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Fresh Tools of the Week [12th December – 18th December]

Now a days, everything is going online. Have any thoughts that keep running in your mind, you can write them down on the blogs, have any question/query? There are innumerable ways you get the solution to your problems; be it in the form of website, applications, software and likewise.

The best part of being the part of the technologically advanced era is there is no dearth of options made available. Tools, apps and websites that claim to help designers and developers in getting the best results to provide best experience to the users of today. With each passing day, we come across such resourceful stuff.

The real struggle lies in finding the right kind of latest tools and apps to solve the particular issue or do a task without any fuss and in less time. What we do here is that we look for the right kind of tools, websites and apps for our designer and developer friends and pin them down at one place.

One thing that is promises is that each one is unique and functionally smart thereby making your task easier and speedier. Have a look at the tools and apps we have listed down here for you all.

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1. Lifetime Certified Training in Adobe Software from Train Simple

Lifetime Certified Training in Adobe Software from Train Simple for mere $79. Yes, you heard that correct. Here is the Mighty Deal from Train Simple with which you can get unlimited access to over 7,000 professional video tutorials covering Adobe’s popular software from Photoshop to Illustrator to InDesign and everything updated for CC 2015!

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If you grab the deal you’ll get access to course files for each lesson and the ability to watch the high-quality videos anywhere with the help of spiffy mobile apps. Top-notch instructors, thousands of lessons,and a wide range of topics. All this for $79 that too for lifetime. Isn’t that cool? I personally suggest you all to grab the opportunity before it is gone. Its indeed a deal worth going for!

2. CSS Flip Book

CSS Flip Book is a tool that lets you add a virtual flip book to any webpage without javascript. All you got to do is simply resize your browser to see the result.

3. Folio For Mac

As the name hints this is a tool that works for Mac. Folio lets you create and share versions of your designs and automatically keep them in sync with your team

4. Vectr

Vectr is a free design app for web and desktop. It helps in making website,app,poster,logo,business card,t-shirt,brochure,icons.

5. What The Color

This is the wonderful tool for designers to make optimum use of while deciding the color use.

6. Sierra

This is the smallest and lightest SCSS library that was formerly known as penguin library. It lets you create and share versions of your designs and automaticallly keep them in sync with your team.

7. Joint SWP

JointsWP is a blank WordPress theme that is built with Foundation 6 giving all the power and flexibility to the user to build complex, mobile friendly websites without having to start from scratch. T

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8. Matreshka.Js

Matreshka is a framework for massive and endlessly extending single page applications written in JavaScript. It lets users to build their program architecture to help you get rid of confusion.

9. Sketch Palettes

This is a plugin that helps save and load colors into the color picker.

10. Blissfuljs

Bliss is for all those of you who want to use Vanilla JS but find native APIs a bit unwieldy.

11. Visual Collaboration Software

Organize your content and ideas, ensure all perspectives are considered, keep everyone on the same page, visualize your content, ideas and decisions with this simple and easy-to-use Software namely Visual Collaboration.


12. Taucharts

Taucharts is a flexible javascript charting library for data exploration.

Have any such tool, app or website to add to the list or wish to suggest? Let us know. We would be adding the same in our upcoming lists of fresh tools and apps of the week. Stay tuned!

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