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10 Best Icon Font Generators for Designers

Any website with superb graphics are sure to magnetize people as they automatically grabs the attention thereby getting more traffic. While on the other hand, if the designers use poor quality graphics that are not soothing will leave bad impression on the viewers. Soothing images do the real trick but then designing them can prove to be quite a daunting task. One of the biggest problem that designers face is the weight that lessens down the loading speed thereby leaving viewers bugged up.

The images that are used in different web design projects seeks alteration and changes that will bring in the positive results. Now what about using the icon fonts instead of traditional graphics?

To me and certainly many of you designers out there is definitely is a superb idea.There are readily available icon fonts that designers can pick from and make alterations to customize them as per the need.

Designers these days are going for smart options to get best results. In this case, there are many best icon font generators that are proving to be of great help and seeing the demand more and more icon font generators are being rolled out to ease the job of the designers.

Its time to finally begin with the list of best icon font generators that we have come up for you all to check out.

1. We Love Icon Fonts

‘We Love Icon Fonts is a free and open source icon fonts hosting service. You can use this service for mockups, reduced test-cases or CodePens easily.

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2. Fontastic

With fontastic you can create your icon fonts within seconds. Make your website speedier. If you open the Fontastic website page you will get around 9,000 icons that are made available for you all to make optimum use of in your designing projects.

3. Font Combiner

This is an advanced and versatile font creator and web font improvement tool that offers the freedom to customise, recondition for you all to make use of. Here you can generate your own custom font in a format and file size.

4. Icon Melon

Icon Melon is a resourceful website that offers icon fonts and to help you create your design by generating icon fonts of any size or color. Pick, choose, mix match the icons from different sets to come up with definitive, completely custom set.

5. Pictonic

Pictonic is a website that offers free and premium versions of icon sets. Create an account and sign up to the website and start checking out the available options.

6. Fontello

This is a web-based and open source project that enables users to combine any selected items from multiple iconic fonts to create a custom + lighter font.

7. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is a website that helps in creating custom icon font. Simply select the IcoMoon web app, click the icons you want to include and then download your font. There are over 3800 free vector icons availablefor you to check and select.

8. Font Custom

Generate custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line with Font Custom. Besides, you can change colors, add shadows, rotate, transmogrify style icons however you want with just a little CSS.

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9. Flat Icon

Create your on icon fonts with Flaticon that offers you the tool to help you convert ttf (True Type Font) or otf (Open Type Font) to: ttf, otf, woff, eot and svg. easily.

10. Glyphter

Glyphter is a tool that helps in creating icon fonts from SVGs. Drag and Drop SVG documents onto the character grid and make your own custom fonts.

Guys, high-quality images can make a huge difference so it is suggest to make optimum use of these above listed best icon font generators, make your pick, scale, and edit the same to use them in your web designing projects. Save time by easily generating icon fonts to be customised as per the need of the hour.

Also, don’t forget to leave your comments and have your say. We would love to hear from you.

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