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30 Creative 2016 Calendar Designs for Inspiration

The Christmas & New Year eve time of the year when none of us is left untouched with the excitement and fun. We have talked about Christmas, but then don’t want to miss of the new year.

So guys, are you all set to bid farewell to the year 2015 and welcome the new year? I am sure you all are pretty excited for the celebrations as the Holiday Season is upon us and festivities are in full swing. Coming to the point, if you are a designer who is working on 2016 Calendar design project than this one got to be the article worth checking out.

For today, we decided to come up with the best 2016 calendar designs that are not just creatively crafted but provide the perfect visual treat. The creative 2016 calendar designs pinned here promise to serve as a dose of inspiration for all those who are working the similar kind of project or are yet to start and seeking inspiration.

Each of the creative calendar designs pinned here are simply awesome and is sure to leave you all stunned. Take a look!

1. Anàptar 2016

One of the most unique 2016 calendar design we have seen while researching for the article. Anaptar is not only a calendar, but it is informative that could be a source of discoveries. It provides information such as visualizing data of the Sun and the Moon in same movement as they does in the sky.

2. Things with Faces Postcard Calendar 2016

Philip sees faces : name of the calendar project and you can relate to the name as soon as you see the calendar.

3. 2016 Letterpress Calendar – The Creative Manifesto

Start your new year with this awesome 2016 calendar designs in which every month there is words of wisdom of Mr. Cup. It is printed on 700GMS french paper that looks classy.

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4. Artist’s Almanac 2016

Another Letterpress inspired calendar design from South African artists. Each artist had depicted one month with their illustrations in this calendar.

5. MMXVI Calendar

Get yourself a shiny and stylish calendar for 2016 in which illustrations were handmade then scanned and colored with Photoshop.

6. Moon 2016

Designed by Oxana Buckaeva, this calendar design is inspired by moon phases that will help you to check your moods in advance.

7. Souvenirs Сalendar 2016

Travelling is integral part of your life. If you are not going anywhere, start travel now. This calendar will surely inspire you to travel more and collect souvenirs from every country you travelled.

8. Calendar 2016 (Travel and Adventure)

Another travel inspired 2016 calendar design in which Stanimira Petrova uses her illustrations to inspire others to travel and do some adventures.

9. Wanderlust 2016

It seems like 2016 is the year of travel. So, here’s one more travel inspired 2016 calendar design that will surely inspire you to travel this year by lovely travelling quotes and illustrations.

10. Some Other New Year

An artistic calendar that feature exceptional artworks by twenty four artists from Croatia and Serbia.

11. 2016 Paper Art Calendar by DOTMOT

Two designers, a lot of hours and enough of brainstorming has been put and came up with this brilliant 2016 calendar design also called as 2016 Paper Art Calendar.

12. 2016 Wall Calendar

Designed by Brenda Figueroa, this calendar is based on surreal animal transport media.

13. Nap in your Garden

Purchase this new year calendar if you are a nature lover or miss the forest because of your busy life.

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14. / Kotalendarz 2016 / Catlendar 2016 /

Strictly for cat lovers! This calendar features cute cat illustrations by Agnieszka Sierzputowska.

15. Jun Sasaki Desk Calendar 2016

This minimal 2016 desk calendar is designed by Jun Sasaki and it is inspired by animal and human.

16. 2016 Dental Calendar

Dentist’s job is boring, but not their calendars. Check out the below creative 2016 calendar designed by Sunga Park, which will be featuring 13 Watercolor illustrations using animals, trees, fairy tales and much more.

17. Calendar for and with Refugees

A calendar project that gives 25% of each sale to refugees. Designed by six artists who escaped their country and six german artists.

18. Bureau Oberhaeuser Calendar 2016

This one is a beautiful calendar design that you can hang on the wall and comes in three color variations to go with your interior design colors. Available in English and German language, each ring in the calendar represents one month of the year and Federal holidays are highlighted with an icon in black and white color.

19. Multicalendar 2016

Designed by Pawel Pilat, this is not just a simple calendar. It will give you information about interesting events that will occur in 2016 and shows you seasons, position of moon phases of the Northern Hemisphere, Gregorian calendar, etc.

20. Weekly Rolling Basis Calendar

A conceptual calendar that is designed in such a way that will help you to focus on next seven days.

21. Typography Calendar

A typography oriented 2016 calendar in which each month is written in different languages.

22. Perspe / 2016 / Calendar

How about showing awesome photographs on your calendar for 2016. Gustav Willeit did the same in the below calendar featuring his clicked pictures in a minimal way.

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23. Calendar 2016

Beautiful illustrations by Clara Sáez on each month’s page makes this calendar one of the most beautifully designed calendar of 2016.

24. Calendar 2016

Another calendar featuring cute illustrations that teach you to make a peaceful world.

25. Der zittrige Kalender 2016

Beautiful cute illustrations have been used to design this calendar that you would love to hang on your wall.

26. 2016

Design by Nithin Kumblekar, this calendar design is inspired by cute cartoon characters that are lively and filled with bright colors.

27. Calendar 2016

A beautiful calendar that features a different artist’s illustration on each month’s page. This illustration is from Riikka Laakso from Germany and you can buy this calendar too.

28. Color Swatch Calendar 2016

Here’s the third edition of the International Color Swatch Calendar that comes with 371 CMYK colors and a box collecting all the color stripes. A perfect gift for those who are color lovers and need inspiration from colors everyday.

29. Upstruct Calendar 2016

An illustrated screen printing calendar that you can order if you buy right now because only 55 copies will be printed.

30. Rat Rods & Rust Buckets 2016 Calendar

Designed by Adam R. McCausland, this is personal calendar project, but you can always take an inspiration.

Which of the above pinned creative 2016 calendar designs would you want to go for or has inspired you to a great extent? Do share your viewpoint with us.

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