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Dewalt 13 Planer Review

Dewalt 13 planer is a tool that has been of service to many people with workshops or to carpenters. This tool has three knives and is a two speed thickness planer. A 15 ampere motor provides power to it which enables it to manage large cuts in wider materials. The three knives have cutter heads with 10,000 rpm. For optimal performance it has options of 96 or 179 CPI feed speed. It is a stationary type of planer.


It has many magnificent features than gives a smooth output and there is no need to sand the material. Its motor has 20,000 rpm that handle the larger cuts in wider materials. To change the feed speed from 79 to 179 CPI or vice versa, for the desired cuts, a two speed gearbox is available for the users. To chip off and exhaust out the cutter heads a fan assisted chip ejection vacuum is provided. The tool is 19 – 3/4” cast aluminum base is better than a 10” base as it is more rigid almost twice.

Another user friendly feature is that it has Automatic carriage lock reduces any unwanted movement that causes snipe and does not need any manual efforts by the user. For providing accurate cuts with every pass material removal gauge and extra large thickness scale are installed in the tool. It also has extra large turret depth stop that allows you to return to most frequently used thickness very easily.Its specifications include 15.0 AMPS, depth capacity of 6 inch maximum depth cut of 1/8 inch and weighs about 92 LBS.

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The tool has got majority of positive response.

Positive points include easy setup, very smooth output even on #1 setting, it has a very good chip ejection, not very loud, is quite powerful and all these compliments have been given by users. Once the users used this tool they did not look for other options. Users have used cedar, oak, birch, maple, black walnut, mahogany and many others and faced no difficulty. The blades can be easily reversed and you do not need any expert for that and is very easily instructed in the manual. Users have expressed how easy it is to repair if some malfunction is faced.

This tool also faces criticism from some of its user. Firstly some have complained about its weight as it is heavy. Some have stated that although it is easy to use but does not provide good output on short pieces of woods. Also another reviewer has mentioned that the bladekeeper bolts tend to seize and that can create problem. Also another problem faced was that the user faced snipe at every pass. Removing the infeed and outfeed is also of no use.

So the response this tool has got is fairly mixed. The positive aspects are better than the negative aspects which is why the tool has many satisfied customer. If you are looking for easily operated and smooth output then this tool is for you.

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