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Fresh Tools of the Week [16th January – 22nd January]

Tools, apps and websites that can well be categorized as the useful resources are helping designers and developers a great deal in handling various kind of jobs. These resources are no less in number and each one claims to provide best help ensuring to ease the task thereby asking designers and developers to put in less efforts and utilize the time in other productive task.

What we do here at ThePixelBeard is that we select the best of the rest resourceful tools, apps and websites and make the list of the same on weekly basis. Its Friday and we are here once again with the list of best resources that are being rolled out recently.

Want to know what all kind of resources we have in store for you all? Well, scroll down and check them out. Also, share the tools created by you or your friends by dropping your comments in the section provided below.

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1. Responsive Email Designer App from CoffeeCup Software

Companies now a days are creating responsive emails that are responsive. With more than 50% of emails initially being opened and read on smartphones and tablets, it becomes vital for users to focus on solid responsive desig. Here is something that will not jut sound appealing but will magnetize you to greater extent. Craft creative, custom responsive email with CoffeeCup Software’s Responsive Email Designer (RED). It is a code-free app that is simple to use with its drag-n-drop interface.

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The responsive email Designer App from CoffeeCup software can be yours for lesser amount. Here is a deal worth grabbing. You get the software at the 51% off on it price tag. Isn’t it the the deal worth going for.

2. Unique Gradient Generator

Unique Gradient Generator is a tool that helps users in generating beautiful blurry background images that can be used in any project. What it does is that it takes a stock image, extracts a very small area and scales it up to 100%.

3. Java Programming

Java is the most widely used programming language in the world today. It helps users over 10 million active users and billions of devices to shape the modern world.

4. Devices

This is a one stop destination for images and sketch files of popular devices that designers can make optimum use of in the projects.

5. Gridlex

Based on Flexbox, Gridlex is a an extremely simple CSS grid system that helps in quickly creating modern layouts and sub-modules.

6. Milligram

It is a minimalist CSS framework that provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point.

7. Makers

Makers is a new podcast and interview series by Crew which provides users an inside look at the unexpected life moments that have had an impact on today’s most influential and experimental makers.

8. Appolo

Appolo is a set of plugins and themes for creating static portfolio website that help app developers in showcasing their work.

9. Odoo

Build websites within minutes with the cool new mobile, open source and SEO-friendly tool namely Odoo.

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10. Colofilter.css

Its a nice tool that users can download easily. The colorful filters use CSS blend modes and are this DuoTone technique helps users in playing around with some blend-modes properties to get some cool visual results.

That’s all for this week. Along with the tools we have this super cool deal that we found worth sharing here with you all. Let us know what you think of these.

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