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Top 10 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies & TV Series Free

Top 10 Best Putlocker Alternatives

The growing use of smartphones and the internet has made it extremely easy and simple to opt for video streaming for most of your entertainment purposes. Over 90 percent of the users make use of our smartphones for getting access to the streaming content. And when it comes to the best free streaming services, Putlocker is a name that has acquired huge popularity.

However, streaming services are affected by copyright laws and violation issues quite often. That would perhaps explain why Putlocker is not available for certain reasons as one of the best streaming websites for movies. The service was banned by major UK ISPs after a court order rendered them illegal. That is precisely why we are looking for the best Putlocker Alternatives.

What is Putlocker?

Well, as you would have guessed it right, Putlocker is an online streaming service that lets you watch a host of movies and TV shows. What makes it a great choice is the fact that it is completely free and does not need you to incur any subscription fees or rentals for watching your shows.

The service comes with a huge library and hosts plenty of videos, movies and TV shows. This includes the latest releases of the movies and the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. In fact, Putlocker Movies has been a clear leader in its space and has been around for decades. However, of late, they have been facing a few legal battles wherein they tend to go offline at times.

What makes Putlocker so popular?

We must have made it clear at the beginning itself. It is a free platform for watching your favorite shows and movies. The service does not only host the classic and vintage shows on its platform but also offers you plenty of shows that have just been released.

The availability of the shows and movies without any restrictions with respect to the geographical boundaries would make it another huge option. That in itself would explain why it is frequently attacked by the original titleholders and copyright violation issues.

What are the safe ways to watch movies safely and anonymously?

The reason why Putlocker has been taken down should tell it all. It should be noticed that the movie streaming services – especially the free ones – are illegal and come with the piracy issues. If you do not want to be on the wrong side of the law, the best option would be to avoid watching them without any precautions.

The best and safest option to watch a streaming content would be to use a VPN service. A good VPN service can be an excellent option for ensuring that you are watching your shows completely anonymously. A VPN connection creates a tunnel connection between you and the content on the internet to safeguard your privacy.

Some movie streaming services may come up with unwanted advertisements which may be dangerous for your PC or any other device. Make sure you are clicking the right alerts and notifications and nothing more than what is needed.

Is Putlocker Legal?

That would be a million-dollar question. Is it illegal or not would be dependent on the copyright laws prevalent in your region. Putlocker is a site that hosts and links to the copyrighted content. That in itself would make it a difficult choice to make. As long as the service that hosts the shows or any content does not have the distribution rights for the same, it is bound to be inundated with the violation report for copyrights.

In case the ISP identifies that you are using the illegal or pirated content on your device, you may be liable for the action as per the copyright protection act. This can involve both financial and legal liabilities.

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Is it safe to use Putlocker Free Movies?

Once again, that would be a question that can be answered only contextually. While the site and the streaming service in itself do not pose any harm to your hardware, the legal constraints can be something you may need to pay close attention to.

However, you can opt for safety precautions to make your movie watching through Putlocker a risk-free option. Using VPNs to ensure that you are watching the Putlocker movies and TV shows, anonymously can be an excellent option. Having a look at the copyright violation rules in your region can also be something that can offer you positive results.

Putlocker has been falling prey to the legal battles from time to time. That would make it obvious to find itself affected by the security crackdowns every now and then. Several ISPs have shut down the access to Putlocker, and thus if you have been a die-hard Putlocker fan and looking for the right options to watch your favorite movies, the best Putlocker alternatives in this list should ideally be more helpful.

1. Los Movies

source: pinterest

The best part of Los Movies is that it has an ever-growing content library. Hosting more than 2000 movies and TV shows, the streaming service, and a Putlocker movie alternative has the best in class search and filter options. You can even check for the content that is currently trending. The subtitle support is yet another amazing feature that would let you watch your shows even when you do not know the language.

The only issue that would find with the Los Movies is the really heavy dose of pop-ups. Searching for your favorite shows can take some time and maybe you would need to get used to it. An alternative would bee install a good pop up blocker.

2. Solar Movie

source: pinterest

The Solar Movie is yet another exciting option and should be one of the best Putlocker alternatives. In fact, the popular streaming service has gained huge popularity in just under the shortest time span. This, in itself, should prove the efficiency of the streaming service.

While Solar Movie features the top-notch movies, it also comes with an easy to use and simpler interface. The filter options are aplenty and let you watch the movies and TV shows that are trending. You can also choose the movies that have a better IMDB rating or even choose them by the year of release or the cast. You do not need to register for the service for watching your favorite movies, but doing so can help you create playlists. If you do not find a movie of your choice, you can place a request as well.

3. Popcornflix


Popcornflix has been considered to be an excellent alternative to Putlocker and been one of the popular movie streaming services. Most of the movies available on Popcornflix are old and classic. However, that should not necessarily mean that the service does not host new or latest movies either. You can watch the movies based on your personal choice with the help of relevant search options and filters.

You can be assured of high-quality content on the site. You can also find the best options to download your favourite movies and TV shows. The download option should be what would make it a great choice for almost every one of your movies interests. The service hosts movies in multiple genres and a few representative genres include Action, Adventures, Comedy, Animated, and Horror. The high-quality movies both for streaming and downloading can be a couple of features that make Popcornflix a force to reckon with.

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4. Primewire

Movies services like Putlocker come with a host of difficulties because of their inherent nature, and Primewire is not different either. The site has been going down for long before being revived. One of the negative points we found with the site is its lackluster interface. That apart, the site hosts plenty of amazing content. You should be able to find all your favorite shows, and that includes the indie content as well.

The best part of the Prime wire movies streaming service is that it lets you watch your shows in three major video quality options. You can choose the one that works well with your internet speed. This can be helpful enough in achieving the best viewing experience without buffering.

5. Rainierland

This is yet another excellent option for the best in terms of the right Putlocker alternatives. Of course, we would not terms it as the cleanest movies and video streaming services as such from the interface and design point of view. But, if you look at the content, you would find that it is one of the best that you can ever get. The details that accompany the titles available on the website would make it a great choice. Get access to a perfect synopsis with the site so that you can make a call before opting for the right movie.

The trailers of the movies available on the service can be a great option for your movie streaming experience. In case you are a cinephile, you would find the content available on the site quite interesting enough. The Cinema section on the site is set to offer you a wide range of choices for the best movies ever.

6. 123Movies

123Movies is what we have grown up seeing for long. In fact, the site has become synonymous with movie streaming and wonderful movie experience. It comes with the best movies and TV shows that have enthralled us for quite long. The best-looking user interface is one of the best options you would find impressive. One of the perfect options we loved with the streaming service is the availability of Asian dramas and other shows.

Do note that the service does not host any of the movies on its own site. It just acts as a search engine for your favorite movies and shows. That would perhaps make it somewhat legal. 123Movies also comes with the extensive choice of cartoons, animations and a host of other genres you may not find on other streaming services.

7. Megashare

Megashare is a huge name in the movie streaming genre. In fact, the service has gained a name for itself and is treated to be one of the convenient options for watching your favorite shows and movies. The simple and straightforward streaming options make it a hot favorite among the cinephiles. The user-friendly interface is yet another huge plus point that would make it extremely powerful and popular in itself.

The huge customer base enjoyed by the streaming service in itself should stand as proof of the exciting options offered by Megashare. The extensive library offered by the platform can be one of the reasons we would recommend it for your movie streaming needs. The availability of the subtitles is yet another huge factor we loved with the service. That would assist you to watch any of your favorite shows even when you do not know the language. The service offers you access to multiple video quality options so that you can have access to a complete movie viewing experience without any sort of buffering.

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8. Fmovies

This is yet another excellent option for the best in terms of the best movie streaming experience. It doubles up as one of the exciting choices for the best Putlocker alternatives. The service has a host of services and options to let you search for your favorite movies and TV shows right away. The ease of filtering your favorite movies and TV shows should make it a great choice.

The movie streaming service lets you browse through a huge collection of movies and TV shows at the bottom of the site. The easy filtering and sorting options include trending shows, IMDB ratings and access to your account. Of course, you can watch your shows without the need for registering, but the registration would provide you access to better features and functionality. Of course, you have a few ads that may ruin your viewing experience.

9. Crackle

Well, this could be one of the best legal options you would find as an alternative to the Putlocker movies. In fact, it is one of the best free movie streaming services in the legal genre. It can be accessed both as an online portal or as a smartphone app. In fact, it can even be installed on Smart TVs or streaming sticks for enhanced performance.

There is no need to create an account on the service either. Of course, creating an account can help you create playlists or have your own favorites list, but the functionality of the service otherwise will not be affected if you d not want to register. Crackle offers a host of options you have been enjoying on the Putlockers site so far. Some prominent options would include high definition videos with full-screen options.

10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

If you are focused on the web series, the Pluto TV should be the right choice you would want to opt for. You can find shows like the ones coming from TV celebrities. Some good examples can be Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brian, and Will Ferrell to name just a few. The site is also known for free music streaming services as well.

The service is completely free and also offers you access to a host of sports broadcasts as well. And yes, like almost every other streaming service featured in this compilation, you would not need to register an account for using the services. That would make it a completely legal Putlocker alternative for your TV shows and web series. You will also get access to full HD and 4K shows as well on the service.

Before we take your leave…

Those were a few exciting choices for the best ever experience in terms of movie streaming. In fact, a shutdown Putlocker service has left a huge void for most of the movie lovers. The best alternatives offered here maybe a few good options and work in an excellent manner to support your movie streaming experience.

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