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Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes

Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes

It is the era of internet and people prefer doing everything online. Nowadays no one really wants to go all the way to a shop to by a dress, one rather bus it online and gets it delivered online. The world and the habits of the people in this world are highly changing with the growth of internet. Especially with smartphones and laptops, this for people is the world. What can a phone or a laptop cannot do. You can fulfill all your purpose from entertainments, shopping, getting information booking tickets, contact people, read stories, etc. just by using your phone and laptop.

There is just so much that a phone or laptop can offer that every person is always stuck to his or her phones and laptops. This change in habits is being called the digitization and we all are a part of it. With digitization more and more business are coming online so that they can keep up to their target audience.

Talking about magazines, many people love reading magazines and still do read magazine, but then why the sale of magazines gone down has. This is because nowadays people highly prefer online magazines which are easier to read, carry, and most importantly it is the trend. And because of this growing transition of the magazine readers, the people who run magazines have to make the most of the online version of their magazine. Be it about sports, celebrities or about politics, people want to read magazine their favorite magazine, but all online.

For a publisher, though it is not very easy to put all information on to the online magazine and compile it well. Putting so much information on one page site may look cluttered and unorganized. But here is when WordPress comes to rescue.

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WordPress has some of the best free WordPress magazine themes which are especially designed for creating efficient magazine website. These themes give you proper functionality and help you save money as well.

Features of a magazine themes.

The free magazine WordPress themes are typically designed to have a space for headlines on the homepage and also you can highlight the most important content or the latest content on it. Using these themes you can provide a solid and practical framework for a magazine website. These magazine themes also provide you with features and options that are required in building an effective website for posting various and numerous stories. Below are the list of some of the best WordPress magazine themes which are built with clean code and have some of the best features to make up a online magazine website, and the best part is that it is free for use.


Fashionistas is a responsive theme so basically it makes it readers to conveniently read the magazine from any of their devices, be it laptop or mobile phones. The theme is simple yet stylish with black and white components and there is plenty of room between all the modules on the home screen. The theme has a favicon upload. There are color and font options with which you can customize your website. You also need not worry about social media linking, as the theme comes with several social media buttons for building your followings.

[wpi_designer_button text=’DEMO’ link=’https://wp-themes.com/fashionistas’ target=’_blank’][wpi_designer_button text=’DOWNLOAD’ link=’https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/fashionistas.1.7.zip’ target=’_blank’]

CW Magazine-

CW Magazine is one of the other best magazine WordPress themes which is free and has some of the best features to make up a magazine website. The theme has stylish social media buttons that can be moved around your home page, easy to situate navigation menu, you can play around with a slider to include descriptions and images from the magazine, the theme is responsive, offers stylish blog post previews options, custom review options available, etc. there is no ending to what an awesome magazine website you can create using this theme. It is best suited for travel, adventures, sports, fashion and other hobby websites.

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[wpi_designer_button text=’DEMO’ link=’https://wp-themes.com/cw-magazine’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow”][wpi_designer_button text=’DOWNLOAD’ link=’https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/cw-magazine.1.1.8.zip’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow”]

Dynamic News Lite-

Another good and responsive free theme for magazine offered by WordPress is Dynamic News Lite which offers strong colors and featured content slider. The design of the theme is good and has colored social media icons, a search bar and properly organized modules for showing of stories. You can also generate your own submission form to receive stories from the frontend.

[wpi_designer_button text=’DEMO’ link=’https://wp-themes.com/dynamic-news-lite’ target=’self’ rel=”nofollow”][wpi_designer_button text=’DOWNLOAD’ link=’https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/dynamic-news-lite.1.3.4.zip’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow”]



Hueman again is a responsive magazine theme which provides high resolution images and layouts which is perfect for a magazine interface. The theme has unique toggle sidebars so that one can easily browse the page from their tabs and phones. There are ample numbers of customization options available like widget areas, 10 post formats, colors, etc. you also have the option of featuring some stories at the top of the site to show its importance.
Like the above there are many other free magazine themes available on WordPress using which you can create your perfect and coolest magazine website and create a huge number of followers.

[wpi_designer_button text=’DEMO’ link=’https://wp-themes.com/hueman’ target=’_blank’][wpi_designer_button text=’DOWNLOAD’ link=’https://downloads.wordpress.org/theme/hueman.1.5.7.zip’ target=’_blank’]

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