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Best 15 Free Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2016

What good is your camera smartphone, if it doesn’t have the proper photo editing applications to spruce up your photos and images? With these free photo editing apps for Android, you can easily spruce up your photos with various features available and get a perfect picture of your by applying filters and effects in these best free photo editing apps for Android. We have made it easy for you by listing out the top 15 best free photo editing apps for Android in 2016. Not to forget that these photo editing camera apps can be used to enhance the pictures taken from your mini drones too

List Of Top Free Photo Editing Apps


This popular photo application for Android being a host of several creative filters and tools, it offers supreme control to users over their capturing and editing of photos.

2. Google Camera

To use this app, no one needs a long learning curve, with the app’s easy to use interface and intuitive controls. Using Google Camera Android wear compatibility, one can easily control the camera remotely using a wearable.

3.VSCO Cam

This social media themed application offers its users a wide range of presets and photo altering tools through which almost anyone can turn can attain perfection in photo editing and attain mastery in creating amazing photos.

4. Little Photo

This application features enormous number of filter and effect options to the users and with every single update of the app the publisher promises to deliver more number of filters and effect options to the application.

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5. Snapseed

Snapseed offers its users the ability to stack effects on an image similar to that of layers in Photoshop. There are a great number of editing tools available that offers the users a huge control on the photos.

6.Autodesk Pixlr

This offers users a seamless editing experience allowing them to focus only on editing of photos and not any clutter that annoys the users.autodesk-pixlr-app

7.Cupslice Photo Editor

In spite of offering a lot number of editing tools such as effects and photo configurations, this app offers an easy and simple to use interface. For this simplicity, it is best for novices who are new in photo editing.cupslice-photo-editor-app

8.Photo Editor by Aviary

This app turns your smartphone into a premier photography studio with a lot number of options for editing your photos. Either big or small editing job, this app has it all in it.photo-editor-by-aviary-app

9.Adobe Lightroom

This app offers a lot number of editing tools and techniques. But it requires a desktop version to be installed on your PC and be connected with it for the complete usage of the application.adobe-lightroom-app

10.Adobe Photoshop Express

This app offers some premium features also in addition to all the basic features of editing photos that come with almost any photo editing application.adobe-photoshop-express-app

11.Bonfire Photo Editor

This app also offers extensive number of features for photo editing and there are some advanced features available as in app purchases.bonfire-photo-editor-app


This app is a great photo editing tool particularly for selfies, with various number of editing tools available. air-brush-app

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13.Fotor Photo Editor

This app is available from a very long time as a photo editing app and it is listed by many as the top photo editing application. fotor-photo-editor-app


This new entrant, just like Fotor focuses more on manual enhancements rather than on filters. This app also has advanced features that are available as in app purchases. photodirector-app

15.Photo Editor Pro

This popular photo editing application has until now more than 50 million downloads, and one million reviews of its good usage till date.photo-editor-pro-app

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