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Kick The Buddy – Game Review

Stress is something that needs to be relieved, and there is nothing that can beat a perfectly designed game that attempts to bust your stress. There are several games that have been designed to be the stress busters. If you are on iOS, you should be aware that there is one app that has been making the news. Yes, we are talking about the app that has been turning much popular these days is Kick The Buddy. Let us go through a few details of this popular game in the following paragraphs.

What is Kick The Buddy?

Well, Kick The Buddy is a game that has been designed for iOS. It has a very simple interface and easy to understand game play.
The game is comparable to the toy people normally use to bust the stress. The app is developed by AppZap. The application is available only on iOS and can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. It can also be your perfect partner when you want to play a game when you are bored. This can be a good game when you are not willing to play a game that needs you to work with strategy.
The game was initially released in 2013 and has received several updates since then. AppZap calls it a “Perfect Method Of Stress Relief“. It may be, but we should hasten to add that the game tends to be a little on the torture side. Of course, the torture is not like the one we see in other games but tends to be on the funnier side. But, we feel we need to warn the parents though. The game may not be ideal for the kids. Obviously, our reasoning is the torture – the mean torture – involved in the game may not be something fine with the kids.

The Gameplay

Well, the game is designed as a Stress buster. You will find the rag doll named Buddy all over your screen and subject him to all sort of torture you can think of. It comes with a huge lot of assault equipment – the bombs, pistols, shotguns, and what not.
We must say that the game is quite cruel but in a different way. The main gameplay involves your confrontation with your on-screen buddy. You are expected to subject your buddy as much humiliation you would want to. And the game lets you indulge in the cruelty in more innovative ways. Being creative in inflicting torture can be really funny.
One of the features that the game offers makes it funnier. You can take anyone’s face from the images on your phone and then configure your buddy doll. That is exactly where it adds the value as a perfect stress buster. If you are angry with someone for some reason and that has been keeping you disturbed, it would be the best option to design the doll as the person concerned and humiliate it as much as you want. Isn’t that quite funny enough?

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The game has its own set of audio tracks. However, the voices do not disturb you like in other fighting games. The doll keeps taunting you so that you will get enraged and hit it with more of a vigor. The game identifies the situations as per its own intelligence within the game, and it will throw one-liners at you.
Kick The Buddy offers you a good deal of graphics. There is no unnecessarily done extravaganza involved in any part of the game in terms of graphics. There are no unnecessary ultra modern graphics elements involved. The game looks a little cartoon like. The look compliments the theme of the game in its entirety.

The Features that make it an excellent choice

The game is a perfect stress buster. And it has several features that make it a successful stress buster at that. Some of the features that set it apart are

  • Simple Principle – The game offers a simple principle that it works with. There are no complex rules involved in the gameplay. Just follow your intentions and keep playing the game.
  • Continuous Gameplay – The game does not have any practical ending. If the buddy dies because of the torture, you can make him alive again using the angel.
  • Multiple Kick options – The game offers you several ways with which you can Kick The Buddy. There the common pistols, bombs and what not. Then there are high-end explosives like the Land Mines, the Grenades, and the missiles to name just a few of them.
  • High degree of customization – The game comes with a complete customization option. You can configure the decor of the game. You can change the profile to your liking. Even the screen can be customized to meet your requirements. If you think some of the elements on the screen are not needed, you can remove them. This will clear the screen of the unwanted elements and give more space for the Buddy to move around the screen.
  • Enhanced versions – The game has been receiving constant updates. Each update brings up newer missions and new weapons. There have been several new tricks and funny taunts available.
  • Mini games – The Kick The Buddy comes with mini games and a slot machine within the game. Though these mini games does not come with any great game value, it lets you move a little away from the main game.
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Is the game worth playing?

Kick The Buddy is a game that is marketed as a stress buster. However, most of the game paly and the mechanics tend to be repetitive. It may not be a perfect app for the kids, though the app developers specify the minimum age to be 13.
Of course, there are several weapons you can unlock, but even then the game paly and the core style remains the same, and that tends to be completely repetitive. Yes, you can put your enemy’s face on the Buddy and hit him or her to your heart’s content. Even then, you tend to get bored. It is not the game that you would repeatedly be visiting.
There are several mini games and a slot machine within the game. But, sadly enough – that too does not hold your interest for long enough. Of course, may be you will come back to the game once in a while, but we do not think you will fall in love with the game so much so that you will get addicted to it.

Do you need to pay anything for the game?

Yes, the game is a paid one. It is available only on iOS. There is no word about the availability on Android or any other platform as yet. We are not sure of the possibility anytime soon.
The game is priced at $ 0.99. That is actually a one time cost. There are no in-app purchases or any additional payment needed. There is a free version though. However, if you really want to have a feel of the game – we would advise you to go for the paid version. The free version will not let you paste your friend’s ( or shall we say, foe’s) face on the buddy doll. Also, the free variant of the game does not come with the several mini-games that the paid version offers you.
As for the playability of the game is concerned, you will need in game cash for continuing with the game. But, there are issues involved here. You do not need to spend any real cash. Earning the in-game cash is quite easy. Holding the buddy down with one finger and shooting him with the other finger to earn cash. Do remember not to hit the Buddy when he is unconscious. Hitting the buddy when he is not awake will not earn you any cash.

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How to download the app?

It appears as if the app stores have taken down the game because of the hatred involved in the game. It is not available on iPhone though there are some sites that claim to be offering the same.
On your Android too, you may not get it from your Google Play Store. You can, however, download it from the third party sites in the form of APK and install it on your device. One of the sites that you can have access to the game is MoboGenie. You will need to permit installation of apps from third party stores through the Security settings under your Settings app.

[wpi_designer_button text=’Download Kick The Buddy For PC’ link=’http://bit.ly/getAndy’ target=’_blank’ rel=”nofollow”]

[wpi_designer_button text=’Download Kick The Buddy For Android’ link=’http://www.mobogenie.com/download-buddyman-kick-2-by-kick-the-buddy-3716475.html’ target=’_blank’]


The Final Words

Well, Kick The Buddy is indeed a great app. It has proved its excellence by climbing up in the list of the top apps in the paid genre. However, parents should note that the game encourages you to indulge in cruelty and torture. You can stretch the doll and detach its body parts. You also need to hit it in every possible cruel way – just with the aim of earning points. Please note that the developers have specified the proper age for the app at 13. In fact, we do not think this is a game that should suit a kid. If the game has been designed to be a stress buster, it should be more suitable for the adults.
Having said that, we do not think it can be a game that you would expect to be a must need option. An occasional option for killing off boredom when you have to wait for something for shorter periods of time – yes, maybe.
Have you played the Game Kick The Buddy on your iPhone or Android? If yes, do share your views and opinions with us. Your feedback will be helpful to our readers.

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