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McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool Download Guide


Having an antivirus protection on your PC is one of the much-needed care you need to take. In fact, much before you install any other software on your desktop or laptop – an anti-virus is the must. But, what if you have not installed an Antivirus and realise that your machine is affected with a virus? That is precisely where a standalone utility comes to your rescue. McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is one such option you can depend upon. Let us go into a few finer details of the able malware removal tool you can trust.

McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool – What it is?

Well, the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is a standalone utility that lets you free your PC from the virus and other malware that has infected it. In fact, the software is known by the name McAfee LabsStinger. It is actually a tool that helps you perform a more targetted scan of your system to ensure your system stays safer.
Please note that McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is not an alternative to a full-fledged Anti-Virus solutions. It can be used as a companion to your main AntiVirus solution. Actually, it is used as a last resort to eliminate stubborn malware and specific viruses. It would be interesting to note that the tool is free and can be utilized by means of a USB stick.

Why do you need McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool?

Well, if you are sure your PC is infected with virus and malware, you can use a stinger like McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool. Being a Stinger, it is normally used as a companion for your Anti-Virus application. Kindly be aware that it cannot be used in isolation as a complete protection suite for your PC. If you suspect that a virus has gone past the regular Antivirus software installed on your machine, using McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool can be a great and a trusted option to get rid of it.
It employs a more targetted approach while functioning. It can handle the virus that has been included in the List Viruses option. You should note that McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool does not provide you a real-time protection against attacks. That is exactly is a feature that only a full-fledged Anti-Virus software can provide. McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool can help you when your regular anti-virus fails to remove a particular malware or a virus.
That is why you will need McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool that can work as a companion with your Anti virus. It is a targetted scan of your system and performs a more targetted scan of your registries and directories that your regular Anti virus may miss out. Some of the viruses fool your anti virus by using these locations which avoided during the long scans performed by your antivirus.

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How do I use McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool?

McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is a portable tool that works on any system. What makes it the best option is the fact that you do not need to install it on your system. It works as a standalone application.
You will only need to launch the application by double clicking on the EXE file – as simple as that. The easy to use interface and the simple functionality would make it a great option to choose. The feature we like the most is the speed of its performance. It detects and targets the viruses, trojans, and worms and sets out to destroy them quite rapidly. You can definitely consider it to be the best option for if you want to clean up your PC of the attacks that it might have suffered.
Before understanding how exactly does McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool works, please note that you cannot use it for real time protection. You can use it if your regular Anti virus solution fails to detect a malware or a threat. The McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool will detect and remove the threat immediately if the virus definition is included in its current version. It works in tandem with the anti virus program on your desktop.
And yes, you can use it through a USB stick, or on a pen Drive so that it can be life saver when something worst happens. Always keep a copy of McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool saved on your removable medium.

Download McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool:

Click Here To

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[wpi_designer_button text=’Downlaod McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool’ link=’http://us.mcafee.com/apps/supporttools/mcpr/mcpr.asp’ target=’self’ rel=”nofollow”]

Save the file to your computer location.

Save all your work and close all open programs.

Right-click MCPR.exe and select Run as Administrator. If you see a security warning, click Yes, Continue, or Run:

mcprdownloadAll Source

At the McAfee Software Removal screen, click Next, and accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

At the Security Validation screen, type the characters exactly as seen (it is case-sensitive) and then click Next. (This step prevents accidental use of MCPR):


When you see the Removal Complete message, click Restart to complete the process:”



Some salient features that make McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool an excellent choice

McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool or the McAfee Labs Stinger is a perfect malware remover if you want to take care of your system and remove the hidden infections. We would definitely advise you to use it as a companion tool along with your regular anti virus.
Some features that we loved include

  • It performs a rapid scan and removal of malware and other infections
  • The application has been receiving regular updates, and thus you can be assured of real time virus definitions.
  • The ease of usage is the most important aspect that makes it an application of prime choice.
  • McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool can detect over 2400different viruses, trojans, and worms. The virus database is regularly updated and that would ensure that the software stays up to date with its virus database.
  • If you have a Windows PC that is crippled by malware and you have tried a host of anti virus options, McAfee should indeed be your last resort.
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The software is just under 15 MB in size. The software has been downloaded over 200,000 times. It is available and compatible with Windows 10. The tool is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is also compatible with Windows XP too.

The Final Thoughts

Well, the fast performance is what we liked the most with McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool. The Stinger offers you the best option when you want to clean up your machine of all the malwares or worms that may have affected it. The best part with this application is its ability to find out the most stubborn virus affecting your device. It can detect even such worms that may have been missed by your favourite Antivirus.
Whatever be the promises we have made above, you should not forget that McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool is not complete replacement for your Antivirus program. It offers yout the best results when used with an app with real time protection.
Have you used McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool on your device? Do share your experiences with us. If you have any ideas on making the best use of this awesome tool, we would be glad to know your feedback.

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