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Apply Responsive Design to Your Website with These Easy Steps

These days there are so many gadgets are available in real life and people use these gadgets when they have to go through a website, blogs, and other informations on the internet. Keeping this factor in mind it becomes extremely essential that when you create a website it should have a responsive feature involved in it.

Advantages of having a responsive web design

A responsive website would mean that the website is developed or designed in such a way that the display or appearance of it adjusts to the screen in which it is being viewed. In the different shapes and sizes of devices, the content of the website would be easily adaptable. A responsive website would be adjusting to both high and low resolution screens as well. So basically a responsive website will adjust according to the reader device- mobile phones, tabs, laptops, or computers.

With responsive web design you will be able to attract more readers or visitors to your website, and will be able to engage them for quite some time.

Here are some steps which you can use to make your website responsive-

  1. Adding a viewport:

There is a Meta description element in the HTML5 called viewport. Now if you want to make your page adjust its display in the devices of different widths that you have to start by actually stating that the viewport should be able to fit any width. The state the normal zooming character. This will make the website appear differently and appropriately in a mobile phone and computer, or in other devices. This will also improve clarity.

  1. Opting for a responsive layout pattern:
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Now to have a website that is responsive you can also select one of many website designs available online that already has a responsive feature added to it. This is the simplest methods of all. Just make sure that you choose a layout that is suitable for your content.

  1. Media queries:

Another option that you have to make your website responsive is that you can use media queries option in the CSS styling this will help you specify how the content of the website would appear in each screen type.

  1. Using breakpoints:

Once you have used the media queries you can no consider points to inset the breakpoints. You should first test the breakpoints in the target devices and then use them. This testing will give you an idea of how the content looks on each of the devices.

  1. Website with Images:

Now to with this the process becomes a little complicated. Now to make the images and other multimedia responsive you need to have proper amount of bandwidth. You should try optimizing the image to get better responsive results.

  1. Using videos in website:

It’s one among the effective ways to provide attractive information to readers or viewers. But then making a video on the website, responsive is not very easy. For some formats of videos, making is responsive is not possible. But right sized videos can be made responsive; the quality of it also matters.

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