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How to import passwords to Chrome?


If you have been a Google Chrome user like us, you would be aware of the password saving functionality on the popular browser. Once you have saved the passwords, the browser will auto-fill the password in the login credentials whenever you open the website. But, have you ever given a thought to the functionality where you could bulk download the passwords and put it back into Google Chrome once again?

Google Chrome does let you do it. We will check out the features in a finer detail herein.

Why do you need to download the Passwords?

Google Chrome does save your passwords and you do not need to remember it. In fact, the feature works seamlessly on all your devices as long as you have the same account credentials signed in across all those devices. However, there is a situation where you may want to back up the data. There can be several situations that may demand the need to download the passwords or export them.

A few such situations can include

  • Maybe you are changing over your laptop
  • You are changing your operating system
  • Change the passwords in bulk and then import them into Chrome
  • Suspect that your passwords have been compromised and want to change them.

Whatever be the reason, Google Chrome lets to export and import the passwords without hassles of any hassles. You can easily import or export the passwords from or into Google Chrome in Excel and CSV format.

How to export and import passwords from and into Google Chrome?

We will check out the steps involved in how to export and import the passwords with ease. Here are the steps you would find quite simple and easy.

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1. Export the passwords from Chrome

It is quite simple and easy to export the passwords from Chrome. Simply follow the steps here below –

  • Enter chrome://settings in the address bar.
  • Under the Autofill section, locate the option for Passwords.

chrome autofill password

  • Click on it and get access to all your saved passwords.
  • On the three dots menu at the top right and click on Export Passwords

  • Click on the option Export Passwords once again.

Pick the folder or file name for the CSV file to save the passwords and that does it.  You have successfully downloaded or exported the passwords from Google Chrome.

2. Import passwords to Chrome

Before you can begin to import passwords to Chrome browser, you will need to enable the option for importing the passwords into Chrome. By default, the password import feature on Chrome is not enabled.

Here is how you can enable the Import Passwords feature to help you import Chrome passwords

  • Relaunch your Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://flags in the address bar and look for the Password import flag.
  • When you find the flag, choose the Enabled option

chrome user first flow


Once that done, you can move ahead to import the passwords into Google Chrome. The steps involved in importing the passwords into Google Chrome can include –

  • Enter chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar.
  • Click on the button marked Saved Passwords, and then pick the options for Import. 
  • Simply click on Import option and choose the SCV file containing the passwords.

The file will be downloaded and will overwrite the existing file of saved password.

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The Bottom Line

We assume that you have learned the steps involved in how to import and export the passwords in Chrome. Of course, you can check out a few other options such as Chrome extensions that can prove to be useful and practical in letting you import and export the passwords with ease. It would be a good idea to keep all your passwords safer and secure in some good location.

A Few FAQs

Q1) Q1. How do I import my Google password?

By default, you cannot import the passwords into Google Chrome. You will need to enable the configuration through the Google Chrome flags.

Q2) How do I get my saved passwords back?

You can easily get access to the saved passwords through the Auto-fill section on your Google Settings. You can simply click on the three-dot menu and pick the option to Export passwords. You can thus save the file on your device.

Q3) Where does Chrome store bookmarks and passwords?

Chrome saves the passwords in the directory – AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. You cannot edit and modify these passwords.

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