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Back to School- Grearbest Brings you Biggest Discount Carnival

Gearbest, the ecommerce website for Chinese electronics products has come up with an exiting offer namely ‘Back to School’ and offers four rounds of online shopping. Each round is unique and allows users to buy their favourite products at a very decent price. The Mega sale will roll out from August 16th till August 19th.

Let’s have a look at the key factors of this event and find out what Gearbest has brought for us. You can check some of the amazing offers here.

Round 1: Share to Get Special Discount Codes

If you want to save a huge amount while purchasing a product then this round is highly suitable for you. All you need to do is just click on the share button which is located below the product information of each item and get the coupon code. You can share details of a product on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter and spread it across your friends and family members.

Once you share the information on your social networks, the coupon code will appear automatically which can be applied while buying the linked item. Each buyer can share different products to get relevant coupon codes of those products. A wide range of products is available and includes 2 wheels self balancing scooters, 3D printers, Projectors etc. The offer takes effect from 9:00 UTC of August 16 till 17:00 UTC of August 17.

Round 2: Grab it at $1

Is it feasible to buy a desired product at one dollar if the actual price is way to high? Well! Gearbest has come with an extra-ordinary offer which makes it possible for the users to buy their favourite products at the price mentioned above. This exiting offer will roll out from 9:00 UTC of August 16 till 17:00 UTC of August 19. You can choose from pre-selected products of Gearbest and buy them in $1. Each product is available in limited quantity and will be changed every day so you have to be real quick, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Round 3: Hot Products in Every Group

The 3rd round seems to be totally different from the previous two as if features many enthusiastic deals from all categories of products. If you want to buy a product of your choice and never compromise with the quality or specification then your search ends here in this round. You can choose from many available products in various categories such as Phone and accessories, Tablet PCs, computer and networking, Consumer Electronics, Toys and Hobbies, Smartphones, smartwatches etc.

There is no need to apply a special code as each product in every group has already been displayed with a heavy discount and you can straightaway purchase them at a very economical price.

Round 4: From Just $0.99

Yes, you got it right. This round allows you to purchase a products in less then one dollar price. Though, all items are not buyable at the same cost and few can go up to $12 or even more then that but this round enables small products that are normally less expensive with a good amount of discount pre-applied on each product. For instance if a regular cost of an item is somewhere around $5 then you may get it at $1.50 which, we believe is fare enough to buy such things. Isn’t it interesting?

Its a distinctive mega offer from Gearbest which lets us buy our dearest accessories at a low cost which is practically not possible anywhere else. The offer will be unveiled for a bounded time and stock of each item is also limited so be ready guys and make the most of it. Who knows you get a chance in future again or not.


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