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15 Creative Mobile Weather Apps UI for Inspiration

Mobile phones that we have in our hands are no more just meant to answer/make calls or messages. Smartphones has not just make the things easy, but also provided many cool features. Mobile companies are working hard to come up with the smartphones with unique features to persuade the target audience to make it their pick.

Whatever features you have in your smartphones are not one day’s or person’s work instead is the result of hard work and time invested by lot many people. From the very conception of idea to final implementation, each feature you enjoy the ease undergoes various steps to get the final results. Designers and developers are making collaborative efforts to come up with what the mobile companies are desiring to offer to their consumers.

Now, take an example of weather forecasts, do you any more wait for the news on television or open up the newspaper to know what’s the temperature? Why one has to do this all when there is an option of opening up the mobile weather applications right at that moment and know the temperature and other weather conditions.

This all we have said from the users’ end, but then behind the scene are designers who are juggling hard to come up with creative mobile weather apps that are easy to access and interact with. From a designers’ perspective, at one point or the other they want to get their dose of inspiration and this article will provide that dose. We came up with some of the latest creative mobile weather app UI for inspiration that will keep you inspired.

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So without wasting too much of time, check out 15 creative mobile weather app UI that will help you create one of yours. Check them out!

1. Illustration Weather App

Designed by Petra Sitaru, this is concept weather app that has an amazing UI and illustrations of famous landmarks has been used to depict the city weather.

2. Weather | App Concept

Designed by Anthony Garcia, this beautiful weather app is for those who love colors. A colorful weather app that provided all the weather related information you need.

3. Card Design based Weather App

Designed by Arpita Gogoi, this weather app is a concept based on card design with flat treatment. Card design like Pinterest is trending these days and we have talked about it in our best web design trends article that you’ll see in year 2016.

4. Pixel Weather App

Designed by Marta Wrzodak, this app is innovative in the sense that it is inspired by pixels that making cute and colorful at the same time.

5. Weather App

A beautiful minimal weather app designed by Gabriel Nazoa that will change the way you look at weather apps. You will love it and surely get inspired to create something unique and creative.

6. Mapple* Weather App Refine

Maple weather app designed by Jimmy Zhang is inspired by super minimal design in which different tones of the bar represents different temperatures. You have the option to see hourly or weekly weather details about any location.

7. Weether – Tiny Weather App

Designed by Anthony Guillaud, this is a clean weather app for Android OS that will also recommend users to find activities based on location and weather information.

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8. Glimpse – Social Weather App

Not only beautiful, Glimpse is a weather app with an innovative idea that lets users to get all information about weather through user generated content.

9. HolidayWeather | Redesign App

A fast and detailed weather app that can help you plan your day, week or even the next hour.

10. Weather App

This beautiful weather app is designed by Bradley Bussolini that not only keep you updated about weather informations but also notifies you about popular places to visit, Instagram photos of the location and much more.

11. UI_Weather App

An awesome concept of weather app designed by Meng Niu which is based on handwritten style fonts and illustrations.

12. Weather App Prototype

Designed by Jose Sime, this is an international weather app in which you can choose any location in the world and you can see the live weather information.

13. Weathr App Concept Design

A minimal, flat and clean mobile weather app designed by Alexander Traykov. Weathr app is divided into two sections in which you have to pull up the top section to get detailed preview of the lower screen and pull up further to get more information about the upper section.

14. Mobile App for Weather

A flat design inspired mobile weather app that is using flat colors with shadows.

15. Yahoo Weather App

When it comes to beautiful mobile weather app, Yahoo is not far behind too. Yahoo Weather app is beautiful that shows the right weather information with beautiful city photos in the background. You can swipe upwards to know more weather details while swiping towards right will help you change the cities.

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UI is what the user interacts with and on the basis of this besides the ease of access is what bring in the positive reviews. So, it has to be best in terms of visual appeal, smart features, simple, easy to understand and interact with. With the hope that these above listed creative mobile weather app UI will definitely solve the purpose, thereby leaving you all inspired, we are all set to wind up for the day. Share your reviews with us.

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