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Airtel DNS Trick for Free Internet

Even though there are many service providers available for mobile network, one of the most popular and the most widely preferred mobile network in India is Airtel. The main reason why most of the people prefer over Airtel than other service providers is that they are one of the world leaders in the world of mobile phone networking. They are offering a wide range of products in mobile network which is useful for people in a number of aspects. The price that people have to pay for such high quality is quite high and the pricing that is put forward by the Airtel is a way higher than other mobile network operators in India. In the recent days, there are many people falling in the trap some of the bogus network operators and losing more money and still unable to get better services. There are some small tricks now available that will help people to get better services from the leading operator Airtel.

DNS based tricks:

Many people are thinking that Airtel has very robust security set up. This is not at all true in most of the cases as there are number of instances where Airtel had shown up their interface and the DNS that they are using. With the help of such DNS entries, it is now very easy for people to make use of the IP address and tunnel through their links with the help of the secured links like VPN. The advantage of making use of such DNS based tunneling is as follows:

  • There is no necessity to get concerned about the issue of blocking as it will function in the form of tunneling and it will not interfere anywhere in terms of billing or metering
  • As there are no data pack involved in this process, it is quite easy for people to enjoy high speed internet connectivity at 3G speed and get better services at all times
  • The tunnel created will also support high speed torrent connections
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Free 3G internet:

With the help of VPN option, it is very easy to penetrate into the Airtel network and make use of their internet data in a legal manner. For making use of the VPN option, it is a necessity for mobile users to install VPN connection application in their mobile and make use of it for loading the configuration file that is required for running the VPN setup. The advantage of the VPN based setup is that it is very simple and easy for people to connect to internet in a secured manner. As connectivity that is made through the VPN tunnel is extremely safe, there is no necessity for people to fear about any wrong activities. The actions that people perform in the VPN will not be disturbing the network and there is no necessity to fear for any corrective measures being taken by the operator.

UDP based connectivity:

Most of the Airtel UDP ports are now unblocked due to the fact that most of the users are not getting proper services for the past few years. The two main free UDP ports which people can make use to get high speed internet connectivity is port 9201 and 9200. In most of the states where Airtel network is available, these two ports will be in the unlock condition for sure. If there is anything wrong that people find with these ports, then they can make use of the direct VPN based UDP ports. Troid VPN is one of the most popular apps that are available for android phones. They are now available for direct download through Google playstore. With the help of the app, setting up a secured line and connecting with the internet is not a matter of concern. The two main things that are required for making use of this option are as follows:

  • Airtel 3G SIM card that is made to be at 0 rupee balance to leave no trace for Airtel people about what kind of activity that people are involved
  • BBM pack along with a general data plan with extended validity to make sure that people can get high speed connection without any necessity to pay for the connection
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Pay less and get more:

There is a lot of amazing recharge tricks now available through Airtel which people can make use and get more benefits out of the regular recharges that they are doing often. With the help of such tricks, people can boost up their internet pack validity and throttle point to a great extent but it is quite difficult to make use of the tricks for increasing talk time balance. Most of the tricks for increasing talk time balance will result in blocking of that particular number if it is being identified by Airtel people.

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