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Camera Apps For Free


We all love clicking pictures, and ever since the selfie fever is on every occasion witnesses n number of selfie. But isn’t it boring to click pictures from the normal camera always and then edit it to the shade you wanted? What if I say there are few free applications which not only give you different filters to try but also give you quality picture as well.

Yes there are many camera applications that one can download for free from the Google play store and click n number of pictures that allow different filters, edits and text at the time of clicking the picture.

1. Google Camera


In case if you are using a nexus phone then this application is pre installed in your phone, but if you are looking for this application on an android phone then you have to download it from the play store itself.
Though this camera is giving you basic features of clicking pictures, it also includes shooting videos, panoramas and also fake camera blur. One can even create photo spheres using this application. With a simple swipe you can switch the photo into video mode. It even includes a slow motion video which makes the users experience even more interesting. Google camera has a high dynamic range with a low light (HDR). This all makes the application worth a try and gives value to your picture quality and user experience.

2. Camera MX


Camera MX is another best application if you are looking for free camera apps. The USP of the application has the interesting unique called shoot the past mode, with this mode you can easily rewind and go back to the moment where you shot to see any other better capture then the actual image.
People love the interface of this application as it gives flexible experience to the user. There are three options of the resolution and one can choose the one they want. Camera MX even has a flash fixed and fun mirror fixes. With this application the user can also easily convert the moving photo into a GIF. Making the live shots interesting with vibrant moving photos is the thing that must intrigue you to surely download the application.

3. Camera 360

Well the name of the application itself suggests the quality of the camera that it gives you 360 degree flexible experience. It gives you n number of effects to the pictures you are going to click. The intuitive interface can give you access to all the features of the app. With camera 360 you can even add light blur to the picture while clicking the picture.
Adding frames to the picture is also allowed by the application. After clicking and editing the picture here on the app with just a single tap you can post on Facebook.
With n number of features this app has a flexible interface as well, so camera 360 is the best option currently available on the Google Play store.

4. Bestme Selfie Camera


Best me selfie camera is one of the best alternative of the normal camera on your smart phones. This offers you more than 100 filters on your phone, this will be giving you a variety of options that you can switch while clicking a picture.
Other than filters one can simply click the same picture into three different sizes from the normal size to the Instagram ratio and square.
It even allows the users to have best tags which are unique for their Instagram post, and with just one single share option on this application you can post the pictures directly on your facebook profile and Instagram with the similar tags.
Best me selfie camera has n number of features which you can use and go through after downloading the application from the Google play store.

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5. Candy Camera


Now not only you can edit the pictures by adding different filters but can also edit the look of yours, this application allows you to add long hairs, eye lashes and other make up things to your pictures beautifying your look this has many other features as well.
Candy camera has a beauty mode for perfect selfie pictures and also unlimited video with filters.

Not only this has the application also guided the users for the profile photos he/she must choose for their social media handles. So you get expert reviews instantly. It has a convenient interface and other features of the candy camera are like stickers, frames and light effects and even skin correcting filter.
So right from editing the picture to giving you a amazing look this application is worth a try as it is free of cost as well.

6. Card Board Camera


The Google card board camera allows different things, it has unique features to offer than the other applications. It has VR capabilities which give a better experience to the user. This app works like a manometer.
The cardboard camera of the Google captures the pictures which have 360 degree, 3D attributes and depth as well as sound. The pictures of this application look very live and beautiful. To take a VR picture one has to move the camera very slow and steadily to your right and this should be done until you reach a 360 degree mode. The USP is the VR feature of this app and gives an outstanding experience to the user.

7. Cymera

With about 200 million users, one can trust and download cymera, it is the best for natural glow and looks. The camera gives a very natural touch instead of the artificial touch of the filters. It has range of offers that one can choose from and n number of features that you can customize your picture, some of these features are not generally offered for free by the camera applications by cymera offers it.
It gives a professional touch to every picture clicked by using this applicaton.


8. Dubble


Have you tried dubble? If not then you should definitely give it a shot! Dubble is one of the best camera applications available on the Google Playstore. It allows you to share photos with the whole world; you can not only edit it but also share them with everyone in a single tap.

The application has some really good filters and effects which allows you to give vintage look to your phone. One can even set their profile picture on the application so this works like a social media handle.

9. Frametastic App


An application that is the best to click pictures, one can best switch this camera with the normal camera. You can easily combine n number of pictures in just one artistic photo.
One can even take multiple angels shots; this is can help you to shot different events in a very professional way.
Each photo in the collage might be very small, so do not try to overload the collage with different images, one can even make a live college as and when they click pictures using this application, framestatic is one of its kind application and one must definitely give it a shot.

10. Camera FX


Camera FX, this will make you feel that the other applications are just too basic. It allows you to add filters and edit the photo right when you are shooting the picture. One can even experience time lapse photography with the camera FX.
People who love goofy pictures this is just the best alternative, as you can turn the camera shutter into animation in absolutely no time. It even gives some premium features but the user has to pay for it.
This application gives professional touch to all your photographs which are clicked from here and this application is worth a try as its normal version is free.

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11. Go Camera

One camera application which allows you to click pictures like a professional as it is flexible like a remote control, so one can switch and adjust the audio and the video everything while shooting the picture and video. One can even create short clips from the videos already recorded in the application and with one single tap you can share the picture to all the social media handles like facebook, Instagram and twitter. And with this one can even access their videos and picture in the cloud storage and view them easily.
With n number of features it has to offer the Go camera will be like a one shop stop for all the camera application users.

12. Line Camera

In case you are not using line camera then after reading this you will surely do! Line camera allows you to edit your pictures with different stickers and filters giving a funny touch to your pictures. It has about 100 filters so one gets a large list of option to choose which one suits them the best.
It has about 156 paint brushes so one can give away finishing touch to their pictures and make them look creative. And one can even easily share it with just one single tap to their social media handles.

13. Magic Hour Lite


This application allows you to get access to various different filters at once; one can take photos, edit the old photos and also add different combinations of filters to get the picture work done completely.
This application is already used by many as it offers many different professional features for free. One can even make their own filter with this application, so magic hour lite is one of the best applications that give complete flexibility to their users and value to their pictures.

14. Open Camera


Just like the camera name suggest, it is like flexible and open camera application which has many features like focus mode and scene modes and color effects. It even allows one to balance white and other face detection features.
One can record a higher resolution video using this camera application and it is absolutely free of cost. The USP of this application is the HDR mode of it. It even has an auto repeat mode for you to rewind the moment of capture and it works like a remote control camera app, this app is a must try for all the photography lovers.

15. Paper Camera


Having a real time animation and creative effect this is one of the best camera apps in the list. It gives a real time cartoon and painting effect to the photographs clicked from this app. Move the phone around with this camera and see the world change and get styled in the cartoon effect. This is the best app for kids to amuse them with the effects.
Paper camera enables you to see the world in a new stylish and a captivating effect with proper lens. This application has some really cool features to offer and is worth a try.

16. Photo Editor By Aviary

A very complementing application which allows you to click pictures and edit them with n number of filters. For a quick edit and a safe edit one can any-day choose this photo editor application?
It is very famous and already has millions of users; the application is user friendly and supports different edits and texts for one to make their picture look very creative. This application is free and is surely giving value.

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17. Photo Wonder


This is the best application one can use for free to create beauty and style in just one picture. With over 200 million users this application is blooming with its users in over 218 countries. The application has also won an award in the top 5 photo editing applications and camera application on the Google Play store. It is a very user friendly application with n number of filters and other features, this application is surely worth try because of its high ranking and demand.

18. Pixlr O Matic


A very powerful tool which provides one to turn their normal photos into the vintage looks and the easy lighting and adjusting the pictures is very beneficial for the users. One can apply different filters in the pictures using the application. The USP of this application is the retro touch and user friendly features of it. It is not only flexible but its features are quite tempting for one to try these out.



With the largest variety of features and filters, this application is surely the best camera apps one will ever try. This application is the best for girls because of the features and the editing and stickers it has. Just as the names suggest giving a cute touch to your photos this application is the best. Without about a million download already they are really serving the purpose of camera applications.

20. Sktchy Camera


if you are looking for having some dramatic features and arts to your photos then sktchy is the best application to do so. This is the app for the artists who connect people to art and the quality of the picture via this is just marvellous. And with just one single tap you can easily share the photos on the social media handle. It is the best app to display your art in photography and many people even post their pictures and it is liked by all the other users of the application.

21. Photo Sphere Camera


A camera which gives a 360 degree experience to the users and has very unique features is the photo sphere camera. It is one of the best panorama photo camera. This has many filters as well and one can add different stickers using this application. Giving a good clarity and quality of the photo, this application is the best in delivery and worth a try.

22. Tada Camera


Having million of users round the globe this application is already doing great in the market. It not only offers n number of features to the users to give a better experience but also help them to deliver better and clear quality of the image, this is the best application one can have, the USP of this application is the focus point of the camera which is delivering the best user experience round the globe.

23. Vintage Deco Camera App

As the name suggest this application gives the best vintage touch to the photo. Providing variety of features to its customers this applications is serving everyone’s purpose who doesn’t want to use basic camera. The USP of this application is the voice feature, when the voice is added to the picture and this makes the application worth a try as it is even free to use.

So these are the best camera applications one can download for free on their smartphones.

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