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Top 7 Best Free Video Editor Apps in 2022


If you are in the habit of shooting some great memories on your mobile phone or a digital camera, you would need a good video editor so that you can give it a fresh touch of personalization. Maybe you will not need a high-end professional video editor for the purpose. A free video editor with some good features would be a great option. Let us list out a few best free video editor apps that would serve your purpose well enough.

Top 7 Best Free Video Editor Apps you can Trust

Video Editing has not remained a tough task anymore. The high-end technological advancements have brought the concept to everyone’s fingertips. However, the plethora of a huge deal of video editing apps available at your disposal, one is perplexed with the choice. We aim to help you out by listing our Top picks for the best free video editing apps you can use.

Please note that the free video editor apps we have listed here in this article are not exhaustive in nature. We have made an attempt to include a few representative free video editor apps that would make a perfect choice.

#1. Lightworks

You may find the video editor apps meant specifically for specific platforms. However, Lightworks excels with its availability on Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems.

The tool comes with a Pro version for the professionals out there, but if you are looking for a video editor for the personal use, the free version should suffice your needs. Even then, we would warn you that you may need to take a couple of days to master it. Coming from the experts in the video editing arena, it has simply too many good features.

Some of the features that would make it an option to consider would be a host of realistic and handy effects. Some of the other features worthy of mentioning would be the dedicated keyboard for an effortless editing, excellent web export option, and multi cam editing.

Get hold of LightWorks from the Official Site.

#2. Cinelerra

Great features in a simple and easy to use UI, that is precisely how we can describe Cinerella Video Editor. Available only for the Linux users, it can be used even by the novices – thanks to the intuitive functionality.

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The tool offers you four different sections so that you can perform any sort of editing functions with ease – Timeline, Viewer, Resource Window and Compositor. An excellent video editing tool that is avaialble for free, Cinerella works almost on any Linux platform. It does support a good deal of formats including HD.

Some of the key features that would make it a good option for your video editing needs would be support for HD, Lossless editing, and unlimited video and audio tracks. Check out the features of the free video editor and download it from Cinerella Website.

#3. HitFilm Express22

Here is yet another great looking video editor that works just excellent. The tool offers you the basic features for free.

What makes it a great option is the advanced features it provides for free. The tool is highly powerful in everything it does. A couple of features worth mentioning are cutting edge technologies, best in class audio and video filters, and exposure adjustments. The software provides you a few additional features, but you will need to pay a fee for those extra features. However, we would consider there is no need for those extra features if you are looking for a video editor for the day to day functioning.

The app is a little demanding in terms of requirements. You may need to check out the system requirements before you decide to download it. If you are interested, you may visit tgis link.

#4. Avidemux

If your editing requirements are not high end, Avidemux can be your best bet. It offers you a host of basic editing requirements you may have.

Yes, it may not be the best option for the professional videographers. But, it comes with a set of tools for day to day video editing requirements. Some of the features that the tool comes with can be summed up as converting between basic conversion formats, merging two clips, and applying filters and effects.

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You will need to master the tool a little. We are sure if you go through the menu options, you will definitely begin liking Avidemux and its features. One of the thoughtful features that the developers have added to the tool is a full blown tutorial. The tutorial helps you get used to the features and the capability. If you are someone who is just dabbling into the arena of video editing, this would be much helpful for you.

Just visit the official site at this link.

#5. KDenLive

If you are looking for an open source video editing software, your search should end with Kdenlive. The tool is built on the MLT Framework.

The software is available for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X operating systems. The tool has impressive features that would make it a stunning option for all your requirements in video editing. A couple of features that would make it an excellent option for you would be the transition effects, multi tracking editing options, and high definition support.

The tool would support almost all popular video formats that include MP4 and HVAC and others. Kdenlive offers you two video tracks and four audio tracks. This should go a long way in providing an amazing video and audio experience. You can check it out at the KDenLive Link.

#6. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the prime choice if you are on Windows. Maybe it does not offer you the kind of features that you would expect from the professional video editing tools you have been used to. But then, coming from Microsoft – it does pack in a few features that make it a good choice for the best free Video editor app.

One of the features that make it worth attempting is its use of fewer system resources. The simple user interface makes it a good option for your video editing needs if you are a newbie in the field of video editing. You can add a few transitions and effects with ease. You can edit the video to your satisfaction and then save it to your favorite format that is compatible with Windows.

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The video editing tool comes with your Windows Operating system. If you do not have it on your version of your Windows, you can check it out on Microsoft Support Sites.

#7. Shotcut

Here comes yet another free video editor app that looks professional, but available for free. Initially launched for the Linux operating system, the app has slowly diversified itself a Windows application.

One of the features that may disturb you as a user would be a stranger interface. You would be expected to load the video into the tool, choose the video editing mode and then choose the tools you would want to use. That would make it an entirely manual functioning with the application. Compared to the host of other video editing tools we have been used to, Shotcut may appear a little low end. However, once you master it, you will definitely love it.

The free video editing software does come with a steep learning curve and that could be something that would pull users away from it. But, the abilities that the tool is capable of should invariably be a reward for the efforts you put in mastering it. If you are ready to invest your time and energy in the software, it can always be a great option for all your video editing needs.

The Final Thoughts

That would conclude our list of best free video editor apps you can use to the best of your experience in video editing. We have compiled this list by giving preference to the apps across all the genres of the users. This should go a long way in helping almost all strata of the users depending on the expertise they have and the video requirements they may have. If you have used any of these apps for your video editing needs, do share your experience with theses apps. Do you think we have missed any good free video editor app that is worthy to be in the list? You can share your info with us through the comments here below.

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