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20 Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2015

Photoshop is one tool that can be best called designer’s best friend for the fact that it helps them give exposure to their creative skills and create designs that are simply magnetizing. Designers around the globe are making optimum use of this well known tool and its amazing features to come up with superb designs. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to be to use this tool the right way to get the desired results. One needs to be well versed with its cool features, tips and tricks knowing which steps to be followed to get the results one in focusing on.

Here, the best Photoshop tutorials play a vital role as in designers jot down the entire procedure following which will help attain the expected results. These tutorials are genuinely helpful for the fact that these are easy to understand and work upon. Today, we have compiled the list of some of the well written explanatory best Photoshop tutorials that we believe will prove quite useful in making you learn more about Photoshop and with your creative bent of mind will help you come up with superb designs.

1. 15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro

Spotted at CompanyFolders.com, this tutorial is written by Vladimir Gendelman that explains some tips to use the Crop tool as a pro that will bring new energy and into your photos.

2. How to Create Organic Textures for the Scarecrow in Adobe Photoshop

Rowena Aitken explains how to change a simple guy to “If I had only a brain” guy by texturing his body, adding padding to the scarecrow and creating Yellow Brick Road.

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3. How To Create an Animated Neon Sign Effect

This tutorial from Chris Spooner will help you learn how to create an animated neon sign for a Pizza shop using Illustrator vector tools to create the neon sign and then Photoshop for animation.

4. How to Create a Cinematic Snowy Mountain Crash Site Scene in Photoshop

Do you love trekking in the snowy mountains and if you do, we are sure you must have seen many landslides and avalanches while you are on the trek. How about creating one scene using stock photos, lightning and extraction methods.

5. Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Old-school Photoshop Artwork

This tutorial by Neil Duerden will help you create an old-school Photoshop artwork using some old techniques and Multiply’s blending mode.

6. Photo Manipulation Using Watercolor Brushes and Rock Pattern in Photoshop

An awesome Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial published on PSDVault.com that will help show you all the steps to create a portrait using watercolor brushes and rock pattern.

7. Create Bone Claw Typography in Photoshop

Another tutorial from PSDVault.com that is totally unique. This tutorial will help you create a bone claw typography effect in Photoshop and perfect for those who are learning Photoshop from quite a time.

8. Create this Surreal and Medieval Style of a Battlefield in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn some photo manipulation techniques to create a surreal and medieval style battlefield in a few easy steps.

9. [Low Poly Effect] Create a Geometric Portrait in Photoshop

Creating a low poly art is a favorite task of designers these days and that is the reason, here’s one low poly geometric portrait created in Photoshop by Melody Nieves. Have a look and learn to create one for yourself.

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10. How to Create a Catwoman Poster in Photoshop

Spotted at PhotoshopTutorials.ws, this tutorial is inspired by the superhero and will help you create an awesome Catwoman poster in Photoshop.

11. How to Create a Yellow Brick Road Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Another tutorial in this article that is inspired by Yellow Brick Road. This Photoshop tutorial written by Rose, will help you to transform any text into Yellow Brick Road form in few steps.

12. Create a Photo Manipulation of the Emerald City of Oz With Adobe Photoshop

An awesome Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial that you can learn with the help of expert tutorial written by Jenny Le. This tutorial will help you create a beautiful Emerald city of Oz inspired scene using color and lighting, texture, drawing and painting technique.

13. How to Create a Sci-Fi Outer Space Scene With Adobe Photoshop

Another photo manipulation tutorial from Jenny Le that will help you create a sci-fi outer space scene from scratch in Photoshop that feature planets, spaceships and nebulae.

14. Create a Tools Text Effect in Photoshop

This is another cool Photoshop text effect tutorial that will help you learn to create a tools text effect using basic tools and techniques.

15. Create a Dynamic Liquid Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Spotted at PhotoshopStar.com, this Photoshop tutorial will help you create a dynamic liquid text effect easily.

16. The Making of “Space Station”

This detailed tutorial is written by Dmitriy Ten at 3DTotal.com that will help you to create a space station.

17. Create a Fantasy Angel Scene in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will help you learn to create a fantasy angel scene combining various stock images, using adjustment layers, masking and blending techniques.

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18. Learn How to Create Some Flat Social Media Icons Using the Free Font Awesome Font in Photoshop

We are sure that all designers know how useful is Awesome Font that are free to use, this tutorial will use the same free fonts to create a beautiful looking flat social media icons that you can use in your websites or mobiles.

19. Create a Hot Air Balloon Scene From The Wizard of Oz in Adobe Photoshop

By Kirk Nelson, this Photoshop tutorial posted at Design.TutsPlus.com will help you learn to create a hot air balloon scene from the Wizard of Oz.

20. How to Create Your Own Light Ray Brushes From Scratch in Adobe Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial from Jarka Hrncarkova will help you create your own light ray, Photoshop brushes that you can use in your future projects too.

As you can make out from the title, this is a monthly compilation which is the first one on our website, we plan to come up with more similar articles (as in monthly compilation) for you all to check out and get help in learning the various features of Photoshop. Stay tuned in and you will find many other best Photoshop tutorials on ThePixelBeard.

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