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Lock Screen Apps


The lock screen on your Android smartphone is not just a lock screen. It is a part of your device ecosystem. There are many options on it that let you make use of the features of your phone straightaway.

If you are not satisfied with the default lock screen on your device, you can check out the app stores for a variety of lock screen apps. Here is an attempt at analyzing the best lock screen replacement apps. The apps featured in this list here will add more functionality to your device apart from giving a personal touch to your Android device.

Smartphone is one of the most necessary things that we can’t live without. We all use our Smart phones but we also want privacy for our personal contact, images, videos and documents. We use screen lock for this to be safe from unwanted people to use our phone. Using the same screen lock can make you bore so if you are using the default screen locking app, it is the time, when you should change it. There are many screen locking apps that can give you better theme and option of personalization with your choice and mood. Some of them are here-

List Of Best Cool Lock Screen Apps


1. CM Locker


CM Locker is NOT a part of the Cyanogenmod or Cyanogen OS. The Slide To Unlock option looks similar to iOS.

The CM Locker can be used with PIN or Pattern locking feature. And then – there is a great feature that sets it apart from the competitors. It restricts the unauthorised access to your phone. It will take a photograph of the person trying to access your phone information. This feature is labelled as Intruder Selfie. The lock screen is quite versatile. You can use it to check out the recent notifications, weather forecast or control on your music playback.

CM Locker comes with a huge list user friendly shortcuts. It has a battery saver that saves up to 30 percent of your battery juice and a phone booster.

2. Next Lock Screen


Next Lock Screen is an attempt by Microsoft at trying out to complement the Android ecosystem. Yes, it is a Microsoft offering and has been developed as part of Microsoft’s strategy of going cross OS and cross platform.

The design is quite simple and beautiful. The lock screen app can calculate and analyse the apps you are likely to use based on your location ( whether you are at home, work or travelling) and then presents the much needed apps in an elegant style. However, you can disable this feature if you are not happy with it. But yes, it provides you with a neat presentation of notifications, messages, and other key features of your phone functionality.

The lock screen app lets you call your contacts or reply to messages right from your lock screen. The app is free. It does support fingerprint sensor on supported devices.

3. Hi Locker


Hi Locker is Cyanogen Mod like lock screen app. It a simple, yet performance oriented lockscreen apps available on Android.

It offers you three different styles of using lock screen – Classic, Default Android and iOS. Just like Cyanogen Mod OS and custom ROM, the Hi Locker offers you a high degree of customisation. You can customise it to show customised greetings, fonts and many more optimisations.

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Overall, if you want a basic and straightforward lock screen that does not eat up much of your resources, Hi Locker is an excellent choice.



If the minimal design is what you want, then you need not go any further than AcDisplay. It comes with a lot of new age features.

The lock screen app comes with quite smaller icons. The AcDisplay also makes use of your device sensors to identify whether your phone is in your pocket or your hands. It switches your phone on, or off accordingly.

The AcDisplay has an Active mode detects when you pick the phone up, and also a blacklist app that can be used to specify the apps that you would not wish to send notifications to the lock screen. It has a dark interface which would make it a battery saver in its own right. The lock screen app comes with robust background settings and custom settings for notifications. You can set the low priority notifications not to be shown on your lock screen.

AcDisplay is a good lock screen app. It is one of the completely reliable app that promises a stable performance. It is indeed a great app to try.

5. Alarm Anti Theft



As the name itself should indicate, Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is a combination of a security app and a lockscreen app. Once you configure it and leave your phone unattended, an unauthorised wrong attempt to unlock it will bring up a huge alarm that leaves the trespassers shocked.

Actually speaking, the app works more efficiently as a security app rather than as a lock screen app.Though the app is available for free on Play Store, you will need to pay a little extra cost in the form of in-app purchases. The app interface is a bit old school and as such may not appeal to those of us who want our lock screens to be more contemporary and stylish. Even then, it can be a good option if you want to have a secure lock screen app which serves a dual purpose.

6. ZUI Locker


This locker is available for android users and you can choose millions of theme on its online store. IT will really make your screen beautiful. It has the excellent customer rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. You can experience more security and efficiency. Its HD wallpapers have the functions of being automatically updated. Without any doubt, it will make your screen beautiful like silk.

7. Start Lock


Start lock screen is very useful if you want all kind of themes on your startup screen. It not only protects your private data but also feels you like keeping a new phone with you. For using this, you can draw gesture to unlock your phone. In case you forgot the password, you should enter recovery password which you have already created before.

8. Echo Notification Lock Screen Apps


It is one of the fastest and coolest locking app available on play store. You can get all the notifications at your home screen even being locked. This app is being used in more than 50 countries that bring all useful notifications on your lock screen so that you could aware about the processes running in your Smartphone.

9. Locker Master


It is one of the fastest and coolest locking app available on play store. You can get all the notifications at your home screen even being locked. This app is being used in more than 50 countries that bring all useful notifications on your lock screen so that you could aware about the processes running in your Smartphone.

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10. Iphone Lock


If you are not using Iphone, don’t worry. Get the feeling of Iphone in your android Smartphone. Get all the accesses in your Smartphone and make your android like an Iphone. You just have to set password or pass code including the iphone 7 theme in it. You can even access some useful functions at the same time as WiFi and flash light and so more.

11. LokLok


It allows you to draw, leave a note on your lock screen for your loved ones to show them when they check their locked screen. It has a fast access program and it also takes less storage of your Smartphone memory. The best feature in this phone is the group customization. You can even share a group theme in it as whenever you would make changes in the theme; all the people who would have been connected to you, will automatically change their phone’s theme.

12. Next News


It has built in app launcher that allows to access your app easily. You can read news on your lock screen by installing it in your Smartphone. It helps you to be protected from others or unwanted access. You can protect your phone with a pattern of PIN lock to safe your valuable or private data. You can even easily contact or call your friends on lock screen. Controlling music player on lock screen is also easy in this app.

13. Slide Lock Locker


Just slides your home screen and unlocks your phone, as simple as that to access menu. It is very simple and easy to replace your android locker. You can even use this locker when the battery is low than the normal position. It also notifies time as well as location. Actionable notification is also shown on the top of the screen when you use this app on your Smartphone. It is as easy as you just have to swipe right side and your phone unlocks within seconds.

14. Semper Lock Screen


customize your phone as you wanted to make it. It helps to access your apps instantly and use their services on the go. It adds something in your apps so that you could see all of them in different shades. For each app, you can select a different icon. You can also tap on that particular icon to start or access the app. it gives you a puzzle that have to be solved by you and after giving the right input, you are allowed to enter in the unctions of that app.

15. C Locker Pro


It is one of the best locking apps on play store. Although it is a paid app, but you would really enjoy while using this. Now you can unlock your phone with patters too. This app is available in two versions. The first is paid app and the pro version is paid worth Rs. 170 INR. You can get some special features in this paid app such as accessing notification from lock screen, lolipop and classical notification style.

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16. Dynamic Notifications

dynamic-notificationsGet all your notification on your lock screen on the go without unlocking your phone. It allows you to access all your notifications even your phone is locked. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t light when your phone is in your pocket, purse or any congested place. It may cause the unwanted accidents. You can change the appearance of the apps according to you. You can even edit the swipe actions.

17. Go Locker Lock

Simplify your phone to access your favourite apps instantly and open your lock screen. The best thing about this launcher is that it provides a built in RAM cleaner that boost all your apps to run faster. There are many shortcuts available for system switches available that helps you to switch between the apps instantly.

18.Sparky Lock

Sparky lock screen is better if you want new themes everyday in your phone. It doesn’t support phone screen lock or any type of security lock in your phone so if you want to protect your phone, don’t expect from this app to perform this action. After downloading this app you don’t have to download any other app in your phone. It only create best lock screen theme which will really catch your eyes.

19.Cover Lock Screen

Put your apps at the right place so that you could use them at the right time. You can access right apps at the right time placing them on the right place. You can quickly pick an app since you lock the screen. You can just among many apps as fast as you can think about it. This app is exclusively available for android and it is also absolutely free for all users.

20.DIY Locker

World’s first app allows you to lock your Smartphone screen with your favourite photo. The update of this app has come with 19 new themes that can be downloaded after you download this app first. You can optimize language in this app and choose the most suitable language among hundreds of. You can also optimize logic of password.

21. Joy Locker

change your interface in your Smartphone and give it a new look. It has high quality visual graphics seeing them you would love your Smartphone as you were getting bored. It is very simple and easy to use that anyone can use this. There are many setting option for enabling or disabling options available on settings such as air-plane mode, flashlight and many other things.

The concluding thoughts

That would conclude our list of top picks for the best lock screen apps for your Android device. We have made an attempt at listing out a wide variety of apps across different categories of lock screen apps. We would not claim that the list is exhaustive. This can be a representative list of the best apps across slightly differing functionality. Do you think we have missed any of the apps that are worthy of being on this list? Share your opinions with us so that we can update our details. Have you used any of the apps featured on the list? If yes, we would love to have your opinions about them.

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