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Futsal becoming popular in India

“Yes, it’s true!! Can’t wait for a new start in India!” tweeted by the Portuguese legend Figo. The FIFA WORLD player Luis Figo will be arriving in India to seek for business opportunities and launching his football academy in India.

According to sources Figo will arrive first in Mumbai and end up his three day trip in Chennai. Figo is convinced by the football spirit of India and said that India can be an exact venue to kick-start his football academy.

Football has been the craziest excitement of India over years, but it was never considered as a professional sport to be played. But the trend is being changed with the fast development of football to play professionally by urban youth.

What is Futsal?

With the growth of football there is an arrival of a new trend popular as Futsal. It is a miniature version of football and is a tradition of Uruguay and Brazil. It later spread all over the world. It is an indoor sport and a five side game. India it is supported by the active efforts of SAI and Futsal Federation of India.

Technical ability testing and improvisation is the main objective of the sport.

SAI also supports the school level Futsal tournament to improve the talent, stamina and skills of the children, to turn them into willing players in junior as well as in senior level.

Smaller pitch Futsal called half football is a prime concept to enhance the stamina and skills of the players. It is ideal for practice.

Futsal constitutes of two teams with five members, each one of each five is a goalkeeper of the respective teams. Substitutions are permissible without any limit.

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Futsal is such a sport which can be played in a small space. Therefore, to enhance and nurture the spirit of football lack of space is not a trouble.

It is proven by a team in Chennai who made a Futsal ground on the rooftop of their building on Lakshmi Street on New Avadi Road. Prahlad Meyyappan a member of the group introduces the other members who include Ayush Asera, Mahesh Mani and Kishen Rangarajan. All of them are in their early twenties with a young spirit.

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