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8 Best Web Design Trends you should Follow in Year 2016

Here at ThePixelPedia we lay our focus on the designing and development part but then that doesn’t mean our discussion have to be specific. At times, if you have noticed, the topic goes around from specific to general or vice-versa. Trends be it in the clothing, or whatever product/service you talk about keep changing. the best Imagine if somebody hadn’t thought of changing. Similar is the case with web designing.

Web design trends come and go. Though some of them show their presence for a bit longer time as those are accepted and much appreciated proving to be user-friendly yet changes keep taking place to cut down the monotony. There are certain trends that one needs to follow to keep pace with hat the target audience is expecting and would love. It is always a wise idea to think from the audience perspective to deliver results either in the form of product or services.

Today, we plan to talk in detail about the predictions of best web design trends of year 2016. Some of the ongoing trends might prevail while many will add on. Anxious to know about the best web design trends of 2016 that would be there in the upcoming year? Read on as we will be listing them down here in our article of the day.

1. Responsive design

This is one web design trend that seems to have won the hearts of all. With the boom in the mobile industry and people making their shift from being bound to laptops and desktops are making use of the smart phones to access the websites for their different need of content or services. For this very reason, the responsive design has become one important element of web designing and the trend will continue for quite a longer time.

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2. Long Scrolling

With the website owners wanting to show up their products and services on one page without the target consumer having to open up the pages, the way we scroll is changing and there will be more changes in it. As in we will be scrolling more in the coming years as website designs are so made to lure the consumers. This is being done by breaking the scroll in a notable manner.

3. Use of Bold Colors

If you all might have noticed, the websites and applications are using the bold colors to grab the attention of the user. In the upcoming year, there will be lots more variation in brand colors as in saturated and vibrant colors.

4. Static Design

We are already witnessing the changes in the slider part of the designing. It is anticipated that we will be seeing more static and less moving parts in designing as users want quick and digestible content that is directly without distraction.

5. No More Large Background Images

Now a days most of the website owners are doing the same thing that is using the large header background images. You open up any website and you will get to see the large header background images often with text on top. This trend seems to be dying the slow death and ill not be followed in the coming days for the fact that everyone is trying to offer their users something different and not following the race is the best way out to do so.

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6. Storytelling

Undoubtedly storytelling and being interactive is one major plus point in delivering the content. The year 2016 will definitely be swinging a change in designing part so that the user gets the content in the interactive and storytelling form.

7. Card Design

We all know about the renowned website Pinterest that has caught the eye of all. Card design is one trend that designers are getting attracted towards as it doesn’t only look great, but it’s functional too. Its specific structure is perfect thereby leaving an impression on the users persuading them to perform actions like sharing, liking and more.

8. Simplicity

Simplicity is one mantra that always works. Designers seem to have made up their mind to remove the non essential elements from their design offering simplicity, making the designs as simple as they can be. It is correctly said that the web design is only complete when the non-essential elements are removed. In the year 2015, we witnessed many such designs and the trend will definitely follow in the upcoming year.

To wrap up, the year 2016 is anticipated to be a very promising year so far for web design. The website owners are already working on the trends that are proving to be successful in making the user happy with the performance and ease of access. Successful sites are trending.

In the recent past, we have seen flat design, card layout, and clean, simple, symmetrical sites progressing for the fact that these elements or trend be precise are working in favor. The above listed best web design trends of 2016 will definitely be bringing in the much anticipated change in the way we consume the web.

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