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How to Save WebP Images as JPG and PNG Easily Enough!

WebP is a proprietary image format used in most blogs and websites. The image format is developed and managed b Google itself and that should invariably make it one of the excellent options and a better competitor to JPG or PNG in terms of quality and usability. However, there are scenarios where you would want to save the images in WebP into JPG and PNG.

Why do you need to save WebP images as JPG and PNG?

The WebP format has been developed by Google and has been around for close to a decade. Despite that, you would find that the image format is not supported on most of the image tools and platforms. That should be one of the reasons why you should go with the option to change the WebP images into JPG or PNG.

In any case, you would find that the WebP images can definitely prove to be one of the exciting options for displaying the images in a not so resource hungry scenario. When you compare it to the JPG or PNG, you will find the image size is just around two-thirds of the size. This assists you in saving your bandwidth or resources.

Best ways to save WebP images as JPG and PNG?

Well, having understood the importance and essence of WebP images and why you should save it as PNG or JPG, now let us explore a few options that can help you save WebP images as JPG and PNG.

1. Edit your image URL

The option to save your image by editing the image URL has been one of the simplest and easier option to help you save WebP images as JPG or PNG. The simple URL tweak that you can work with has the following steps –

  • Right-click on the WebP image and select Copy Image address. WebP- images
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  • Paste the image in a new tab and remove the last three characters in the URL
  • Press ENTER and the image will be load in your browser as JPG or PNG format.
  • Right-click on the image and click on Save Image As.. 

That does it and you have saved the WebP image as PNG and JPG.

2. Use Microsoft Paint to save WebP image into JPG

You can simply download the WebP image and use the MS Paint app to open it. Microsoft Paint does support the WebP images and you should face no issues in opening them with the application.

Once it has opened, follow the steps here below –

Web -P images


  • Simply download the WebP Image.
  • Right-click on it and pick the Open With option and then pick Paint
  • Choose the format from the list of the supported formats.
  • Pick the destination folder and click on Save. 

3. Save Image As PNG extension

Save Image As PNG is a Chrome extension and it is specifically designed to work with the ability to save WebP images into JPG and PNG. You can download the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

You can follow the simple steps as explained here below –

  • Download and install the Chrome extension
  • Right-click on the WebP image and choose the option Save Image As PNG

That dos it. Please note that the Chrome extension lets you save the images as PNG. If you are looking t =o save it in other formats such as JPG or TIFF, the method does not work as effectively.

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4. Use a Different Browser

WebP images are supported by Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Other browsers such as Firefox do not support the image format. Opening the WebP image in Firefox can be an excellent option to help you save it as JPG or PNG format.

Websites generally upload the images in both WebP and JPG/PNG format. When you open the images or the website on those browsers, you will find the image uploaded as JPG and PNG. You can simply save the image in the requisite format. You can use any of the browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge to launch the image as JPG or PNG.

5. Spoof your user agent

Spoofing the user agent can make the website think that you are using an unsupported browser. That way the webpage is loaded with the JPG and PNG format and not WebP. You can use the Chrome extension User-Agent Switcher for Chrome to spoof your user agent. The extension is available on the Chrome web store.

Here are the steps involved in how to spoof your user agent using the extension –

  • Download and install the extension.
  • Click on the extension icon after opening the webpage
  • Pick the appropriate user agent


  • Refresh the page

That does it. The image will be uploaded as a JPG or PNG. You can download the image using the standard procedure as JPG and PNG.

6. Pick an image converter

You can download the image as WebP and then use an image converter to convert the image to JPG or PNG format. You can pick any of the online or software-based solutions to convert the image into JPG, PNG or any other format of your preferences.

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Zamzar is one of the most popular options that can let you convert the image from WebP into JPG or PNG. You can even check out a host of other image formats as well.

Bottom Line

Well, those were a few of the excellent options that can prove to be one of the excellent options to assist you in how to save WebP images into JPG or PNG format. We would prefer using the MS Paint option as one of the excellent options for the purpose. However, do note that the method will work only if you are on Windows 10 or any other supported Windows version.


Q1)Is WebP better than PNG?

PNG offers a great degree of transparent effects which is one of the excellent options for a perfect experience for web design. WebP image format does provide you with an ease of use in terms of compressing the image size without losing quality. WebP also loads faster and thus improves the website speed – especially when you have a huge number of images.

Q2) What does WebP stand for?

WebP image format makes use of both lossless and lossy compression. Developed by Google, the format is a derivative of the WebM video format. It reduces the image size by around 34% when compared to the JPG and PNG formats

Q3) Why does WebP exist?

YWebP is launched by Google as an alternative to GIF. A couple of the advantages you stand to gain with WebP format include 24-bit colour with transparency, and combining frames with lossy and lossless compression.
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