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Web Designs Featuring Workspaces : 20+ Creative Examples

For all those who have chosen freelancing as the career well know the issues one has to face like time management, making priorities, meeting deadlines etc. Sometimes while lying on the bed, or sitting with a laptop in hand with family chit chat going around, somebody calling your name to do a particular task and other things one gets so much bugged up and wishes for a workplace where there is no one to disturb.

Whilst many of us already have a workspace, there is a huge bunch of the ones who are still struggling hard to find a corner for themselves where they can concentrate on work. Workspaces are important part of our professional life. Minimal distractions and a space where one is able doing the work without anyone bugging or running around eating your head up, spreading the mess around is what people working from home are looking for.

If you have already made up your mind to get a workspace for yourself and looking for fresh idea, then you are lucky as some of our designer friends who with the help of their creative skills had come up with the ideas that will leave you flabbergasted.

Yes, you got me right, some creative geniuses have designed the websites featuring workspaces that will not only give you the ideas for your workspace instead will serve as the dose of inspiration for you all to come up with websites like these.

Now, that you know what all we have in store for you today, what’s the wait for, check out some of the amazingly designed websites that feature workspaces.

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1. PixelStudio32

2. VisuoDesign

3. Mirumee

4. GetBeagle

5. Gravita

6. Contrast

7. JHopenstand

8. Anchour

9. WebLounge

10. PlugAndPlayDesign

11. Mobirise

12. Triangly

13. PedroGaspar

14. Tictail

15. TitledChairCreative

16. FiveSimpleSteps

17. TheWebSmith

18. MostlySerious

19. LabPhoenix

20. PurpleRockScissors

21. Sublimeo

These images themselves are speaking thousand words and I guess there is no need to spare more words on what and how’s of the websites listed above. However, in the end as always I would like to ask you all to share your opinions, any such creative examples and workspace ideas if you have any with us. We would love to hear from you all.

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