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75+ Best Free Sketch App Plugins

Sketch I am sure you all know is the Mac app that helps in creating the best user-interfaces for mobile apps and websites. With it, one needs not work on Photoshop or Illustrator. Now, the topic doesn’t alone revolves around Sketch but the plugins that Sketch community comes loaded with that users can freely download and use.

From letting users manage their other plugins effectively to enhancing the productivity of the user, providing help to design Sketch for various screen sizes, generate Android assets in the app, give shadows to your artwork, the Sketch plugins listed below claim to help users the best way possible. The smart functionality and ease-of workflow that these free Sketch Plugins come endowed with is simply superb.

The list is huge as it comprises of 75+ best free Sketch App plugins that we have jotted down here all at one place for your ease to check them out and make your pick as per the need of the project. Take a look at all the best Sketch App plugins you’ll love to use in your projects.

1. Sketch Toolbox

A must have Sketch plugin to manage your other plugins effectively. This plugin will help you find the most popular plugins, install them in a single click and update them automatically.

2. Efficiency

This plugin doesn’t help you with a single task, but comes with some of the most efficient tools to make your work productive and easy in Sketch.

3. Sketch Plugin – Marvel

You can send your artworks straight from Sketch app to Marvel App with the help of this plugin. So download this free Sketch app plugin and save your time.

4. Pointgrid

This plugin will help you design in Sketch for any screen size.

5. Sketch Mate

This free Sketch plugin is very lightweight and will help you learn familiar terms of the app. This plugin has got some nice features that will help you improve your work with components like artboards, misc, smart align, smart move, sort and text.

6. Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is a Sketch 3 plugin that is just like Photoshop’s Embedded Smart Objects but a simple one.

7. Easy Share

This plugin will let you share the work you are working on by uploading it to private URL and it deletes automatically after 24 hours.

8. Sketch DevTools

A plugin for SketchApp plugin developers. It consists all the useful tools and utilities for developers to create a Sketch app plugin.

9. Sketch Android Assets

This free Sketch app plugin will help you generate Android assets in the app easily and it works with almost every Sketch app version.

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10. AEIconizer

While the above plugin is for Android OS, this plugin will help you to resize your artwork for creating iOS icon.

11. Icon Stamper

Well, the above plugin will help you to create iOS icon and this will create multiple sizes of iOS icons.

12. Sketch to App Store

Another iOS inspired Sketch plugin that will help you create screenshots of your iPhone app for App Store easily.

13. Sketch Colorful Gradients

Use this Sketch plugin to import colorful gradients as shape files.

14. Material Design Color Palette

Display Material Design color palette in Sketch with the help of this plugin.

15. Sketch SubtlePatterns

Import subtle patters into shape fills with this plugin.

16. CopyShadows

Generate shadows as you desire with the help of this Sketch plugin.

17. Sketch Make Long Shadow

Another plugin that will help you to give shadows to your artwork of a user defined length.

18. iOS Bar Color Calculator

A Sketch plugin that calculates and applies the correct color for you to get actual design color after applying it to a translucent UIToolbar or UINavigationBar.

19. Color Contrast Analyser

You can calculate two selected layers with the help of this plugin and evaluates it against the WCAG2.0.

20. AEflowchart

This plugins will help designers to create flow charts in Sketch easy and fast.

21. Flowmate

Another useful plugin to draw flowcharts and diagrams.

22. SketchyPies

Convert regular circle layers into beautiful pie charts with just few clicks. Neat, isn’t?

23. Radius

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can increase or decrease the radius on rectangle shapes.

24. User Flows

Create walk-throughs from artboards in Sketch with User Flows plugin.

25. Blade

Another free Sketch 3 plugin that will help you to automatically generate HTML.

26. Copy and Paste for Framer

This plugin will let you copy a boilerplate code from a Sketch layer and paste it to FrameJS.

27. Sketch Style Inventory

This plugin will help you to review, import or export styles in Sketch.

28. Artwork Fetcher

With the help of this plugin, you can fetch artworks from Last.fm website by their album or artists name and fill selected shapes in Sketch.

29. Sketch Plugin Scripts

Download this plugin to get to know some useful Mac Sketch app scripts.

30. Sketch Interpolate Paths

Transform one path to another step-wise just the way “interpolate path” does in Adobe Illustrator.

31. Color Copier

Copy both RGB and HEX values of fill or border colors.

32. Random User

This plugin generate random user data that could be applied to your Sketch document.

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33. Consistency

Create and apply shared styles and symbols with use of Consistency Sketch plugin.

34. Sketch Scripts

Another plugin that deals with Sketch scripts. This is actually a list of Sketch scripts created by Marc for his personal use and later convert into a useful Sketch plugin.

35. Sketch Xcode

This plugin will help you assets from Sketch into Xcode automatically.

36. CSS Buddy

Another Sketch 3 plugin that will allow you to use CSS on selected layers.

37. Random Opacity Sketch Plugin

This plugin will change opacity of any selected objects in Sketch.

38. Pull to Center

Move selected layers or shapes towards the center of artboard.

39. Nudg

This is a simple companion app for Sketch to adjust your nudge settings.

40. Set Line Height Plugin

This free plugin will allow you to set the line height of a text layer.

41. Handy Tools

This plugin has an collection of handy tools that will make save designer’s time doing some basic tasks.

42. Typographic Scale

Generate typographic scale from selected text layers.

43. Send to Slack

Share your artwork on Slack groups, channels or users directly with this help of this lightweight plugin.

44. Sketch Dockpreview

Preview your current artwork which you are working on in the Mac dock.

45. HipsterFill

Fill your artwork with dummy text using this Sketch plugin.

46. Typograph

Create beautiful text in Sketch with Typograph.

47. Text Uppercase

Toggle your text layers from lowercase to uppercase with just a single click.

48. Duplicator

This plugin will let you quickly duplicate selected layers into specified direction.

49. Sketch Framer

This plugin will help you to export Sketch app documents into FramerJS to create interactive prototypes.

50. Sketch Notebook

Document your design process or put some comments in the sidebar for your future reference.

51. Sketch Measure

A plugin that will help you to measure size and spacing in your Sketch artwork.

52. SketchingOn

This plugin will help designers to share their work in progress with the team via WorkingOn app.

53. Sketch Divine Proportions Plugins

Generate divine proportions automatically with the help of this plugin.

54. Bluth-Ipsum

Generate dummy text from Arrested Development and could only be used in Sketch 3.

55. Sketch Data Populator

Say goodbye to Lorem Ipsum and download this plugin to populate your documents with meaningful data.

56. RenameIt

A lightweight Sketch plugin that will help you rename layers like a boss.

57. Toggle Layer Visibility

Toggle visibility of selected layers in Sketch document.

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58. Align Text Baseline

This plugin will help you to align your text styles vertically based on its font’s baselines and cap height.

59. Mail Merge

This Sketch plugin will let you merge CSV data with a template.

60. QR Code Plugin

A QR code generator plugin for Sketch app.

61. Sketch Unlinker

Unlink your selected layers from symbols, styles and text styles that you can choose separately.

62. Content Generator Sketch Plugin

Content Generator Sketch plugin is for those who want to create dummy data likes avatars, names, logo or geo location data.

63. Sketch Tiles

Create seamless tiles easy and fast with Sketch Tiles.

64. Select Group Layers

This plugin will help you select all child layers of a group with a key command.

65. Sketch Server

Create a local web server for your Sketch documents with the help of a Sketch Server plugin.

66. Dynamic Button Plugin

This plugin will create dynamic buttons with fixed padding with whatever text you write.

67. Sketch Buttonsmith

A simple sketch plugin to create buttons in few minutes.

68. Dynamic Reposition

Another Sketch 3 plugin that helps you to resize an object easily rather than manually moving all the content to move the margins.

69. CSS Sprite Mixin

This plugin will generate a code of mixin for SCSS, less and stylus in Sketch 3.

70. Sketch Distributor

This plugin distributes selected objects in Sketch either vertically or horizontally with a specified spacing.

71. Swap Styles

Swap styles between two layers in Sketch with the help of Swap Styles plugin.

72. Personas

This plugin will help you generate personas in Sketch easily.

73. Sketch Flex Layout

This plugin allow for CSS flexbox layouts using stylesheets and prototypes.

74. Sketch Rotateline

A plugin to draw precise line rotation in Sketch app.

75. Day Player

Another useful Sketch plugin that will help you to create placeholder images.

76. Sketch Squares

Replace Sketch layers with Instagram photos in just single click.

77. NumGen

This plugin generates numbers like CTR, clicks, costs, impression.

78. Sketch Export Text Styles to CSS

This plugin will help designers to export all text styles as CSS.

79. Random Sizing Plugin

Randomly resize selected elements with the help of this Sketch plugin easily.

This surely has taken some of your time and with the belief that you found it worth spending time checking them out, we will now sum up. Have your say, we would love to hear from you and if you have developed any best free Sketch App plugins, do let us know in the comments section below.

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