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10 Best Sass Mixin Libraries for Designers

Mixin Libraries for Sass? What are these and how exactly these help designers? If these questions are hovering in your mind, then you have hit the right place. We will try to help you with the topic in as simpler manner as possible. Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets widely known as SASS make it easier for designers as they have to write less CSS code and manipulate dynamically.

I remember talking on SASS previously too. It was the list of 10 Useful Websites to Learn Sass which I am sure helped you a great deal for the fact that the listed websites regularly update the useful easy to understand content on a regular basis. All you need to do is simply follow the websites and make the maximum out of the one you are religiously following.

If you have used SASS in your development workflow then you might be well acquainted with mixins, but if you are new to it, then I must tell you that mixin library in SASS helps prevent repetition while writing CSS.

Mixin comprises of CSS declarations that you can reuse throughout your website. There is no dearth of best Sass mixin libraries that are created by developers. From adapting across multiple browsers to creating buttons, animations and transition effects, there are some really useful Sass mixin libraries that are actually must haves. Take a look at some of the best Sass mixin libraries that we have hand-picked for you all.

1. Buttons

CSS Buttons are a library that helps you build buttons beautifully. Using this you get predefined button styles as in Flat, Glow, Rounded, 3D, Border, Pill, Circle, and dropdown.

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2. Type Settings

Type Settings is a Sass and Stylus toolkit for setting type. This sets the font-size in modular scale using them instead of rems or pixels, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines.

3. Scut

Scut is a library that comprises of reusable Sass mixins, placeholders, functions, and variables to help you easily implement common style-code patterns.

4. Sassmatic

Sassmatic is a photo filter library that using Sass and Compass gives your images 14 filter effects, including lomo, cooling, warming, sepia, and others. Sounds cool, huh!

5. Saffron

This is a collection of Sass mixins and helpers that make adding CSS3 animations and transitions easy. All you got to do simply includes a mixin in your Sass declaration, set any configuration using variables and mixin parameters.

6. Breakpoint Sass

Brakpoint Sass is a library that makes writing media queries in Sass super simple.

7. Sass Line

Sass Line is a Sass mixin that helps you make better typography by using rems unit on your font to let you work it in proportionally from the baseline grid.

8. Bourbon

Bourbon is the animation mixin supports comma separated lists of values that enables different transitions for individual properties that can be described in a single style rule.

9. CssOwl

Cssowl is a mixin library with support for LESS, SASS/SCSS and Stylus. Depending on your demands and skills, there are three download options available for you all to explore and work with.

10. Sass CSS3 Mixins

Sass CSS3 Mixins library provides mixins to work across different browsers. To work with best-practice mixins like background, border, box, column, font-face, transform, transition and animation helps you a great deal in styling. Simply import the css3-mixins.scss and call the mixin in CSS class.

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If you have been using any Sass mixin library other than those listed above, do let us know and also let us know about your experience working with it.

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