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Top 8 Best Free YouTube Video Downloader apps


All of us love watching videos. Videos speak louder than the text. And when it comes to watching videos online, nothing can beat YouTube. It has been the primary Video portal for almost all of us. Featuring videos from almost all walks of life, YouTube has been the most popular service from Google if you leave out their search engine. What about when you want to save the video for offline viewing? That is where you will need YouTube Downloaders. However, downloading videos from YouTube is illegal, even then we have a sleuth of free YouTube Video Downloaders vying for your attention. We present our top picks for the best free YouTube Video Downloader apps available for your PC.

Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Your PC

Free YouTube Downloader apps can come quite handy for your needs in downloading informative videos. But, please bear in mind that downloading videos from YouTube is not legal in any way. You may need to take care of copyright permissions to avoid getting into trouble later. Having said that, let us explore the top free YouTube Video Downloader apps that can be useful.

#1. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free is unarguably the best YouTube Video Downloader you can lay your hands on. It lets you download free YouTube videos with ease. You can also add additional effects once the videos are converted.

However, being a free YouTube downloader and converter it has a few limitations. You will be able to download only one video at a time. No batch downloads are allowed. The tool supports a wide range of video formats so that you can decide the one based on your requirements or what you would want to do with the video downloaded. There is also a basic video converter included with the application.

The video converter included within lets you add some custom effects on the go. You may not get the best in class features, but for a free YouTube video downloader, it is the best you can get. The interface may not be something you may completely like. However, the functionality is good enough.

Check it out at official site.

#2. Freemake Video Downloader

The best in class Video Converter available for Windows, Freemake video converter also doubles up as one of the best free YouTube video downloaders as well. Apart from YouTube, it also lets you download videos from other video sharing sites like Hulu, DailyMotion, Facebook and such other over 10000 sites.

Based on our own experience of having used it for most of our video download and conversion needs, we can safely conclude that it is one of the fastest free YouTube Downloader for your needs. The interface is what makes it a perfect video downloader app for all your needs. The neatly laid down items on the navigation screen make it one of the fastest among the lot. Even with a little expertise in the area of apps and technology, you should be able to use the app quite comfortably.

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Freemake has become one of the popular players with a range of video and audio processing products. Making these products available for free is where they excel. Add to it the fact that in spite of being free offerings, they do not annoy you with ads. However, we would advise you to check with the bundled software that comes with the installation. Go for the custom installation and make sure you uncheck the unneeded additional software installations.

Though the app lets you free download from YouTube, the speed would be limited. Understandable with a free app, but it lets you queue up more than one videos so that they will keep downloading on their own.

Check it out on Freemake Site.

#3. aTube Catcher

Just like Freemake, aTube catcher lets you download videos from a host of video sharing sites apart from YouTube. It also offers you video conversion options as well.

It can be a complete video package if you are on Windows. The aTube Catcher is a perfect option for capturing streaming videos and create your own DVDs. The application is capable of downloading, converting, merging or even recording your screens in one go. You have access to a host of popular formats. You can easily make the choice depending upon what the videos are meant for and which device.

There is a batch download option supported. You can download multiple videos at once provided your bandwidth supports it. All in all, if you are looking for a free YouTube Video Downloader that can perform a whole bunch of additional functionalities, aTube Catcher is your prime choice by any means. As with any other freeware download, take care to avoid installing the bundled packages by keeping an eye on the instructions during installation.

Get hold of aTube catcher free YouTube Video Downloader at the official aTube link.

#4. ClipGrab

If you are looking for a YouTube Downloader for free, your search should end with ClipGrab. It is the perfect application with an easy functionality.

If you find a video that interests you, just head on to the format you would want and move on to download the application. One of the thoughtful addition is that the tool has a clipboard that monitors when you copy a URL and asks you if you want to download the video for free. The ClipGrab Video Downloader features a YouTube search option that would help you search for your favorite video from within the application rather than searching for the link from your web browser.

The free YouTube Video Downloader lets you convert your YouTube videos to any format of your choice. The simplicity of the features is the name of the game and that is precisely what you would love in the app. And yes, this tool too tries to install additional bundled software while installing. Take care and avoid installing the unneeded software.

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You can access ClipGrab free YouTube Downloader, head on to ClipGrab now.

#5. iSkySoft Free Video Downloader

iSkySoft has been one of the most popular providers of a wide range of software tools ranging across different software requirements. The developer offers free YouTube Video Downloader for Windows and Mac.

The service supports downloading videos from over 1000 video sharing sites apart from YouTube. You can download the audio as well in addition to videos. You can either download the videos one by one or, or even in batches. The iSkySoft Free Video Downloader can indeed double up as the best free YouTube Music Downloader.

The tool supports over 150 different video formats so that you can choose any video in your preferred format. You will also be able to extract the audio from your videos. Though we claimed that the service supports downloading videos from over 1000 sites, you will need to opt for a subscription model to be able to download videos from these sites. The free version will let you download videos from YouTube alone.

If you want to know more about the app, head on to the official site.

#6. Free YouTube Download

A free YouTube Video Downloader app that is quite simple in its appearance and functionality, Free YouTube Download simply does what it promises to. Without much fan fare and unnecessary distractions, this is one of the simplest YouTube downloaders you can rely upon.

Just copy your video link and paste it in the application. Download the video without any fuss in just a few clicks. Should we hasten to add that there is also an option to set up Auto Download that lets you download the video in just one click? Well, yes – you can opt for auto download if you so wish.

The app supports several video formats and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Free YouTube Download lets you download several videos in one go. If you feel you do not need the video part, and interested in downloading the audio alone, no issues – you can extract the audio in the MP3 format.

The reason why this able video downloader features itself at this place is quite disappointing. The app lets you download videos that are shorter than or equal to three minutes duration. For an app that has such great features, it is indeed quite a letdown.

This link takes you to the site if you are interested.

#7. Airy

If you are on Mac, then you need not go any further than opting for Airy. It can be your perfect choice for downloading YouTube videos.

The app supports videos in a host of video formats and resolutions. Apart from downloading the video files, you can also use the app for extracting the music from your video files. The application is well integrated with your browser. If your device supports the video downloads in full HD, the app will let you download the videos in high definition. You can also get the 8K Ultra HD resolution for your downloads.

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Airy is capable of fetching titles and albums from your video files. The tool can download your videos even with no internet connectivity. It is a perfect utility for downloading your favorite videos with ease. Visit the official site.

#8. Ummy Video Downloader

Here is yet another free YouTube Video Downloader that offers you a simple interface. You can use the tool to download videos in HD quality.

Just the way other YouTube Downloader apps featured in this collection are capable of, Ummy Video Downloader too offers you a wider range of video formats you can choose. It can be a good option for faster free YouTube Video Downloader requirements you may be having. The video downloader also offers you the option to extract the audio file from your video in the MP3 format.

It can be the best option if you want to build your best music collection with the aid of the videos. Ummy Video Downloader supports downloading the videos (and or MP3 Audio) from YouTube and DailyMotion.

What should you look for in a YouTube Video Downloader?

There are a good number of Free YouTube Video Downloader apps available for your PC, but how to choose the one that best suits you. Do pay attention to your requirements before opting for one.

One of the options we would advise you to look for would be to check for batch downloads. A video downloader that forces you to download one video at a time can be a time-consuming affair. A good video download app should support multiple formats so that you would be able to choose a format that would be suitable for the target device.

Embedded converter and editing options could be another option that can prove helpful enough. We are not looking for the high-end video editing features, but some basic editing options would be helpful in tweaking the videos to your requirements. Last, but not the least, the speed of download is yet another important feature.

The Concluding Thoughts

That would conclude the list of our top picks for the best free YouTube Video Downloader apps for your requirements. From a host of such programs available over the web, we have pin pointed the cream of the list that features the quality applications that would help you download your choicest videos and audio files for free.

We have taken extra care in compiling this list so that you would get the top apps for your download requirements. If you think we have missed any of the videos that deserve to be on this list, do share them with us. We would consider adding them in our updated list in the future.

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