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80+ Best Free Fonts

Typography plays a vital role in designing; be it logo designing, infographic or web designing. Whatever the project may be, on which the designer is working, one has to make sure to pick the right kind of font to be used. Obviously, it is not mandatory to use a particular type of font in the designing project.

Designers can look for amazing fonts to suit the need of the hour and then play with it giving the desired shape to designing. There is indeed no shortage of fonts options with innumerable designers making their creative juices flow and coming up with the best ones.

With each passing day, new fonts are being rolled out. With more and more options being added to the already existing long queue, it becomes difficult for the designers to make their pick. As more and more options cane leaves the person bewildered.

To come up with the dilemma, work on the filtration strategy. As in pick the ones you like the most and then move aside the ones you don’t want to use, thereby getting the final font style for your designing project.

Fonts is one category on our blog that actually has become the important part. What we do is pick the best free fonts that have been rolled out recently to make sure you get the filtered data.

Take a look at a compilation of the best free fonts of the year 2015. Yes, you heard it correct, it is not the monthly compilation, but the yearly one that is featuring of the best fonts of year 2015. Enjoy checking them out all the best free fonts 2015.

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1. Order Typeface | Free Font

2. Break | Free Typeface

3. Lombok Typeface

4. Debby (Free Font)


5. Cansiparane Free Typeface // 2015


6. Houston | Free Font

7. Cast Iron

8. Hidden Cinema – Free Font

9. Sensei Font

10. Rachel – Free Font


11. Gardenia Script

12. Arciform // Free Typeface

13. BSRU Bansomdej – Free Font

14. Carlson (Free Font)

15. Line Art Font


16. Sea Free Font

17. Arcadia Typeface (Free & Editable)


18. Stellar – 4 Weights – Free Typeface

19. Stoked Free Font


20. Etna – Free Font

21. Paramont (Free Font)


22. Paralines – Free Font

23. Tinov Free Font

24. Zelda Typeface 2.0


25. Quip (Free Font)

26. Atlantico Typeface (Free & Editable)


27. Slim | Free Typeface

28. Goldin // Free Font

29. Menulis


30. Quirko – Free Typeface

31. Camp Typeface (Free)

32. Zefani – Free Typeface

33. WalkOn Free Font

34. One | Free Typeface

35. Gabo // Free Font


36. Devious Typeface


37. Breathe Font


38. Free Font “Cabron”

39. Quest // Free Font

40. Glacial Indifference – Open Source Typeface


41. Arca Majora – Free Typeface


42. Projeto Grafar – Free Font Download

43. Meedori Sans – Free Font


44. Meteor Typeface Free


45. Free Font Firefly 2015

46. Kilauea – Free Typeface


47. Stilu – Open Source Typeface


48. Glanc Free Typeface


49. Reef – Free Round Font

50. Kolikö Free Font


51. September / Free Typeface

52. Fester – Free Typeface

53. Liquide – Free Typeface

54. Tostada Free Font

55. Crox – Free Font

56. Ikaros || Free Typeface

57. Nazare – Free Font

58. Baston : Free Font

59. Rissa Typeface

60. Zebral Typeface | Font

61. Gogoia Typeface

62. Bonie – Free Typeface

63. Bemount Free Font

64. Metal Curve Free Font

65. Astro/ Free Modular Typeface

66. Cansiparane Free Typeface // 2015

67. Polygonal Typeface

68. Butch (Free Marker Typeface)

69. Arte // Free Typeface

70. Turnstyle, A Free Lowercase Font

71. Morracle Font

72. Argon (Free Font)

73. Besom Typeface

74. Aquatico – Free Typeface

75. Bernier // Free Typefamily

76. Beyno // Free Typeface

77. Nektarin | Free Font

78. Cocomat Typeface Family

79. Quito // Free Font

80. Shumi Free Font

That’s a big one and I am sure you all liked showcase of the best free fonts of the year 2015 which is all set to end. More stuff coming your way. Stay connected!

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