have observed that you are getting the mobile version of the social network on your device. How to enable desktop web version of Twitter on mobile devices? Therefore, this post is an attempt to explain the steps involved in understanding how to View Desktop Version of Twitter on Mobile or Tablet. So, go through the steps below to learn more about how to access Twitter desktop view on mobile.

How to open Twitter desktop view in mobile phones?

When you access twitter on your mobile phone by visiting www.twitter.com, the site senses that you are browsing the internet through a mobile phone and sends you the mobile version of the site, viz mobile.twitter.com.

In fact, this is the correct way to access the site for the simple reason that mobile browsers may not be able to handle the complex desktop sites. Even then, some of us would like to access the desktop version of the site. There can be several reasons for this which are beyond the purpose of this post. Whatever be the reason, let us find the ways to access the Twitter desktop view on mobile.

The iOS – How to access full desktop version of Twitter?

The method works only with Google Chrome browser on your phone. The default Safari browser does not have any option to redirect you to the desktop version of Twitter. However, ensure that you have installed Google Chrome on your iOS device. You can easily access Twitter in desktop view on your mobile.

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Follow the steps here below –

  • Visit Twitter from your Chrome browser.
  • You will be redirected to the mobile site as usual.
  • Tap on the Menu or Options. This should be available in the form three vertical dots.
  • Look for the option Request Desktop Site.
  • Tap on the option.
  • Reload the page.

That does it.  Thus, you should now be able to access the desktop version of the social network site. Do let us know how you liked Twitter desktop view on your iOS device.

Android – View Full Desktop Version of Twitter

Now that you know how to access the desktop version of twitter on iOS devices, it should be quite easy to access the same on your Android.

Almost all Android smartphones come with Google Chrome as the default browser. Whichever be the brand or make of your Android device, you should have Chrome installed on your smartphone. The method involved in accessing the desktop version of your Twitter account on your device is entirely similar to the one explained above.

  • Access Twitter on your Chrome browser.
  • As usual, you will be redirected to the mobile version of the site.
  • Access Menu using the same options as indicated while accessing the desktop site on iOS.

Is there any other way to Access Twitter desktop site on smartphones?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can use to access the Twitter desktop version on your mobile phones. However, the steps indicated may or may not work on all devices and browsers. One of them is to enable Twitter desktop version by altering the target path

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You can bookmark the URL for the desktop version of the popular social network site. Accessing this bookmark will let you access Twitter desktop version with ease. Here is how you can do it –

  • Visit https://mobile.twitter.com/settings/change_ui through your browser.
  • You should have access to the desktop version of Twitter on your device.
  • Save this web address of Twitter desktop account as a bookmark.

Why would you want to access Twitter in desktop view?

Good question… When you can access the mobile version of Twitter on your smartphone, why would you need the desktop version?

Twitter does not offer you any of the advanced features that you have come to experience on the desktop version. Twitter has its own reasons for it. The mobile screen and the browsers are not designed to be compatible with the complex nature of the desktop sites. However, this may not hold true for the advanced devices with high RAM and processing power. But, the apps are developed keeping in view both high-end budget devices in view.

The mobile version may be easy to use on a small screen. Moreover, it simplifies the user interface so that you can use it comfortably on your smartphone to post tweets or check your timeline. You have no other way than to work with limited functionality with the mobile version of the social network site.

You would need to use the desktop client for certain tasks. These functions may not be accessible on the mobile site. That would be something every one of us faces when visiting Twitter through smartphones. The Twitter desktop view should be the blessing in disguise.

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In Conclusion

Well, those were a few methods you can use to access the desktop version of the social network with ease. However, please note that the small screen on your smartphone may not suit the desktop version of Twitter. Moreover, you may also face a few compatibility and accessibility issues with the desktop version and your smartphone browser. However, we do not think there will be any major issue with the normal functionality of the service in general. However,  if you are not comfortable using the desktop version on your smartphone screen, you can switch back to the mobile version.

Are you aware of any other option for accessing the desktop version of Twitter on your smartphone? Have you used any of the options we have featured above? Do let us know if we have been of help in addressing the issues you have been facing with respect to the desktop view of Twitter on your mobile. Your feedback means a lot for us. Do share your views and opinions through the comments here below.

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