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Best Photoshop Watercolor Tutorials – An Exhaustive list

Photoshop comes with a Photoshop Watercolor Plugin that helps you achieve greater design. However, a photoshop plugin alone may not solve your issues. You will need additional Photoshop Watercolor Tutorials to help you create awesome watercolor paintings using your existing photos. We have listed out our top picks for the best photoshop watercolor tutorials.

Top 10 Photoshop Watercolor Tutorials – An Extensive List

Most of the Photoshop Watercolor Tutorials indicated in this list make use of watercolor brushes or inks. We have listed out the simplest and useful photoshop watercolor tutorials for the benefit of our readers. We are sure you should be able to make use of these tutorials to arrive at some amazing watercolor effects.

#1. Create Cool Watercolor Effects In Photoshop By Fabio

The tutorial has been one of the lucidly explained ones. You can use one of your existing images to create this amazing image.

It involves using a girl’s photo and then taking her hair out. Once you remove the hair, you will need to recreate her hair using different watercolor brushes. This can be a perfect way to use watercolor brushes to create great fashion statements.

If you are interested, you can check it out at EnvatoTuts+. The Brazillian designer has been involved in a good deal of tutorials.

#2. Watercolor Text Effect In Photoshop

This is a tutorial that should help you create a watercolor stain text in Photoshop. It makes use of blending techniques.

You can make use of sketches, pencil drawing and watercolors to create amazing stain and text effects. Watercolor texture, Drip and stain shapes, Watercolor Background and Watercolor stain font are some of the effects you can use with this tutorial. Just install the font and customize it with your own chosen text.

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Get it from PSD Dude website if you are interested.

#3. Add a beautiful watercolor effect to your photos

The tutorial helps you create an awesome watercolor portrait from one of your existing photographs. Created by Marty Geller, you can check it out on Photoshop RoadMap.

What makes it one of the good options is that it does not use the predefined photoshop brushes. Thus you can be assured of live effects instead of the predefined effects that you may be getting with default touches.

#4. Create Convincing Watercolor Effects Using Photoshop By Tim

The tutorial makes use of layer blending technology. In fact, it combines layer blending and watercolor brushes. The tutorial involves easier steps in creating the effects. However, the effects and the end results are just great.

You can check it out on Photoshop Lady.

#5. Watercolor Photo Effect

The tutorial creates watercolor effects for the photos you have on your device. Actually, the trick works best with your portraits.

The tutorial presents a step by step guide to making it easier to let you understand the techniques involved. The soft glow effects introduce cleaner and smoother skin effects. These techniques can be used to create Valentine cards and greetings cards and personalize them with the photographs edited with watercolored effects.

Sounds interesting? Check it out on the official site

#6. Artistic Watercolor Wallpaper With Photoshop And Illustrator

This tutorial will be helpful in learning a few tricks in Photoshop. you will use a combination of photoshop and illustrator in creating an artistic wallpaper.

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The tutorial should take around half an hour for completion and gives you a fair idea in extracting layers, using vector images in Photoshop and effects in illustrator. The tutorial lets you learn the basic photoshop skills along with providing insights into the creation of absorbing illustrations.

You can follow the tutorial at this link.

#7. Design Vintage Artwork With Old Newspaper And Watercolor Brush

The tutorial lets you learn how to mix different watercolour brushes and combine them with old newspaper. This, in fact, gives a vintage look to your creation.

It Involves using a regular photograph and adding watercolor brushes along with textures and newspaper images. You can download the base file from http://shop.psdvault.com/photoshop-psd-file-design-magical-fire-energy-text-effect-in-photoshop/. You can use the brush and eraser techniques to create a new look for the newspaper images.

You may check the tutorial out at PSD Vault.

#8. Charming Collage With a Hand Drawn Effect

If you are looking to create a collage effect on your Photoshop creation, you would better check out this tutorial. The technique involved in the creation of this awesome image consists of photo manipulation, blending, and compositional techniques.

The tutorial can go a long way in letting you learn a few photoshop techniques with ease. Extracting your backgrounds, adding layers of different effects and improving the depth and detail are some of the aspects that you would be getting hold of if you follow the tutorial in an effective manner. The tutorial lets you learn hand drawing effects as well.

#9. Watercolor Text

The tutorial is aimed at letting you understand the options of creating text images and paintings with watercolor brushes in photoshop. This tutorial, in fact, comes under the typography genre.

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It is yet another idea that helps you create the vintage effects in your creations. It uses the watercolor styled brushes for bringing up your images to life. These techniques can be used for backgrounds as well. If you think you need to give it a try, we would guide you to PSHero site for further information.

#10. Free Watercolor Painting Effect Photoshop Action

There are several action generator tutorials available over the web. These let you create watercolor effects in Photoshop. The techniques work on any type of photos. You should be able to apply the effects on any of the backgrounds with ease.

The tutorial is available as part of the free download. You need to login to your account and download the tutorial in the zip format. The downloaded package contains PAT, ATN and ABR files, which once installed inside your Photoshop application should be available for your preferred actions.

Just check it out at PS Dude site.

In Conclusion

Photoshop watercolor tutorials would be helpful in letting you create graphic designs par excellence. They should also help you achieve a few specific artistic needs you may have. Most of these tutorials are free and should help you learn new techniques as well.

Learning and creating go hand in hand in an artistic world and Photoshop watercolor tutorials are the best way to achieve these dual purposes. Check them out and let us know of your experiences with them.

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