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Virtual Private Network: Best VPN Providers with Strong Encryption


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure way to browse the Internet, as it creates a separate network with all your files encoded so that no one can have access to them. Their main function is to secure your data from the anybody, who is not supposed to see it. Usage of Virtual Private Network is the first step to the confidence of you, as the Internet user. If you want to know how the VPN encryption and decryption works, keep reading this article and we will explain everything to you.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is a process in the result of which no other computer, but decoder, can read or use encoded data. You can use it to protect your files or important emails from friends or colleagues, which nobody should read. You can also use VPNencryption to make your network safe. There are two most popular types of encryption: symmetric-key and public-key. The first one uses the same key to both encode and decode a message or file. The second type presupposes that both computers use the same public-key, but one can encrypt data, while the other can decrypt it.

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The Encryption of VPN

Sounds simple, right? However, it is not enough for VPN encryption to use keys, and that is when the time of protocols comes. A Virtual Private Network can use one of two protocols: either IPsec or GRE. IPsec is an abbreviation from Internet protocol security, while GRE means generic routing encapsulation. The second type gives us a framework of a protocol, which will be transported over the IP (Internet Protocol). It creates a kind of a packet, which includes the info about the type of a packet and the connection between the receiver and sender.

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Still, Internet protocol security is the most popular among VPN users, as it can encrypt the data from a wide range of devices (router, firewall, desktop, server etc.). This protocol consists of two sub-protocols that are essential for providing instructions, which VPN needs to in order to make its packets secure. They are called ESP and AH. ESP is Encapsulated Security Payload, and AH is abbreviation from Authentication Header.

Devices use the encryption in two modes:

  • Transport – devices themselves encrypt data, which travels from one device to another;
  • Tunnel mode – there is a virtual tunnel between to devices.

Best VPN Providers with Strong Encryption


AirVPN provide is based in Italy, and it is one of the companies, which provides the best encryption and security of your data. They use only OpenVPN as they believe that all other protocols are insecure and they do not want to risk the safety of their clients. It uses different advanced security features and DNS leak protection. They allow up to three simultaneous connections and offer safe methods of payment, which is another advantage of this company.


iVPN uses advanced keys with HMAC, which offer the highest level of protection. Thus, your information is secured unless it is needed by some secret organization, which equipped with the high technological inventions. This provider also offers full anonymity, which is another plus for those people who do not want to be disclosed.


NordVPN company is a good option is you are looking for strong encryption. Their servers are protected with firewall and they use SSH connection. They are also extremely attentive to their client and ready to solve any problematic issue as soon as it arises. Their customer support works 24 hours a day to provide customers with best service.

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BolehVPN provider is based in Malaysia and has been functioning for about 10 years now. It is quite small company, so there are some drawbacks, but its encryption is on very high level. This VPN provider has a lot of different options to offer to his clients, but its services are available only on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Thus, those, who want to have Virtual Private Network on their mobile phones should look for another provider.

PIA (Private Internet Access)

PIA (Private Internet Access) offers a wide range of security options, including PPTP and OpenVPN. It has a lot of different options, which may be confusing for beginners, but they provide customers high security standards. This provider is available both on Windows, Linux, mac and mobile phones.

In this article, we talked about the VPN encryption, the types of Virtual Private Network and types of protocols, which the VPN uses. We also discussed the components of the protocols and the process of data encryption.

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