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SMH Meaning : What Does SMH Mean and How to Use it

In this article, we will explain when and how to make use of the abbreviation “SMH” in online platforms and text messages.

How is SMH used?

In case you are browsing the Internet or a text message has arrived to you with this abbreviation used in it, don’t be confused by that. This well-known online acronym is utilized in text messages or social media posts for expressing body language for shaking your head in disappointment, frustration, resignation, or disbelief.

It might be used as a response to the behavior of some individual, the condition of a situation, or an event taking place. In general, this issue involves something that is desired by a person for responding to it; however, he does not know how to use the appropriate words for it. Nevertheless, in real-life situations, shaking your head will be the sole ideal response.

Being an online initialism SMH stands for “shaking my head” or “shake my head”. We use it for expressing disbelief or disappointment in the face of what is viewed as something obviously stupid or extremely unmindful.

As expected by you, we might use SMH in any circumstance where you might shake your head in reality in your new life. In case you overhear any person saying, “I never use laundry detergent” while he is at the grocery outlet, you might blink several times in all probabilities and move around your head in disgust or shock. Once this thing takes place online, one can make use of the “SMH” expression for communicating that “I was having a full-body response to your stupid behavior” without typing in excess of 3 letters.

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This does not mean that we always make use of SMH on its own. It is the tendency of individuals to accompany this expression with a particular opinion such as “SMH the folks don’t have any idea of using a Speed Stick” or “SMH you are bonkers”. Nevertheless, it can be rightly asserted that SMH happens to be a quite simple initialism. But,
from where did it come, and how it is used by you correctly?

(Here we like to mention that, according to some individuals SMH implies “so much hate”. It is something like SMH’s Bizzaro meaning. Here, we will not assert that “so much hate” will be incorrect; however, it isn’t the implication that is associated by most individuals with SMH, and therefore, its use should be avoided for that purpose).

SMH etymology

It was in 2004 when we first included SMH in the Urban Dictionary with an implication that it is almost similar to the existing meaning of initialism. It is not known to anybody regarding the source of this phrase. The Urban Dictionary uploaded a similar online expression as that of the month in which SMH was introduced since individuals probably conceived it around a similar time as the “facepalm” phrase.

SMH was gradually introduced into the typical vernacular similar to “facepalm”. It was used extensively in memes as well as GIF expressions and became extremely popular during the early part of the 2010s because of Tumblr, Facebook, and other social media sites.

This peak took place during 2011 in the month of June as per Google Trends, and the popularity of SMH became increasingly less every single year. However, it is much more popular as compared to “facepalm” which should make us happy in the long run.

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This decline of SMH might be because of GIF tools such as Gfycat and GIPHY which have been included in social media sites at present along with messengers and the texting client of your phone. It is only possible for the phrase SMH to convey that much on its own; however, a GIF will be able to communicate complicated sensations of disappointment and disgust that exist beyond the language’s scope.

Examples of the usage of SMH

Instance 1:

For example, let us assert that a user of Twitter twitted something regarding how the preferred sports team ended up losing one particular game. SMH might be added by them for expressing their disappointment at the conclusion of the tweet.
“We all expected the Purple Eagles to win that game! The shot made by Pizzaburghenshire almost did it for them!! SMH”.

Instance 2:

In one more example, let us assert that your young son replied with only an uncomplicated SMH text message following your message to him saying that it was not possible for you to lend the vehicle by any means on Tuesday for a meeting with his buddies out there. This made them clearly disappointed.

You: “I will require this vehicle this Tuesday, and therefore, you need to figure out another way for attending your meeting with your best friends.”

Your child: “SMH”

SMH can be used by you anytime you simply need to shake your head physically. Not many regulations are there for using this phrase; you simply need to comprehend that it has to be used for expressing disbelief, disgust, disappointment, or even shock. It can also be used for a joke simply as you might shake your head teasingly for laughing in real life.

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SMH also does not have a lot of grammatical rules. Although most individuals make use of it at the start of a sentence, it can also be used at the conclusion or middle of a sentence. The work can also be used on your own just like you might shake your head quietly in real life.

It is a fact that animated GIFs can be used by you for communicating SMH without saying it in actuality. Simply make use of a tool such as Gyfcat or GIPHY for finding an animation preferred by you and bring it into a messenger, Twitter, or even your texting client.

Making use of SMH in the proper manner

There are no strict regulations for using this particular acronym. It can be typed in all lowercase letters, uppercase letters, or with a phrase. It can also be used on its own.

It is important to remember that one should use SMH for emphasizing a more expressive reaction that cannot be communicated only by words. Moreover, SMH happens to be much faster and easier compared to typing the full expression in the long run.

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