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Fresh Tools of the Week [23rd January – 29th January]

So, its Friday again and I am sure you all are here with the expectation to see what all kinds of useful resources we have in store for you all for this week. Excited to check them out? We won’t leave you all disappointed as we have some really cool functionally smart tools, apps and websites that claim to be of great use for you all in your various kinds of projects.

How about sneaking a peek at what all tools we have to share with you all. Created with the aim to help you all, these tools and app are surely going to prove to be a blessing if you have got stuck anyway in between your various kinds of endeavors or you somehow seek help to get the job done easily.

Take a look at the tools, apps and websites we have to present before you all.

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1. Lifetime Access to SitePoint Premium only for $44

Here is a chance for all you programmers out there to get the lifetime membership to SitePoint Premium, that promises to provide you all with the education you could ever want! With this deal you will get lifetime access to one of the best resource libraries that is created for web developers, designers and programmers. Through thousands of books, videos, tutorials and screencasts, you can learn to master topics from HTML to PHP to Design & UX.

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Isn’t the deal magnetizing? So, what’s the wait for go for it and grab the deal now!


2. Layzr.js

Layzr.js is a small, fast, and a modern library for lazy loading images. It is still small, fast, and purely vanilla JavaScript that is easy to use.


3. CREOLabs

Creo is a modern design tool for Mac users. It combines design and development to help build native mobile apps with unprecedented power and ease of use.


4. Hookbin

With this tool, namely Hookbin, users can easily capture and inspect HTTP requests. It is a free service that lets users collect, parse and view HTTP requests. With it, unique endpoints can be created to inspect headers, body, query strings, uploaded files and much more.


5. Timelined

Timelines is an easily customizable CSS-only vertical timeline that works fully work without the need of compiling anything.


6. Website Grader

This is a tool that helps you get all the details about your website, its performance and how increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads will help improve increase the revenue.

7. Philter

Philter is a JS plugin that gives users the power to control CSS filters with HTML attributes.


8. Picnic CSS

Lightweight and beautiful library that lets you unpack your meal and do the coding easily.


9. SVG Nest

SVG Nest is the open source vector nesting that is created by Jack Qia.


10. ScrollReveal

ScrollReveal is a plugin that helps in easy scrolling animations for web and mobile browsers.


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11. CSSFilters

CSSFilters is a tool to custom and Instagram like photo filters for CSS.


We have more useful resources coming your way. Stay connected and also feel free to share the tools, applications and websites that you find really worth trying out.

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